How Much Does It Cost To Buy 1 Million Twitter Followers?

UPDATE: As of this update, there are currently no reputable providers offering 1 million Twitter followers in single packages.

A number of our top Twitter follower providers still offer up to 200,000 follower packages.

See the list for more information.

Anybody who is anybody on Twitter is vying for more followers, and having 1 million under your name is quite the badge of honor. This is especially rewarding for small businesses who are out to make a name for themselves on the platform – growing your following can lead to increased brand awareness, improved SEO and website traffic, and a variety of other benefits. Of course, acquiring followers is never easy and predictable, especially if you rely on organic growth. That’s why digital marketing experts continuously look for ways to speed up the entire process.

These days it’s become a lot easier to grow your following on Twitter. Getting 1 million followers isn’t all that unattainable anymore – but you have to be willing to pay the price. There are different methods of boosting your following, and the price tag on each one varies.

How much does it cost to buy 1 million Twitter followers?

Some of the methods I discuss are more expensive than others, and some may be more reliable. It all truly depends on what you’re looking for, and how much you’re willing to pay for Twitter infamy.

Read the blog below to find out how you can skyrocket to fame, and how much it might cost you.


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Method #1: Using Twitter Ads for followers

A Twitter Ads campaign one of the fastest and most reliable methods of gaining authentic followers. Here’s how it works:

  • Promoted accounts (those who sign up for the campaign) are displayed on various high-profile areas of the Twitter platform, meaning that they gain a boost of visibility. They become more visible on search results, on the “Who to Follow” panel, and even on the timelines of the users.
  • Twitter allows users with promoted accounts to target their audience according to their location, language, and interest. Users can even target specific Twitter users via their handle, from influencers to those who have visited your website in the past, but that may cost extra under the custom listing feature.

One thing you should know about this method is that it doesn’t actually guarantee new followers. What it does is that it actually makes your account and your posts become more visible for a limited amount of time. This method only increases the probability of gaining new followers by promoting your content in front of your targeted audience.


The price for a Follower Campaign on Twitter varies. You have full control of how much you spend on the campaign – but just like anything in this world, paying more can get you more. A new follower can cost you anywhere from $0.10 up to $1.25, which is the recommended maximum bid.

If we use the lowest rate per follower, 1 million followers will cost you $10,000 (1,000,000 followers x $0.10). If we use the maximum bid, the cost of 1 million followers can go as high as a whopping $1.25 million – definitely not the most budget-friendly option available. The delivery of followers with this method is often slow and steady. However, among all of the methods that are mentioned in this article, this is the closest you can get to an organic growth at an accelerated pace.

Overall, this campaign can be highly valuable for large companies with a big marketing budget. Like it or not, social proof plays a major role in today’s social media marketing and having 1 million Twitter followers ignites a dose of social proof that for some can be worth taking the gigantic financial risk. If you’re willing to spend $1 million for 1 million followers, this is probably the best way to do it. If you, however, are just starting out, maybe you should review your other options and go for something more practical and cost-effective.

Method #2: Social media marketing agencies

If the cost of a Follower Campaign on Twitter is way beyond your budget, you can opt to hire an agency who can manage your account on your behalf. Just like a follower campaign, hiring a social media marketing agency does not guarantee you get X amount of followers in a specific time frame.

When you hire a social media marketing agency, you’re hiring a team who will implement a strategy that can strengthen your online presence. Depending on who you sign up with, a social media marketing agency will often also have people on staff who are in charge of creating original content for you.

LYFE, a social media marketing agency based in Atlanta, charges anywhere from $100 – $650 a month for their services. The prices will vary depending on the number of posts you want made on your behalf and the number of platforms you’d like for their team to manage. The more specific requests and needs you have, the higher you’ll often end up paying.

They can help you gain more followers, but they can’t necessarily guarantee a growth of 1 million followers. Services like these are especially helpful for mid-sized companies and independent personalities, who want to grow a stronger online presence without having to personally manage their account.

Method #3: Buying premium Twitter followers

Buying Twitter followers has proven to be one of the fastest and most cost-efficient ways to accelerate follower growth. There are quite a few providers out there who can offer you authentic or high-quality followers in a matter of days or weeks. Even if you want to buy 1 million Twitter followers, it can take an entire month to safely deliver them, as Twitter will instantly ban you if you get 1 million new Twitter followers within a single day.

If the above-mentioned options seem too pricey, purchasing followers might be the best alternative. When purchasing followers, it’s important to look for a company who can offer you high-quality – that means followers with unique profiles and high retention rates. Given that there are too many sketchy providers out there, you should know how to tell apart the quality providers from the scammers, because quality providers:

  • Offer money-back guarantees or refund policies for their service
  • Have responsive and helpful customer support
  • Build a professional-looking website
  • Have positive reviews from previous clients

High-quality followers, like the one below, can improve your campaign and further strengthen your social proof. You can also take it a step further by adding engagement along with your new followers – likes, comments, and even retweets. Adding engagement can make your efforts appear more organic despite the fast turnaround.


