What to do if Your Twitter Account is Suspended in 2020

What to do if Your Twitter Account is Suspended

Twitter is a great platform that is used by several millions of people around the world. According to popular statistics, the platform has recorded 330 million monthly active users. Because it is used by a large number of people across the globe, the platform comes with a significant amount of features. However, misusing these features can cause account suspensions. And as a user of Twitter, you must be ready to avoid getting these suspensions. 

Sometimes people get unlucky with keeping their accounts from a suspension. Of course, Twitter does not lot humans handle the regulation of Twitter accounts. The platform is equipped with unique automated bots that check every account to see if they have violated the platform’s terms of service. If you are someone who has got their account suspended, there are many things you can start doing to unsuspend your account. You have to be especially careful when buying Twitter followers as well, so use our list of the best sites to buy Twitter followers from here.

When your account gets suspended, many restrictions can be placed on it by Twitter. Of course, this would inevitably affect your interaction and engagement with followers; it is always a great idea to avoid it. But when you can not do this and eventually get your account suspended, there are certain things you can do next. In this article, we unveil some of the things you can do to ensure your account gets unsuspended. 

What to do if Your Twitter Account is Suspended in 2020

Figure out what may have caused the suspension

Twitter has got a significant number of features, using these features, the wrong way can sometimes lead to a ban of the user’s account. Although a prohibition of a Twitter account can sometimes be as a result of bullying, fraud, abusive behavior, and many other things, you should always be ready to figure out exactly what led to the ban. 

The first thing you need to do is figure out what could have led to the suspension of your Twitter account. You can do this by reflecting the point in time before your account got suspended and finding what you could have posted or done wrong with the account. Knowing what may have led to the ban of your Twitter account is an essential step towards lifting the ban. This can allow you to better work on an appeal for the suspension of your account. 

As a user of the Twitter platform, knowing what led to your ban should come in handy when contacting Twitter’s support team. This allows you to craft an appeal that is sure to be considered by the Twitter team. There are many things that people can do if their account is suspended. After doing this, moving to the next step should be done. 

Contact Twitter’s support team or appeal for a suspended account 

Twitter has got a support team for every problem encountered by users on its platform. For the case of suspensions and bans, people can always contact the Appeal team through its appeal for the suspension page on its official website. After figuring out what could have led to your ban, you can contact the support team and lay your letter of appeal. 

In case you could not find what may have led to the ban, the support team is sure to look into your account and help you understand what activities you practiced on your account that led to it. Rather than keep your account on its current status, you can try to lift the ban by contacting the support team of Twitter. This provides a chance of you being able to receive your account back unsuspended, and the ban lifted off. 

While appealing, there are many ways you can do this. You can choose to appeal manually or by sending them an email. If you are thinking of sending an email, there are many ways you can craft your mail to convince them to lift your ban. If you choose to go manually, then the next step should come as a little walkthrough to help you through that. 

What to do if Your Twitter Account is Banned

Unsuspend your account manually

Sometimes, bans of a Twitter account can happen to accounts that are genuine and have done nothing wrong on the platform. This is caused by the bots handling the banning of accounts which may be malfunctioned. If this is the case, you can easily get your account unsuspended. 

If you do not wish to write mails and send it to the Twitter team through your email, you can quickly dive into the process of appealing for your suspended account manually. The social network’s official website allows users to submit an appeal for a suspended or locked account. Through the page, people can work their way towards unsuspending their accounts in a shorter time. 

Unsuspending your account manually is a great way to shorten the review process. You can do this by visiting Twitter’s website. You just have to visit the “Appeal an account suspension or locked account” page and fill out the details of your appeal after selecting the “suspended account” from the dropdown on the issue. 

The page requires you to fill out a couple of things about the account which has been locked. Personal details such as full name, email, and phone number will also have to be provided. When filling out the details of the problem being encountered with the account, users will need to craft a compelling description to increase the chances of their account being considered. 

After filling out the details and submitting an appeal for your locked account, be ready to stay patient, and wait for your appeal to be considered by the Twitter team. After your account has been unsuspended, you can start to engage with your followers once more. 


Lifting a suspension from a Twitter account is sometimes regarded as a tough job to handle. If you have got an account locked due to some reasons, you can always attempt to submit an appeal. This gives you a chance for the developers of the platform to reverse the current status of your account. Luckily, the above tips should come in handy if you do not know how to go about this. Good luck! 

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