Is Clubhouse Going to Be the Next Twitch Social Media Platform?

Is Clubhouse Going to Be the Next Major Social Media Platform?

The COVID-19 pandemic that happened last year has limited the physical contact that people can have. For this reason, almost all of us relied on social media platforms in order to connect with our friends and family. As a result, there came an emergence of a number of platforms that are aimed to give people a new way of connecting with each other. One of these platforms is Clubhouse. 

Is Clubhouse Going to Be the Next  Major Social Media Platform?

If you have already heard about Clubhouse, then you might be wondering why people are very obsessed with this social platform. Well, I can help you answer your questions about this new platform. 

In this article, I will be explaining what Clubhouse is and why it will most likely become one of the most popular social platforms on the internet. 

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is basically a live audio platform that lets people listen to or participate in live discussions. Unlike other platforms, you cannot record anything from the platform. Once the live discussion ends, the conversation is forever gone, and you cannot record anything to playback. 

In addition, this social platform is like a conference that ever ends. It allows you to cover a number of eclectic topics. All you have to do is to enter a room and begin listening to the discussion. You can also host your own room and invite people to join your broadcast. 

Moreover, what makes Clubhouse fascinating is what has been taken away from it. The platform does not have any private messaging feature or written comments. Needless to say, Clubhouse is purely audio. Your only instrument will be your voice. 

As you enter a Clubhouse room, you will hear ongoing conversations. If you are interested in the discussion, you can raise your hand so you can join the discussion. By contributing to the discussion, you can become a moderator. If this happens, you will be able to call other people up on the stage.

While you are in a room, the expected behavior is for you to mute yourself until the host called you or until you have an important thing to say. As this happens, the room then gradually turns into a conversation that has a natural structure, with moderators controlling the dialogue. Moreover, the room can run for hours as soon as someone is moderating it. 

Is Clubhouse The Next Twitch Like Platform in terms of Followers?

Joining a live broadcast on SoundCloud will allow you to learn new things. So, if you are running a good podcast to listen to, then you can use Clubhouse to listen to valuable content.

Moreover, what makes this new platform appealing are the various well-spoken individuals who host different rooms and participate in discussions. That includes MC Hammer, who uses the platform to share his knowledge about cryptocurrency. In addition, there are a lot of well-connected individuals — some of them you might have never heard of — who have led rich conversations on Clubhouse. 

Right now, Clubhouse is an invite-only platform that is only available in iPhone’s app store. Each person who uses the platform is only granted limited invites. According to experienced users of the platform, becoming active unlocks more invites. For this reason, Clubhouse has a special exclusivity that creates a carefully curated community.

If you are not receiving any invites right now, then do not fret because you can set up your own account and host a live discussion.

The Reason Why Clubhouse Has a Staying Power

A lot of people are looking for a platform that they can use to connect with each other. Clubhouse is one of the best ones they can use. Here are the reasons why this platform has the power to stay ahead of the competition:

Clubhouse has some real virality similar to Twitch

Unlike some other social media platforms where the number of followers you have is simply a vanity metric, Clubhouse followers are different. 

When a Clubhouse user that you follow jumps on stage, the app will notify you in a simple yet very compelling way. You will receive this notification even when your phone is locked. Once you click on that notification, you will instantly be able to join the room as a passive listener.

Is Clubhouse Going to Be the Next  Major Social Media Platform?

No need to be camera-ready to join a Clubhouse discussion

One of the major things that stop people from embracing live video is the camera. A lot of them are not comfortable with being seen during a live discussion. With Clubhouse, this barrier is entirely eliminated. All you need to have is your voice and your account’s avatar.

This means that no matter how you look, even if you just got out of bed, you can jump in on a discussion.

Allows you to build business connections

Discussions on Clubhouse are very much similar to those hallway conversations that occur during conferences. But instead of just exchanging cards, people will check out your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts, and the conversations will happen there.

Clubhouse empowers you to use your voice

On a lot of platforms, only those people who have a significant number of followers have a voice. But on buying real Twitch followers for Clubhouse growth, it is not about your following. Rather, it is about what comes out of your lips during live discussions.

Offers real human engagement

If you are looking for someone to talk to about interesting topics, Clubhouse is here for you. It opens up small group discussions about a wide range of topics. So, you can jump on this platform and join or start a group discussion with people with who you share the same interests.

Is Clubhouse Going to Be the Next  Major Social Media Platform?

The Takeaway

Clubhouse is no doubt one of the best platforms that you can use right now for connecting with other people. 

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