How To Get More Retweets and Followers on Twitter?

How To Get More Retweets and Followers on Twitter

Have you ever wondered how other twitter users/brands get so many retweets? Many have asked the questions at some point.

And sure, retweets count as parts of engagement rate, but that’s only part of the story.

The real truth is that remarkable things happen when you get more retweets with your content, like:

  • Getting more visibility
  • Making more sales if it is a business account.
  • More people will want to collaborate with you.
  • You’ll get more engagement.

The benefits of getting more retweets are endless, but what can you do right now to increase the number of your retweets on twitter significantly.

I know you’ve read and watched a lot of resources on how you can get more retweets. However, none of them seems to work.

Here’s the deal! Everyone wants to get as many Twitter Followers and Retweets as possible. In fact, many people buy Twitter Followers and Retweets! You need to know where to buy Twitter followers to do this safely.

Below I’ll list some of the most effective methods, and you’ll learn how to use them for your purpose.

How To Get More Retweets and Followers on Twitter in 2020

10 ways To Get More Retweets on Twitter

1. Ask Your Followers To Retweets

There’s a saying by Nora Roberts that goes like this;

If you don’t ask you don’t get

And while sometimes you don’t have to ask, the more people will take action or retweet when you do, especially if you share valuable information.

I particularly like how top twitter big dons ask their followers to retweet their content by leveraging on giveaways, offers, and so on.

Whenever you want to make use of this approach, make sure they have a reason to share; if it should not be, “Please retweet this.”

Make sure they have a reason to retweets, and it is essential.

2. Create Tweets Your Followers Will Want To Share

 A big part of the reason why people retweets are the topic itself.

We have topics that are trending or close to becoming a trending topic – topics that fall into this category generate significant retweets, but then decrease with time.

You’ll also have topics that Twitter users can’t get enough of – known as evergreen topics.

Which topic category to focus on depends on your content marketing strategy and the interest of your audience.

It is not recommended to tweet content that is nothing close to your audience interest – don’t push tweets bloggers when your followers are music freak.

It is preferable to work towards evergreen topics, instead of tweets with short term momentum.

3. Promote As You Publish/Tweet

It is not enough to keep on tweeting without doing some promotion.

When you’re an established twitter influencer or brand, just tweeting is enough to get all the retweets you want.

But what of a situation you are not an established brand or individual?

It means you’ve got more work or efforts to put into creating shareable tweets and getting the word out about your twitter account.

There are many ways to get your twitter account promoted and get retweets.

To get started

  • Focus on creating shareable tweets.
  • Share your tweets with other social media platforms.
  • Make use of Twitter sponsored ads.
  • Engage your Twitter followers.
  • Identify your audience.

Here’s the bottom line:

When you put effort into creating trending and evergreen tweets.

If you want to get more tweets or see the light of the day, make sure to promote.

4. Tweet Quotes

If at any time you run out of content ideas, Quotes are good ways to get your tweets to get more visibility.

Quotes are good for getting more retweets, especially when they hit your followers’ subconscious. The power of quotes can be a witness on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can never run out of quotes to tweet. There are plenty of blogs where you can get quotes from different niches.

5. Make Use of Hashtags

Making use of hashtags is one of the best ways to increase your twitter retweets, primarily when your tweets are related to trending topics. Hashtags also increase the chance of twitter users finding your tweets based on their interests and searches.

6. Tweets At The Right Time

Hitting the ‘Tweet” button at the right time is another effective way to increase your retweet rate. There is no point in publishing tweets when your followers are no more interested or not available. Research carried out by Dan Zarella’s have it hat, 2.p.m. – 6.p.m. is the best time to ask for a retweet.

With a tool like Tweriod, you can analyze where your recent 1000 followers are from, recommend the best time to tweet.

7. Allow Retweets

Have you ever canceled a retweet because you can’t add your own opinion?

People tend to add their own words to retweets, what if your tweets can’t allow that? You will be shooting yourself in the leg.

Tweets that need time to edit don’t get high retweets. Your tweets should be around 80 – 110 characters.

How To Get More Retweets and Followers on Twitterverse

8. Create Relationships with Your Followers

Building a relationship with your followers will make them see you as an authority, look forward to your tweets and retweets even without you asking.

Ask them questions concerning their daily activities, what they are expecting from you, share information with them, and respond when they retweet.

9. Be Informative or Share Value

Readers like to retweet if it helps them in some way, solves a problem someone closes them is facing. They’ll observe your account for a while and become followers later on.

Also, retweeting entertainment-oriented content is an excellent method to increase engagement rates.

10. Retweet Other People’s Content

It should not be about you alone, retweeting other people’s content is a great way to get noticed, especially by twitter big dons who may return the gesture. Please don’t talk about how you spent your day alone, what your brand is, and so on: Mix it up.

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