How Twitter’s Launch can Connect Marketing Campaigns

How Twitter’s Launch and Connect Campaigns Can Create Memorable Experiences

Twitter is proving to the online world that it is more than just a platform where celebrities share their every day lives. Instead, this social media platform is also an excellent place to promote a business.

Moreover, Twitter has turned out to be a go-to place where brands launch new products as well as campaigns. This is a critical aspect of getting more Twitter followers, which all successful campaigns need.

For you to see what really works on the social media platform, Twitter’s Next and Arthouse teams created a list of some of the most creative brand campaigns launched on the platform. They have also highlighted why each of those campaigns made a huge difference. 

How Twitter’s Launch and Connect Campaigns Can Create Memorable Experiences

According to a study conducted by Bain & Company, marketing launches are becoming more and more popular. Also, utilizing the best launch practices allows businesses to realize 1.5 to 2 times higher revenue growth rates for a brand. This is proof that a campaign can really show a brand’s uniqueness and boost a business’s bottom line. Moreover, the list’s campaigns have no doubt resonated with Twitter’s users, thus helping boost the brands’ respective sales.

Brand Launches That Made a Big Splash on Twitter

Wendy’s: Best “Only on Twitter” Campaign

In 2017, Wendy’s discontinued its popular Spicy Nuggets. A lot of Twitter users were shocked by the food chain’s decision. Many people even urged the fast-food giant to not pull the meal out of its menu. 

Chance the Rapper even responded with a prayer to convince Wendy’s to bring the meal back. The tweet gained a lot of attention, causing Wendy’s and Spark Foundry WW and VMLY&R, its agency, to notice it. 

Moreover, the fast-food giant was smart enough to tap into this popularity. It composed a tweet where it pledged to bring Spicy Nuggets back only if the said tweet got no less than 2 million likes. In less than two days, the likes were able to hit the given target, causing Spicy Chicken to return on Wendy’s menu shortly after it was pulled out. 

Subaru: Best Purpose-driven Launch

Subaru was able to show its audiences how much it loves dogs on its heartfelt campaign. The said campaign was apart of the Japanese car brand’s Subaru Loves Pets month. The car brand’s first #MakeADogsDaywas can shine a light on dogs in shelters. It also inspired its Twitter followers to adopt a dog. It was also able to bring awareness through the platform by showing underdogs like Doug and the Pug in the spotlight. 

How Twitter’s Launch and Connect Campaigns Can Create Memorable Experiences

Moreover, the campaign was created by Carmichael Lynch agency. It turned out to be a huge success as it helped several dogs find a home. What is even more compelling is that it helped in driving donations to America’s ASPCA.

Audi: Best Connection to Culture

The car brand Audi tapped into the Annual Big Game of American Football to boost its e-Tron SUV launch. Notably, the car is the brand’s very first entirely electric model. 

The launch previewed with the e-Tron #SB53 advertisement on Twitter, building up its anticipators’ excitement. After that, Audi fully unveiled its new model during the game itself. 

Audi, along with its agency partners Venable Bell & Partners, Ph.D., and M/H VCCP capitalized on the passionate audience of the event. For this reason, the launch was able to garner a high number of video views on Twitter during the game. 

Fortnite: Best Pre-Launch Tease

Fortnite took the game offline for three days straight to build its anticipators’ excitement before launching the game’s Chapter 2 mode. During this time, the company set all its 12,000+ tweets to hidden. It only left one tweet pinned on its profile, a picture of a black hole. Fans were left clueless about what was happening and were eager to get more information about what was coming. This campaign became a huge success. Also, Fortnite proved that it still has the power to surprise its fans after three years since it was first launched. 

DiGiorno: Best Digital to Physical Activation

When DiGiorno, a frozen pizza brand, began being listed y new delivery services such as UberEats and Amazon Fresh. However, Twitter users mocked the brand using its long-living tagline, “It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno.” yet, the brand was able to successfully turn the tables around when it announced that it was going to deliver pizzas to some Twitter users. According to it, the move was in line with National Pizza Day. 

DiGiorno, along with its agencies OpenMind and Weber Shandwick, used a Promoted Trend Spotlight ad product on the platform. They have encouraged people to tweet their locations so they could deliver boxes of pizzas to them. The brand then ended up delivering more than one thousand pizzas. It was also able to generate goodwill and has proved that you can turn anything negative into positive. 

How Twitter’s Launch and Connect Campaigns Can Create Memorable Experiences

The Ritas: Best Brand Voice

The Ritas, Spritz’s canned wine cocktails, along with the help of Dentsu and Draftlline, dared their followers on Twitter to declare their love for a special flavor that they were about to re-launch. The aim is to put the spotlight on the return of its famous CRAN-ber-Rita drink. The brand was able to reach what it was aiming for. It was also able to stir the curiosity of its fans, who guessed what it was going to relaunch.

The Final Takeaway

There is no denying that the social media giant Twitter and its launch and connect campaigns can turn the product experience memorable. This is the reason why a lot of brands are leveraging this platform on their product launch efforts. Moreover, a lot of brands have already succeeded in utilizing this platform for their benefit. 

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