Rudy Giuliani left his Twitter followers hanging after promising to share a Yelp review

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If you are a fervent social media user, you certainly love to read reviews about various things, items, or even places. It pays when there are more of them because they, in a way, appeal to our senses, depending on what the review is. But there are special cases, some are inevitable and some are deliberate. For example, what happens when you are given the hype to read a certain review without the link to it? You may be left in suspense, and you might feel betrayed after a huge psyche up, or you might even reach out to the blogger and ask him or her for the link.

Such is the case of Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer of President Donald J Trump. On one Friday evening, Rudy Giuliani posted on his twitter page that he needed his twitter followers to check out his Yelp review for Mama Lisa, an Italian restaurant that he thought was super amazing. Rudy Giuliani, also the former mayor of New York, had his followers yearning for this review in vain; it remained in the dark, and whether or not it was intentional, he did not see to realize how much his followers were in the dark. What did he do? He left out the link to the review, knowingly or unknowingly.

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How did we know that he might not have realized the small error? The next of his tweets were on a series of events and things that were totally unrelated to the Mama Lisa restaurant. So, naturally, his followers took to questions and inquiring comments about his ‘forgetfulness,’ still in vain. What was left for them to do? They went right ahead and searched for Mama Lisa’s restaurant and read about it. It is clear that most of Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter followers agree with him on how great the Italian restaurant really is. As it is, none of the followers of the prominent man is aware of the exact review he talked about, but they all agree that the reviews are excellent.

Knowing the internet and how things seem to go viral in only a matter of minutes, some of his followers jumped right at the opportunity. In a mix of humor and relish, the followers came out to capitalize on the forgetfulness of the former New York Mayor. All in all, the excellent quality and great service at Mama Lisa restaurant remains unbeaten, according to the followers of Rudy Giuliani on Twitter.

In other news, there could be huge consequences for Google as a result of a contractor’s union. In a recent turn of events for the tech giant, some contractors in the HCL America Inc. Google contractor in Philadelphia decided that they wanted to join the union of the United Steel Workers. As a result, Google is in search of an immediate solution before things go very south for the company. Google is looking at one of the biggest movements in the history of its business life if this is not handled fast and firmly.

The percentage of contractors working with Google that would like to unionize themselves is approximately sixty-six percent. One careful look at the numbers will tell you that if the union move went ahead, it would mean that Google might lose the rest of its contractors to the same fate. The simple reason; the unionized contractors will outdo the high number of full-time employees at Google.

For the longest time today, Google has had approximately one hundred and twenty-one thousand temporary and contracted employees as compared to one hundred and two thousand full-time employees. These numbers juggle a very huge difference in the total salary range between the two groups of workers, with the salaried employees being on the downer margin, an even bigger reason for Google to fear for the loss of more of its contractors if the threat to unionize materializes.

The giant corporation is seeking all kinds of solutions to this issue, which is considered fatal for all operations at Google if the contractors defect from mainstream Google. The management is, however, doing all that it can to ensure that even if the National Labor Relations Board were to grant the contractors their plea, the interests of those who remain with and come to work for Google will be upheld.

In yet other news, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey was reportedly hacked. It is almost unexplainable that the owner of such a massive platform as Twitter could have their account exposed to hackers! At this point, we may think of hackers as special people with powers we cannot behold.

News reaching us on the 30th day of August 2019 has so much to reveal. Apparently, the account of the Twitter boss, Jack Dorsey was taken over by hackers. The hackers went ahead to post tweets of all kinds of threats and hate words in a series of tweets that left the word agape. One of the tweets claimed that a bomb had been set up in the headquarters of the company. All manners of racist and anti-Semitic texts were also posted on his page, leaving the public wondering why this happened again after some of the same doses in the past years.

In the year 2016, in what was considered a major hack into the account of the same Twitter boss, Jack Dorsey, the same hackers took over the account of the CEO and ran a series of tweets that were everything but pleasant to the public. Experts say that since the posts were allegedly done from the Cloudhopper app, Jack Dorsey might have forgotten to log out of his account and also forgotten to revoke the privileges, one very dangerous thing to forget, according to experts, for a major social media company CEO like him.

Accidents do happen, and human is to error. As of now, the hurtful and malicious tweets have been taken down and the account has been recovered from the hackers. In an official statement by Twitter, the company expressed their remorse about the incident, but it might have been too late; social media users never fail to use the art of screenshots going viral within minutes of the hack.

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