How To Get More Plays on SoundCloud

How to Get More Plays on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the platforms you can use to promote your music, of course, on top of many others. As the years pass by, it becomes increasingly important to put a little more effort into marketing your stuff as opposed to relying on promoters or agencies. Actually, if you do it alongside them, it will only result in bigger and better results. As experts have repeatedly put it, you have to put the effort to harness the results; they will not find you in your comfort zone.

So, how do you go about it? The chances are that you have never done any form of marketing before. Being a first-timer, you need all the help and guidance to make an informed choice on which strategy to use and which one to steer clear of. Look at the whole SoundCloud affair like any social media marketing strategy; actually, most of these strategies can be shared and still give impressive results in the end.

Below are some of the methods you can apply to your marketing strategies in regards to SoundCloud to be able to see the significant change. However, bear in mind that as the years pass by, technology advances and you might need to keep updating your strategies to be able to reach as many people as possible.

Critical Strategies for your SoundCloud Marketing

  • This might go without saying, but I will say it anyway. SoundCloud is not the only platform to use in marketing your music. Thankfully for the technological development, you can now be able to add several backlinks to other websites with your music. Depending on SoundCloud entirely is directly comparable to putting all your eggs in one basket. If it does not pull through, it can be devastating for you. Be sure to include your music on several other platforms like Spotify so that it can reach as much as possible the largest audience out there.
  • It is essential to market your music, but it will never work out if your music is substandard. With each change in generations, the music tastes keep changing, and people are now addicted to good music. In short, nobody would stoop too low to take time to listen to bad music. Making great music is key to having your music reach out to as many people as possible. If you want to know why think of it as when you see a funny clip or post, and you instantly want to share it with your friends or social media followers. If they see it and love it, they will share it too, and the chain will keep going until it has gone viral. Good music is addictive, and before you venture out to market your music, ask for people’s thoughts and reviews so that you know what to change before sharing it with the world. See to it that you make music that is relevant to your audience, both in ideas, messages, beats, and even mixes. You can ask experts to listen to it and give you honest feedback, then keep building upon the areas that need improvement.
  • Use the audiences that are already in place. As usual, do not underestimate the power of sharing. The people around you have more potential than you think, some even are better than you. Look out for people who thrive in sharing music with the world and use them to get your music to as many crowds as possible.  Remember, you cannot do it alone, use fellow artists, channels that promote music, popular labels, and channels that can repost your music as much as possible. Pay attention, especially to influential music makers with huge followings; they are the stepping stone into your future music career.
How To Get More Plays on SoundCloud

Image: SoundCloud Audience. Screenshot taken on August 27, 2019

  • You can also choose to go the old-fashioned way with email marketing. Trust the experts; it works wonders if done correctly. There are many reasons why the email marketing strategy works. It is simple, clear, and to the point, you are assured that the recipient will receive it, everyone has an email address, people check their emails often, and it is not about to go anywhere anytime soon. Just see to it that you do not overdo it, and make sure your follow-up emails are well-spaced at about two weeks or thereabout.  You can extend your endeavors into other strategies like using bloggers and vloggers, YouTube channels, social media influencers, and renowned radio stations. Either way, get them to either play your music or refer you to methods of making your music go viral.
  • Keep making more music. Music is a medicine of the heart, or so they say. Years to come, people will never tire of listening to good music. Take advantage of this and make more and greater music. Be sure to observe areas you needed to improve on so that your next music is better than the last and so on.
How To Get More Plays on SoundCloud

Image: Jim Krenn consistent posting. Screenshot taken on August 27, 2019

  • Have you tried using multiple accounts to repost your music, otherwise known as repost chains? If not, this is one of the surest ways of getting your music to many crowds in one click. You got to join a repost group where you all repost a music track automatically at automated time intervals. With each report from each of the members of the chain, you gain followers and raise the bars of the audiences you are reaching out to with your music. So, what kind of friends should you use in these repost chains? Consider going for people who are passionate about the music first, like music producers and deejays. That way, you are sure your music will be shared fast. You could also go to the most used social media platforms like Facebook; you will get groups looking to outsource people to join repost group chains, and they never disappoint. 

In the process, be selective in any method you use to spread your music gospel. Not everyone has good intentions because there are potential scammers out there. Some will even tell you to buy plays like you would buy YouTube views; please do not be cheated. Ask around from the experts for the best legal options available.

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