How to Use Twitter for Blogging in 2020

How to Use Twitter for Blogging in 2020

Twitter can be a highly useful wonder tool that will turn your blogging career around; this is because it helps you to communicate with your present and potential blog readers. You can’t be short of readers if you employ the right skills; this is so because the micro-blogging site has over 500 million active monthly users.

Top Bloggers use Twitter to drive traffic to their blogs. But if you want to drive a remarkable number of visitors to your blog successfully, then you should know that posting blog titles alone won’t do the trick. These tricks even include buying Twitter followers to boost their reputation. It is highly essential that your Twitter account is not just educative or filled with a call to action words. It has to be fun and fulfill the term “Social Media.” Here is how to use Twitter for blogging.

How to Use Twitter for Blogging in the future

Use Tweets that are short (140 characters or less) and Proactive.

For someone reading this, you may be wondering about the possibility of writing compelling Tweets in less than 140 characters. Well, you’ve just got to find the best way to do that.

Writing tweets of less than 280 characters is essential because these tweets perform better than wordy posts. You must have read somewhere that online readers have a short reading span. As such, you have little time to make an impression. Once most readers check the first two sentences, they want to decide if your post is worth their time or not.

Although the goal of sending out tweets will be to drive traffic to your blog, you mustn’t make it seem so.

Your tweets shouldn’t necessarily have the same title as that of your blog write-up, although it should connote the same meaning, as you don’t want them to perceive your post as spam.  Here’s an example of one

If you have a blog post with the title, “Pele’s exploit in the world of football.” The title of your tweet can be “Click here to learn of the greatest footballer in history.”

Copy quotes from your blog that your followers will find Interesting

Copy quotes from your blog that accounts following you will find exciting. These quotes should be a reflection of what is in the write-up. Have you ever tasted a portion of food before then you decided that you will get the full part; this is what you’re trying to achieve here. That quote should improve their wiliness to desire reading your blog.

Statistically, blogs who use quotes get over 50% more retweets, likes, and favorites than those who don’t.

Include Statistics For Twitter Blogging in 2020

It is in human nature to believe statistics over ordinary words. As such, including informative and exciting statistics will trigger your readers to see your article as an authentic one. If they perceive it this way, your users will engage more positively with mentions, likes, retweets, favorites, and even Dm’s. 

To even have a more ground-breaking impact on your followers, I’ll advise you to include characters and numbers, as this can make your tweet stand out. Especially to users that get a lot of tweets on their timeline. One way of making your tweets stand out with statistics is by using the “did you know” question, and then you follow it up with some characters and statistics. Here’s an example, “Did you know that 85% of website page visits in the world come from android phones (Click here to know more).” Let the link to the article be short. People are lazy to click a long web link.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your Blog-post

Hashtags is a tested and trusted tool to use if you plan on showing your tweet to twitter users other than your followers. If you’re confused about what a hashtag it, we’ll help you with that.

You’ve probably seen a hashtag before. If you think you’ve not, I can bet that you don’t remember.

You create a hashtag when you use the # symbol on your device. Then you should follow it up with a word or words without leaving a space between the # and the alphabet. And if it is more than one word, you shouldn’t leave any space between them. An example of a hashtag is #BlackLivesMatter.

Twitter creates a page for every tweet with a hashtag. As such, if a user is interested in following the topic, he/she can click on that hashtag to read the tweets.

You can also create a hashtag for your business; this helps your followers to keep track of tweets of your brand.

Use eye-catching images

If your followers find the image attached to your post attractive, they’ll pause and check the content and link attached to the tweet.

The image you plan to use should give a hint to the content of your write-up. If you’re fond of using images that differ from the details of a tweet, it will cause you to lose followers.

You can also use images that have a call to action words. People respond when you tell them what to do, but don’t boss them around.

Ask your followers question that relates to the topic

Ask your followers questions that will make them want to engage with you. When composing these questions, have it in mind that they should be engaging, entertaining, and trendy.

When your followers respond to the question by mentioning your Twitter handle, their followers will also see the tweet.

Add the link to your blog in your Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is the first place anyone that wants to follow you will check. As such, this is the spot that can bring interested readers to your blog.

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