Reputable providers are not hard to find, you just have to do your fair share of research – or even better, check our list of reviewed, reliable, quality companies. Not every provider offers high-quality followers, especially when you want to buy 1 million Twitter followers.

You want to find a company offering comprehensive consumer protection programs, such as money-back guarantees and refund policies. A good sign of a reputable company can be seen in the lengths they are willing to go through for their customers.

Delivery time may be a lot faster compared to the methods mentioned earlier. Most companies don’t waste time and begin delivering your freshly bought followers almost instantaneously. On average, the wait time of delivery is 24-48 hours, though the completion of order can vary depending on the requested volume.

Method #4: Buying cheap Twitter followers

If you are only looking to inflate your Twitter following count, there are a lot of cheaper providers out there who can offer low-quality, bot followers, for a fraction of the cost. This method, is, of course, less than recommended. Cheaper providers are notorious for selling fake followers by the truckload. Low-quality followers don’t have unique profiles and are consistently deleted by Twitter engineers- leaving you with a fluctuating analytics score. Low-quality followers like these can be very bad for the organic growth of your account:

  • Your reputation is on the line: Buying cheap, fake followers can turn off potential real followers and harm your reputation on the platform. If you don’t choose your provider wisely, you might end up wasting your money and hurting your reputation.
  • You might get penalized: Buying fake followers is strictly prohibited by Twitter. When you decide to do business with cheap, shady providers; you risk having your account penalized by Twitter.
  • No guarantees whatsoever: Cheaper providers do not offer comprehensive guarantees that can protect you as a customer. They do not have explicit guarantees and policies in place that can cover you when things take a turn for the worse – like when your fresh batch of followers begins to disappear one by one after a few days.

There are easy ways for Twitter users to submit complaints about potentially fraudulent accounts, and many people won’t hesitate to report dubious accounts.

example twitter follower

Based on our own research and the past experiments we have performed, we find that cheaper providers also give their customers limited access to their customer support team. They are hard to reach and often take days before responding – if they even respond. This means you are left in the dark to fend for yourself when things are not turning out as you hoped.

We have to make it clear that not all cheap providers are bad, some just offer really low quality followers for cheap. We cannot discount the fact, however, that there are bad guys out there who can scam you of your hard earned buck, so be forewarned.

If you are just looking into drastically boosting your following and couldn’t care less about quality, by all means, go with a cheaper provider. However, if you also want to improve your reputation along with your following, you are better off going with a premium provider who can do just that.

Method #5: Follow-first method sites

The follow-first method is among the riskiest methods of acquiring new followers. This requires you to give your login credentials to a company that will aggressively follow other users, in the hopes of getting a follow back. This is one of the oldest tricks in the marketing book and some are still using it to this day.

We do not recommend this method as you risk being hacked or deleted on Twitter altogether. We couldn’t find a company currently offering this service, but here’s one for Instagram. It’s very expensive, priced at $1.2 million for 1 million targeted Instagram followers.

You can opt to do your own experiment for free: follow people, and see if you get any follow-backs in return. If they do not follow you, feel free to hit the unfollow button and move on to your next prospect. Be careful, though, as Twitter imposes a limit on the number of people an unverified account can follow.

Method #6: Free Twitter followers

Yes, there are sites that offer free Twitter followers, too – with a catch. They usually ask users to perform certain tasks (such as following specific accounts) in order to earn reward points which can be exchanged for followers.

We’re guessing that this is a mechanism deployed by cheaper providers in order to make their fake followers appear more legitimate. We don’t have the facts for it, but we think it’s highly possible.

twitter follower bot

If you are not concerned about the quality of followers you will receive and you have tons of time on your hands, this can be a good way to get those numbers up without shelling out a dime. Although we think it will take you a while – a very long while – before you hit 1 million.

It’s not just a numbers game

Anyone on Twitter who says they never dream of acquiring 1 million followers is either lying or a bit antisocial (why are you on the platform, anyway?) 1 million can be impressive at a glance, but if you really want to strengthen your online presence, you’ll need to look at the quality of followers you’re getting:

  • Quality over quantity: Becoming an influencer doesn’t solely rely on the number of followers you have but also on the impact you make on your audience. Quality followers will help you boost your reputation, but low-quality followers will make you look bad in front of your real audience.
  • More organic followers: High-quality followers can really help you make an impact on your audience. When organic followers see that your following has been boosted with genuine, high-quality followers; they’ll be more interested in following you as well.
  • Engagements matter: Low-quality followers will do nothing but inflate your following. They won’t engage in any way with your tweets, making your account look bad. What would a neutral think of your account when you have 1 million followers, but only receive 50-100 likes on your tweets?

A bigger following on Twitter is expected to produce better engagement. You need to equally work on improving your engagement levels just as you do on raising your Twitter following.

If you really want to get those numbers up, there are a variety of ways to do it without having to rely only on organic growth. Naturally, higher quality and reliability will cost you more – so be prepared to pay the price. If quality is what you’re after, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


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