Things To Know About Buying Vine Loops On Fiverr

vine on fiverr

Ever since Vine introduced loops, thousands of Vine users have been going loopy trying to get as many as possible. Similar to the metrics used in other online communities, the number of Vine loops has become an important measure of success.

Loops are a metric that shows the number of times a Vine video has been played. To kickstart growth, many users have started buying loops for their videos. In this article, we will look specifically at buying Vine loops from the online marketplace Fiverr and everything you should know before you make your purchase there.

First of all, what are loops?

When a user plays a Vine video, the video runs its six-second course. Upon reaching the end, it starts over again in what is known as a loop. Reportedly, there are more than 1 billion loops played daily on the social entertainment platform.

The loop count is an important metric because it shows the number of people who have watched a particular video, as well as the number of real-time people watching the video at any particular moment. As the loop count increases each time a video refreshes, you can make an estimate of the number of people viewing the exact video with you at any given time.

Why do people buy loops?

The higher the number of Vine loops a video has, the more important it appears to the public. Like in real life, people respond to what others are doing online and react accordingly. For instance, if you were walking down a street in town and everybody started running in a certain direction, you would probably take off running with them. In the same way, videos with higher loop counts appear to have the endorsement of other users, and more people are likely to watch them.

However, the group mentality of social media networks is a double-edged sword — it works both ways. If a video has a low loop count, it’s presumed to be uninteresting, and less people are going to watch it. For this reason, many Vine users choose to buy loops to counteract the negative effects of a low loop count.

Buying loop counts can also accelerate organic channel growth. When a user comes upon a video with an astronomical number of loops, they’re more likely to follow the channel that the video was uploaded from. This will grow the channel’s follower numbers and increase its chances of garnering more organic loop counts in the future.

What about buying loops on Fiverr?

Before buying Vine loops, the first step is to find a reliable seller. One of the most common places to find loop sellers is on Fiverr — a website where you can pay sellers $5 to complete a task. You can find anything on Fiverr from a logo design for $5, to a $5 voiceover artist, and more.  However, when buying social media marketing services, take your time to evaluate before settling on a particular seller.

You will find many options for $5 to buy Vine services on Fiverr. Sellers offer anywhere from 1,100 to over 15,000 followers. Nearly all of them will claim their followers are good for the long term. However, it’s important to check reviews to see if their claims check out, for followers, loops, and everything else you’re  sold. However, bear in mind with reviews on Fiverr that some may be fake, and may mislead you as a buyer.

Although loops are hardly going to cost you a fortune, you should be cautious about providers who offer a very high number of loops for just a few dollars. The majority of the providers selling extremely cheap loops are likely to provide the loops through the use of bots that automatically watch videos, or through schemes known as “tab farms.” In the tab farms, the providers have thousands, and at times millions, of open tabs playing Vine videos, thereby inflating the loop counts of these videos.

Premium providers provide higher quality loops than you’ll find from discount sellers. They do not depend on bots and click farms to garner loops for Vine videos. Instead, these providers provide authentic Vine loops. They do this through the promotion of the Vines on popular websites as well as on various social media channels. The genuine and organic loops provided this way are more effective compared to automatic loops generated by bots and click farms, and will lead to decidedly better growth for your Vine channel in the long run.

Going forward

Buying Vine loops plays on some basic psychological concepts, and by employing the method, you can help fast track the growth of your Vine channel and build a community of loyal followers. While Fiverr is an inexpensive option for buying Vine loops, it’s always best to check them out against other vendors before making your purchase.

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