Tools to Make Your Twitter Account More Active

Tools to Make Your Twitter Account More Active

Twitter is a vital platform to be if you’re interested in their 320 million monthly active users. Global or local, you can use the micro-blogging site to your advantage. You can combine these services with our list of the best sites to buy Twitter Followers from and really explode!

It is widespread to see brands with Twitter presence, and they sure have every reason to be there since the engagement they get from their followers is a lot. You may be wondering about how they get much engagement. Well, they used the right tools and strategy. We’ll be discussing some of the tools they engaged to have an active Twitter account.

Here are statistics about twitter that can further inspire you to get on it.

  • Approximately 500,000,000 tweets are posted daily on Twitter.
  • Over 70% of twitter users read the news on the micro-blogging site.
  • 85% of SMB users believe in using Twitter as a medium for connecting with customers.

Even if you continuously communicate with social media influencers on Twitter, it is no guarantee that you will have a successful social media campaign. Here are some things to do before you use tools that can make your Twitter account more vibrant.

  • You should always audit your Twitter account to understand your past engagement. This will help you to know how to tailor your social media strategy and which tool to use to get a better result.
  • Identify the post that got you your best engagement.
  • Go through your competitor’s page and find the posts that gave them a high engagement.

Here are some tools that can make your Twitter account more active.

1. Twitter Analytics:

This is twitter’s official analytics tool. It helps you to understand your engagement rate for each post in the past. It also helps you to identify the tweet that your followers re-tweeted, liked, and shared. This is critical because it will help you to know what you did right before so that you can duplicate it for your next set of tweets.    

You can use a variety of tools for tracking and analyzing your tweets, but this tool should be the basis for applying other tools. Here are some reasons why I think you should consider using Twitter analytics as your primary Twitter tool.

  • It has useful built-in tools that will help you save time and also improve its efficiency.
  • Twitter Analytics is very accurate.
  • The software is straightforward to use even for beginners.
  • It helps the user to have a complete overview of the events that happen on your Twitter handle.

This tool shows that it can be easy to understand the data behind your engagement, and this data can predict your follower’s response to your future tweets.

2. BuzzSumo:

An average Twitter user is bombarded with tens of tweets every day. The requirement to focus on what works out best for you, or else, your followers will not notice your post in the river of tweets that an average user receives. BuzzSumo can identify what content works best for you or your competitor. The moment you’ve identified your best performing content, it becomes easy to predict the post that will give you a lot of engagement. Here’s how to use BuzzSumo

  • Type any phrase into the search box, e.g., Content writing.
  • Check the left side of the result page, then you will see the top-performing posts that are related to the phrase.
  • Check the right side of the screen for the most valuable data. It is there that you can have the analytics of your top-performing posts.
  • Some goals that you can achieve with BuzzSumo include epicness!
  • It helps you to quickly identify the titles that lead to a high rate of engagement.
  • It assists you in understanding the performance of each post on Twitter.

3. TwitHelper:

Twitter prefers that you get to the point, and what better way to ensure this than limiting the number of characters. And that should typically be a good thing because readers hate lengthy sentences and articles. How you convey your thoughts can be as important as the content itself. Using a high-quality image can make all the difference between a post with low or high engagement. You can use a twitter card to make your post attractive.

TwitterHelper is a tool that makes using Twitter Card easy as it helps you to use the feature in seconds.

4. Hootsuite:

Over ten million social media users currently use this tool to make their social media strategy effective. If you want this tool to be useful for you, you should use a lot of Hootsuite features.

The ultimate goal for most social media users is to have lots of active followers. Hootsuite will automatically lead to more engagement as long as the followers are not bots. The realness is why Hootsuite is the number one go-to tool for many social media marketers.

Here are some reasons why Hootsuite will benefit you:

  • It makes it easy to respond to messages through its dashboard as it can help you to reply to messages with just a single click across all social media networks.
  • It makes the process of identifying a target audience easy.
  • If you use Twitter as a customer service account, then it essential for you to get this tool because it allows you to write pre-written messages, which means that you can have quick responses to frequently asked questions.

You can use Hootsuite to track interaction history, search by language or location, and manage engagement workflows.

5. Riffle:

This free tool helps to make Twitter more active in numerous ways. One of such is that Riffle helps you to build relationships with any Twitter follower. It also enables you to know the potential value of each customer so that you can prioritize who you connect with and who you ignore.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using Riffle:

  • It helps you to gather information about social media influencers and your competitors.
  • If you’re a brand, it helps you to collect information about your customers, which makes it easy to add a personal touch that shows your customers that you value them enough to know them personally.
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