The Best Twitch Video Ideas for Your Brand’s Self-Promotion

The Best Video Ideas That You Can Use For Your Business

If you realized that you have been watching more videos on Twitch recently, then you are not the only one. According to the platform, there is a 62 percent increase in daily views of videos year over year. That means that video content is really one of the best ways for brands to advertise their businesses. To help you do that, we have listed down some of the best video content ideas that can help you create videos that amplify your message. Using these tactics will rapidly grow your Twitch followers count and grow your brand awareness across all platforms.

The Best Video Ideas That You Can Use For Your Business

Best Video Ideas for Businesses on Twitch or Twitter


Of course, no one knows your product more than you do. For this reason, you should be able to share the best knowledge with your audience. So, why not create videos that show set-up instructions or pro-tips? Such a video format will be able to provide your audience with valuable information.

Live video

If you want to engage with your followers in real-time, then a live video could help you do exactly just that. For more ideas that you can do during your live broadcast, you can make an announcement, share a celebration of your brand, or go behind the scene to show your prospective customers how your products are created. 


This video idea will help you build more engagement with your target audience. Engage directly with new and prospective customers by answering FAQs. You can also interview a thought leader or have a casual question and answer session with your employees. The immediate back and forth personal relationship formed via Q&A format videos is really effective at buying Twitch followers for your account with time.

You might be wondering how you will know what questions are frequently asked by your audience. Well, that is quite easy. Just simply look at the comments section of your videos on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch. If your viewers have got some questions, they will surely leave them there. Collect those questions and make sure that you will be able to answer them clearly. 

Stop motion

Who said that you can only make videos by taking clips? The truth is that not all videos should be video clips. Rather, you can utilize a collection of images or frames in order to create stop-motion films. You can also do the same process so you can create GIFs that can catch the attention of your audience without the use of the traditional recording. 

The Best Video Ideas That You Can Use For Your Business

Product forward

As mentioned, you are creating videos to promote your brand, products, or services. For this reason, you need to make your products the star of the show. To do this, you can create a short promotional video that shows the product or service that you want to advertise. Add some text to the content to catch the attention of your target customers. 

Gift guide

Whenever there is an upcoming event, season, or holiday, make sure to create a video that will be able to highlight your products as the perfect gift for particular occasions. This way, you will be able to convey a message to your audience that the products you offer are a great gift idea for their friends and loved ones.

Customer spotlight

This video idea will no doubt allow you to tell your prospective customers how excellent your product or service is. To create a customer spotlight video, feature a customer and ask them to share their story or a review of your product. You can also ask them to share some tips that they personally do in order to make the most out of your product. 

If your chosen customer cannot send a video, you can ask their permission to have a recorded video chat where you can do an interview with them. 

Data visualization

To do this type of video content, you can collect valuable data points that will convince your target audience and prospective customers that your products are indeed worth buying. The data can be about your customers, the industry you are in, or your brand in particular.


If you do not have time to shoot video clips and edit them to create a whole video, you can use still images. You can create a slideshow of those images, add some effects, text, and calls to action that you think will be attention-grabbing for your target audience.

Before and after

We can all agree that before and after videos are incredibly satisfying. Of course, who would not want to see the difference before and after your product was used before they actually purchase it? Such is a good way to convince your prospective customers that your product is worth buying. 

Additionally, this video format is an excellent way to showcase the different aspects of your product in a short length of time. Create a before and after video that shows how effective and advantageous your products are. 


This video idea will allow you to help your prospective customers to envision their own unboxing experience. 

The Best Video Ideas That You Can Use For Your Business

UGC or user-generated content – The Entire Purpose of Twitch

The best content that you can offer people is not the videos that you created. Rather, the best videos and other media are the ones that come from your customers themselves. Ask permission from your customers if you can utilize the content that they generated and use it to advertise your brand, products, or services. This way, you can show your product’s human side and fit it perfectly and naturally with the timelines of your followers. 

In addition, user-generated content is seen to be more reliable by consumers in comparison to the content created by advertisers themselves. 

The Takeaway – Twitch or Twitter Videos Work

Video content is one of the best ways to advertise your brand, your products, or your services to your audience. It allows you to convey your message better to your new and prospective customers. 

In addition, video content is much more engaging than other types of media. In fact, the amount of videos that people consume every day is increasing significantly. For this reason, you should utilize video content in order to capture the attention of new audiences and show them the benefits of your brand. 

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