How to Minimize and Moderate Time Spent on Twitter

How to Minimize and Moderate Time Spent on Twitter

According to reports dating back to 2009, there are over 300,000 businesses, over 300 million daily logins on Twitter. It’s estimated that an average user sends as much as 5 hours on Twitter regular posting, liking, commenting, or in rare cases, just going with the trend.

All this points out to just one thing – Twitter is unavoidable. It’s the lifeline of most businesses, as well as the social life of many. It isn’t just a means of interaction but a way individuals collaborate with their colleagues, associate with like-minds, or even monitor their little one’s activities on this social network.

Even though it’s possible to use this network to a safe level, some believe staying on this platform is a complete waste of time, a distraction. Many have been forced to deactivate the account to minimize time here.

What they fail to realize is that every user on Twitter can maximize every minute they spend on the platform with the help of proven tips we will be outlining here.

Define your objective

We know it’s possible to get lost in the habit of using social media such that you forget your aims and objectives. That’s if you have one by the way. Most people believe the next step to take after creating an account is sending friend requests and building a long list of friends.

However, I advise you to resist the urge to do so. Before launching on this platform, take a back-foot and review your objectives. Are you here to make friends, interact, and engage in meaningful conversations with strangers? Are you here to increase your brand awareness, sell yourself or your product to the world.

Twitter can be used for any of the objectives mentioned above, but for the sake of business. It’s essential to create a strategy. For instance, if you’re a freelancer, your purpose will communicate with like-minded individuals, attract clients, and join groups that will help you improve your skill though the idea shared. Getting this right depends on the initial action you take after creating your account. Join the wrong group, attract fake friends, and your productivity will take a back-foot.

Use Twitter Unseen Feature

The Twitter unknown feature is relatively unknown to a lot of users. As we all know, it’s impossible to control private messages on this platform. On Twitter, it’s possible to go a day or two without logging into your account but still find countless messages on your inbox when you decide to do so.

While this is manageable, it becomes annoying when you have to respond to each and every message. Bear in mind that you still have to deal with news from your Twitter, Instagram, and even personal email.

Attending to all the messages at once can become tiresome. Its possible yo filter out relevant ones from the crop, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t miss out on s few important ones.

Ordinarily, Twitter doesn’t allow you to disable private messages. Hence, they will keep piling up even when you’re not active. A smart way to prevent this from happening is to use the Twitter unseen feature.

What this does is that it automatically signify to your friends that you’ve seen and opened their messages. If you’re a busy person, this reduces the pressure of replying immediately till when you have a lot of time on your hand.

Hide From Friends You don’t want to chat with

Most times, it’s annoying to get messages from people you don’t want to talk with. But the worse part is that Twitter doesn’t give any user the power to control who you don’t want to see online. Blocking the person doesn’t even solve it. It isn’t all about friends and followers, especially when you can literally buy Twitter followers at a good price.

What this means is that you can’t go unnoticed, and you can expect to see hundreds of messages flooding into your inbox when you come online. Fortunately, you can use the chrome extension, “Ghost for a chat,” to reduce your visibility.

What this extension does is that it makes you invisible on Twitter chat but still allows you to chat with anyone you want to. This way, you can avoid small talk from people who are just bored.

Use Notification

If you have a user who’s successful in a business you want to venture into, it makes sense to get notified anytime they publish a post. Without this setting, you get a random notification for just any random when a user posts a picture from a night out or a birthday party.

To ensure you don’t miss out on any useful posts from a special friend, you will have to enable yo notification button on their profile. To do this, go to the user’s profile, and allow “get notified” on their profile. This way, you will be alerted when they post something new on their timeline.

This also works for groups and pages. Your productivity lies in choosing the right ones.

Tweak your account

There are a few ways to tweak the Twitter algorithm. You can do much with it! This tells Twitter what you want, types of posts you want to be shown, and from who. For instance, you can recognize the Twitter algorithm not to show you posts from a specific user, so you have to deal with fewer distractions.

You can also unfollow an individual or turn off notification this way. You don’t get notified of their new posts, especially if it is a random one.


You can quickly get taken away by the excitement of using Twitter. However, its always better yo still k to a specific strategy until you achieve your goal. For business-minded individuals, it’s essential to connect with like minds as this goes a long way to improve your growth and productivity.

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