Reach Last-Minute Christmas Shoppers On Twitter With These 6 Tips

Reach Last-Minute Christmas Shoppers On Twitter With These 6 Helpful Tips

More and more people rely on online shopping, especially these past few months, due to restrictions that happened after the pandemic. Online shopping became a new trend since it is very convenient and easy to navigate the shop. Thus, shopping online is also the choice of those people sensitive to their time and health. As the holiday season nears, expect a rise in the number of Christmas shoppers. Christmas has always been the most wonderful time of the year to give presents to your loved ones. If you own a business, it is probably important to know these six helpful tips that will help you reach last-minute shoppers on Twitter.

Reach Last-Minute Christmas Shoppers On Twitter With These 6 Helpful Tips

Be Clear On Delivery Slots

COVID-19 keeps more individuals at home, so people preferred online shopping more. As Christmas draws near, it is important to be straightforward about your promotions. Given more individuals will shop online, you have to offer several choices of delivery so they could receive the product they bought on their ideal date. Every business’s goal is to earn a profit, but if you don’t consider the quality of the product and the time of the buyer, your success won’t last long. So in order to receive good feedback and reviews, you always have to prioritize the satisfaction of your customer. One way of making it happen during this holiday season is to be clear on delivery slots.

Spread the Feel-good Factor

This year has truly been the most challenging year for everyone. With all the natural disasters like forest fires and typhoons along with the Covid-19, maybe it’s time for people to see tweets that could make them smile. It is necessary for businesses to post their products on social media, but one tip for balancing everything is to limit it, especially during this holiday season. This Christmas, it is better to tweet cute and inspiring photos, relevant memes, Christmas jingles, and anything that could positive feeling for those who can see it.

Communicate Safety Measures

If you are promoting a business that requires face to face contact, safety precautions, and health tips are a must. We must ensure that the health of the customers is our priority above anything else. In that way, people will feel secured to go to your business. So how could Twitter help you with this? Proper use of hashtags on your tweets could be of great help to reach more Twitter users. Through your tweets, you could inform your customers about the promotions while keeping everything safe.

Reach Last-Minute Christmas Shoppers On Twitter With These 6 Helpful Tips

Share digital experiences

Since most people are into online shopping, many will enjoy joining the online seminar, workshops, and events that will help them broaden their knowledge about specific services or products. It will be the perfect timing to strike up a conversation and engage with your customers. Aside from that, it is also an open opportunity for you to promote your products. The more they feel that they are connected with you, the more they will stay and become a loyal customer. Twitter is a powerful marketing tool, especially when utilized properly.

Share Staycation Ideas

Meeting people and discovering new cultures from other places give us a different kind of contentment; that’s why many love to travel. However, due to the spread of Covid-19, people are now restricted from going out. Transportations are more expensive than before and are limited. To cope up with the situation, businesses on Twitter should share ideas on how they could spend the holiday season without going out of their homes. For staycation ideas, it is better to share creative photos and videos about recipes best for Christmas. Christmas arts and decors will also be a good idea for this method.

Bring Products to Life

As mentioned many times above, people limit their selves now from going out of their homes because of the pandemic. So businesses should adjust to the situation and must find a strategy to overcome these challenges. Of course, there is always a solution to every problem. In instances like this, you must help your customers pick the best product and service by bringing them to life. Share high-definition photos of your product or a clear video of your service on your Twitter account for easy decision-making. It will make them feel like they are holding the actual product without the need to go out to shop.  

Handle Your Twitter Right This Holiday Season

This holiday season, it is very important that we share good vibes and a happy environment with others through our tweets. However, we must not forget that we are currently facing an enemy we can’t see but could kill us. Let’s be sensitive to reminding everyone of the safety measure to keep ourselves healthy. To ensure that you regularly share new stuff with your growing new followers, you must consider scheduling your tweets every week so even if you get a little busy, you are still secured that your account is well updated. Aside from that, you must know the perfect tweets to post during the day by creating a content calendar. 

Reach Last-Minute Christmas Shoppers On Twitter With These 6 Helpful Tips

The calendar will serve as your guide on what to share so you’ll never get pressured every time you need to tweet. Moreover, Twitter is an effective way to inform your customers about the available time of your company this holiday season so they’ll know when to contact your team. Well, speaking of team, it is also advisable that people behind your business engage with your Twitter stories. As marketing strategists, they should train their people on how to interact with customers through Twitter conversation. The more people talking about your business, the broader people it could reach. 

There are also other different ways on how you could handle your Twitter well. This may also include restrictions on your Twitter engagements. It may be a little hard to understand, but there are times that we do not want other people to join business’ conversations. An example is the company’s holiday party or when you’re opening presents. If you don’t want this for a specific period, you must avoid content that requires user interaction, such as polls or open-ended questions.

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