Top 5 Creative Ways To Market Products on Twitter

Top 5 Creative Ways To Market Products on Twitter

The purpose of Twitter for promotion of your unique brand (products and services), is not only to post a 140 character long, with the hope that someone out there will click on the link. For it is much easier nowadays for your brand’s Twitter marketing targeted towards your unique products and services to get lost amidst the crowds. Hundreds of millions of tweets are being tweeted daily on this powerful social media platform.

Nowadays, the use of still and motion imagery, created and uploaded in a different format, with other promotional campaigns, helps in increasing the effectiveness of the marketing strategy for your products and services on Twitter. Tweeting tailored towards your brands’ products, services, or promotional offers is impeccably satisfactory, either with your personal Twitter account or with the business account created for your brand.

Top 5 Creative Ways To Market Products on Twitter in 2020

No doubt, Twitter can be referred to be a great advertising platform for generating traffic and market leads. The primary reason that companies made use of it is that about 63% of Twitter handlers follow small businesses. This, if it can be harnessed, can conjugate into the company experiencing actual growth via this platform. Part of what most brands does is to create tweeting coupons, recommendations, and unusual offers, all aimed at getting the requisite attention and the market lead from the Twitter handlers. Apart from these marketing strategies inculcated, what are other creative ideas that will showcase your brand easily to the Twitter users, and command the obligatory lead? Here are five creative ideas you make use of.

#1 Upload a screenshot

Visuals nowadays seem like a norm for any social media platform, maybe because of the adage that an image is worth more than a million words on the internet. Because Humans pay more attention to pictures than listening and reading, this can be an excellent avenue to catch Twitter handlers’ attention smartly.

Using a screenshot, which is a resourceful way of displaying different ideas and perspectives, giving proofs of claims, illustrating a concept, with your 140-character tweet, is a subject for deliberation. While some claimed it annoyed their followers, thereby unfollowing them, others found such tweets more interactive, especially when accompanied by an appealing and educative screenshot. On a personal ground, I tend to get engaged with visual tweets than others. The turn-up is, the user must know the smarter way of using it, as to avoid abuse of usage.

In synopsis, tweeting with screenshots had proven to be one out of the numerous ways of engaging Twitter users. With this, you are assured of over 150% retweet, 90% favorites, and 20% clicks.

#2 Upload an animated GIF Instruction

For some years, animated GIFs are recognized as one primary online marketing tools to establish a brand’s character. Conveying a short message, even evoking an emojis, over social media works. Because of their attention-grabbing short and looping movements nature, which makes them appropriate for brief attention durations and their creative potential that is well suited to branding imagery. As well as the ease attributed in generating an instructional GIF, which and can effortlessly be distributed over every available social platform.

As compelling, engaging, and entertaining visual images are animated GIFs prove to be more, with a 170% increase in click-throughs and a 20% engagement rate. It will generate more attention to your tweets as to be noticed quickly, faster, and better, amidst Twitter’s unending streams of content influx. This will be made possible by handlers getting attracted by the loop nature of the GIF, which will stand out from the long list of tweets and catch the user’s eye. This additional attention given to the GIF is adequately influential in driving the click to the website, tweet, or article by more press.

Moreover, creating an animated instruction is good as it gains some viral traction, where
Twitter handlers can share and forward within their circle and followers. This is a great asset that can be reused easily through several social media platforms.

#3 Upload an Audio-visual

Promotional videos are becoming prevalent on Twitter nowadays, aimed for the brand’s advertising purposes. Video can be created for instructional purposes, with the ability to elaborate further on the services of the brand, which is higher than the word character limit.

Unfortunately, reuse of your YouTube videos through Twitter is prohibited. You have to create the videos directly or upload videos up to 512 MB. These may include mini-instructions videos, webinars and conference puzzles, comedy skits from your full-range videos collection available on your YouTube channel, etc.

Some criteria considered when uploading promotional audio-visual for Twitter brand
marketing includes:

  1. The duration: less than 2 minutes and 20 seconds
  2. Screen Resolution: 32 x 32 min, 1200 x 1900 max
  3. Aspect ratios: 1:2.39 – 2.39:1 range (inclusive)
  4. Frame rate: 40 frames Per Seconds (Max)
  5. Bitrate: 0 – 25 Mbps

Making a Twitter video is honestly easy to go by with, where you can record a new video from your smartphone directly to your Twitter account. Twitter will automatically adjust the video to its essential requirement. This can be achieved by opening the Twitter app, start a new tweet, and touch the picture icon, press the camera icon, and switch your camera to video.

#4 Create a Twitter Moment

Twitter Moments is a great approach to promote your events, where users get hyped about what’s coming and giving them all the information needed in one place. This will feature some of your tweets in a moment, which will allow you to distribute crucial information of value to those who may participate in the upcoming event.

A Twitter moment is regarded as a great way of curating series of tweets. If you regularly tweet visual tips and tricks, collecting them all under a single Twitter moment will be a way to get more attention to your collection.

#5 Create a Visual Testimonial

Testimonials are a kind of review and material evidence that serves the same objective to guide potential clients and to overcome challenges. Nielsen said that substantial evidence is a psychological phenomenon in which people comply with the behaviors of others, believing that these actions reflect the correct response. He also stressed that 92% of people trust a peer opinion, 80% of a public figure, and 70% a non-known person.

This is not only a visual marketing chance, but it is also a significant marketing opportunity. Offer prominent niche influencers a taste of your licensed product and then follow them up in just a few weeks for reviews. Then re-pack this feedback in visual tweets and mark the influencer.


Twitter has become a powerful social media platform. Small, medium and even big organizations engaged their customers (previous and potential) to meet their marketing targets. Doing it the conventional way might not be yielding the requisite result, now calls for the need for the creative approach that delivers on time and within budget. With these above-listed methodologies, you are assured of getting users more engaged, which will drive in the required market lead.

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