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Even Marketing Head Found Twitter Thread on Peloton Ads Very Funny

Even Marketing Head Found Twitter Thread on Peloton Ads Very Funny

If you’ve seen a Peloton ad recently, you’ll understand why the Twitter thread started by @ClueHeywood now has 31,000 Twitter retweets, almost 3000 comments, and 137,000 likes.

Other Twitter users responded to the thread with their version of the mockery, with some even applauding @ClueHeywood’s sense of humor. The Twitter thread also led to less positive headlines. The Daily Dot called  Peloton bikes as “rich people’s playthings.” USA Today called the Peloton commercials “absurd,” and added that we would never look at Peloton ads the same way again.

The thread basically mocked just about everything about the Peloton ads. The placement of the bikes:

The kids interrupting their parents’ workout:

The wide windows and the great view Peloton bike owners have:

The clothes that the people in the ads are wearing:

More than anything, it made fun of the unrealistic lifestyle that the ads portray. See it for yourself:

Peloton’s response to the laughter

Peloton has no plans to respond to the Twitter thread that’s making fun of their workout ads. Carolyn Tisch Blodgett, Peloton’s SVP and head of marketing, has personally found the now viral Twitter thread very funny though.

“I personally found it very funny, but was also proud to see Peloton become a big enough brand that it is now part of the cultural conversation,” Blodgett said. She further said that they know this wouldn’t be the last time that they will hear feedback on their products.

We definitely look forward to more hilarious Twitter threads, at the least!


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