How to Grow Your Pinterest Followers


Pinterest is a major player for online advertisers, not only because of its massive user base of over 70 million, but its users are more likely to use the platform before buying a product or service. As a result, advertisers are flocking to the platform. Of the content that’s posted to Pinterest, over 75% has a brand message. Evidently, building a large following of engaged users on Pinterest can drive sales and provide a solid ROI. But what’s the best method for advertisers to grab attention and grow their following on Pinterest? Let’s go through 7 tips you can use to gain a massive following on Pinterest.

Verify your Pinterest profile

The first thing you should do if you want to attract followers is to verify your Pinterest profile. Doing this offers two key benefits. First, it helps you build trust with other pinners because it shows that your profile is not a fake or a fraud. Second, verifying your profile allows you to access Pinterest’s analytics, where you can analyze your pins and see what is working for you and what is not. You can easily verify your profile by visiting the settings page and following the steps to verify your site. Once your account is verified, a blue checkmark will appear on your profile, next to your URL.

Create and pin unique content

Your posts are ultimately what drives traffic to your profile. Unfortunately, repins constitute the majority of the content posted on Pinterest and it’s gotten boring. To attract a following and grow your Pinterest account, you need to stand out from the crowd. To do this, you need to find or create eye-catching content that people want to repin to their boards. To create authority and a loyal following, this content should be aligned with your brand’s theme or voice.

Link with your other social media accounts

Pinterest offers its users the option to link with their other social media profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter. Once you link your profile, whatever you pin will instantly be shared with your followers on these other social media platforms. This will build your exposure and bring extra traffic to your Pinterest profile. Another simple way of gaining followers is to ask your friends and followers on these other social networks to follow you and provide a link to your Pinterest profile. You should also promote your individual Pinterest boards and pins on these other platforms.

Pinterest follow button

People who visit your website have already shown that they are at least somewhat interested in your company and many would follow you on Pinterest if you ask them to. You can ask them to follow you by placing a Pinterest follow button on your website, allowing you to convert a few of your website’s visitors into Pinterest followers. Placing the Pinterest follow button can be easily done using the Pinterest widget builder, or if you are a more advanced user, you can use custom buttons that will blend with your website’s theme.

Engage with others pinners

One of the defining features of social media platforms is the ability to build a network. The same applies to Pinterest. People who use Pinterest fundamentally want to engage with others and build a connection. They will engage with those who are social and  forget about those who are unresponsive. Furthermore, when you follow other pinners and comment on their pins, a few of them are going to check you out and end up following your profile.

Also, make sure to follow pinners who share content that is relevant to your interests or your brand. You can find such pinners by performing targeted keyword searches. After you start following them, start commenting on and reposting their pins.

Pinterest Contests

One of the best ways to gain exposure and boost your following on Pinterest is through the use of contests. People love contests. If you start one, your followers are likely to take part and notify their friends, which will drive traffic your way. For instance, you can require contestants to follow your account or repin your images to win. You could also make use of tools like Rafflecopter to give away a few extra entries to those who follow you.

Buying followers

Buying Pinterest followers is another method that has been steadily gaining popularity. It offers a simple and hassle-free means of growing your Pinterest following. First off, the bought followers give a boost to your follower count. But the trick is that buying followers gives you the social influence necessary to increase traffic to your profile. That’s because people tend to be interested in what others are interested in. When you buy followers, it gives the perception that a lot of people are interested in your account. This provides social proof that will lead more people to follow you.

What to know before buying followers

Buying followers is a quick way to grow your Pinterest account, but if not properly done, it has its risks. Essentially, buying followers is akin to taking a shortcut while others follow the long route. Therefore, it is something that you do not want Pinterest or other users to know.

Buying low-quality followers may lead to your account getting flagged, since they can be easily detected. There is also the risk of encountering scammers posing as follower providers if you buy from low-quality sources. To avoid these risks, you should first evaluate a seller before making a purchase. You can do this by checking their prices, the quality of followers they provide, how long their followers stay on for, their customer support, turnaround time and their replacement and refund policies.

Interested in finding a reputable company for buying Pinterest followers? Check out our list of the best places to buy Pinterest followers online.



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