Losing Twitter Followers? Dos and Don’ts to Maintain Your Followers and Attract New Ones

Losing Twitter Followers? Dos and Don'ts to Maintain Your Followers and Attract New Ones

Twitter is an interesting place and powerful tool for building your network in any area you could be interested in. As you grow your brand on Twitter, you gain followers as your primary audience for your content. The most difficult aspect of Twitter is getting and maintaining followers. Many people starting to build their brand assume that once you acquire a follower they stick around forever. Far from it, many reasons can make the followers you worked hard to start unfollowing you. If you are on Twitter and losing followers this is the best article for you. Here, you will learn the dos and don’ts for you to maintain your Twitter followers.

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Understand your niche and avoid changing it drastically

When you start building your brand on Twitter, identifying your target audience is the first step. The niche is created in your bio description. When people follow you they are aware of what to expect from you. When they start feeling that you are feeding them with different information apart from what they expect, your follower count starts falling.

Engage followers strategically

Twitter offers an amazing platform to engage with followers. Like any other social media platform, strategic engagement with your followers plays a big role in the success of your brand. When you post content, engagement can be in the form of retweets, replies, comments or favorites. It is important to give timely replies whenever your followers raise concerns. Your followers are the primary customers. When you actively engage them in your twitter handle, it helps in building trust with them. In return, you will have an easy time convincing them to accept your product.

Optimize your profile

Apart from the type of content you are posting, your bio is the other thing that could be making people unfollow you. You can do the following to optimize your profile.

Fill out your description

Your description should contain information relevant to your niche. It offers a great way to connect with people whom you share interests with. People could have stumbled upon your account or known you through mutual connection or a comment you made on their blog. Whichever the case, your description should be the perfect place to entice them to follow you.

Your bio should act as a synopsis of what you tweet about. When people read it, they should decide whether or not to follow you. People could start to unfollow you when your bio does not entail their interests. Your biography provides a good way to accumulate followers without any effort from you. It should be searchable by using relevant keywords. You could also use the link in your bio to landing pages.

Post consistently

When building a brand, everyone posts regularly for their Twitter handle to be busy. However, some people stop posting frequently due to various reasons. Taking too long before tweeting makes your followers start forgetting about you. Twitter has millions of people trying to build their brand and they are all competing for the same audience.

Social media marketing is a commitment. You should post frequently to stay in front of your followers’ eyes and keep your brand growing. When people notice your inactivity, they start to unfollow you. However, it is also important to avoid tweeting too much. Your followers might get annoyed when you fill their news feed with your posts.

Have relevant and quality photo

Twitter offers a default profile picture of an egg. People could be unfollowing you if you are still using it. Accounts with the Twitter default profile picture are associated with bots programmed to automatically hunt for followers. Having a decent profile picture of yourself is one way of making your account legitimate.

Since Twitter allows you to add header and background images, they should be descriptive enough. Anyone looking at the pictures should tell your specialty even without reading the description.

If you have to post about a different topic it is advisable to inform your followers before posting the content. Hoping across different niches makes your followers start to doubt about your specialty. Since there are many people on Twitter focusing on different niches, sticking to your specialty helps in keeping your followers.


Automate tweets

You should be cautious before sending automated tweets or impersonal DMs to your followers. Like any other social media platform, Twitter is built around free expression and two-way conversation. Your followers could be annoyed when they detect that you send automated posts. Automated posts lack authenticity and many people can differentiate between fake and real ones.

Tweet about controversial topics

There are certain areas that you should completely avoid for the sake of keeping your followers. For example, many people do not like politics. Unless your niche is centered on this area, you should stay away from the topic since it could offend your followers. Religious and political topics are the top topics that can trigger people to unfollow you.

Tweet about yourself only

Posting about your brand in every article is one way to annoy your followers. It is important to retweet other people’s posts and shares articles that could be beneficial to your followers. When you retweet other people’s posts, your followers know that you are not self-centered and you value other people’s work. Followers would like to be associated with someone who minds about the success of others too.

Overuse hashtags

Hashtags are used to mark keywords and topics in your post. They are powerful tools you can use to increase views for your post. If there is a trending topic relating your niche you could use it to reach people who are not your followers but have similar interests. While hashtags can help you in amplifying your popularity, overusing them can make your followers feel like you are spamming them. Any activity that makes followers uncomfortable can contribute to immediate unfollowing. You should limit hashtag usage and apply them in your posts only when it is necessary.

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