Five Ways to Use Twitter Customer Care to Win Over Customers

Five Ways to Use Twitter Customer Care to Win Over Customers

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms right now. It is also a tool that a huge number of brands use not only to promote their products but also to settle concerns and respond to queries. For this reason, it is important for brands on the platform to have a dedicated customer support account to make sure that they will be able to handle the concerns and questions that they receive. Needless to say, Twitter is an excellent platform for businesses if utilized properly.

Each day, brands are using Twitter to answer questions and respond to the concerns of their customers. Two in every three individuals say that the micro-blogging platform is the channel they prefer in terms of care over other social media platforms. However, what do the individuals on Twitter expect from these interactions? What exactly do they really want?

Five Ways to Use Twitter Customer Care to Win Over Customers

This blog contains statistics that came from an internal Twitter Insiders survey. The survey was conducted from August 24 to September 1, 2020. The company surveyed people on the platform to know their preferences, attitudes, and past experiences on other social media networks’ customer care. Based on insight from people who live in the US and UK around their expectations regarding customer support, below are the most practical methods that brands can use to support their customers. 

Create a Support Handle Dedicated to Your Customers

Some brands only have one handle which communicates all things on Twitter. On the other hand, others create an added dedicated support account that works in addressing customer concerns directly. 

Moreover, Twitter’s research found out that 64 percent of Twitter users feel that businesses with a dedicated support handle are exerting more effort for their customers. For this reason, it is safe to say that they are much appreciated. In fact, brands buying Twitter followers for customer service account can help establish their trust and authority.

Brands that create their own dedicated support channel will be able to give their customers a direct line where they can look for the assistance that they need. 

Make Sure That Your Customers Know That You Have a Support Handle

After creating a dedicated support handle, you should make sure that people are well aware of it. According to the social media giant, nearly half of the surveyed people are not aware that support-only handles exist. For this reason, you need to spread the news. 

Moreover, a support handle makes it much easier for customers to ask for assistance. In addition, it helps both the brand and the customers to see and resolve issues faster. 

Respond to queries quickly and consistently

People would need help at any time of the day. That means they might need your assistance even outside your service hours. In fact, 75 percent of customers on the micro-blogging platform want fast responses. Additionally, they want brands to give them consistent responses. So, make sure that you have dedicated support teams who can work during the weekends to prevent service gaps. 

Also, do not forget to add your service hours in your Twitter bio along with your phone number and other relevant service links. 

Moreover, it would be constructive to anticipate the questions that your customers may ask. If possible, you should respond publicly so that other customers who have similar issues will be able to see the answer. 

Five Ways to Use Twitter Customer Care to Win Over Customers

You are human so do not be afraid to sound like one

Just because you have your responses prepared does not mean you need to sound like you do. Twitter noted that its survey found out that 45 percent of Twitter users said that speaking in a human tone is important. For this reason, make sure that you sound real, sincere, and information whenever you are responding to your customers. 

Moreover, customer care interactions that happen on Twitter generate a 58 percent more favorable attitude towards brands. 

To sound more human, take the time to ask engaging and fun questions so that you can spark conversations with your customers. At the end of the day, things are all about making a connection. 

Respond to people in the same way that they reached out

52 percent of individuals on Twitter send a direct message to brands to make sure that their data remain private and keep their personal information secure. Still, one out of four people will tweet publicly, hoping that they would respond faster. No matter which method they use in reaching out, make sure that you respond to your customers the same way that they contacted you. 

If your customer tweeted publicly, try to resolve their concern publicly without compromising their private information. When possible, it is always an excellent idea to leave your responses in public. Doing this may help your other customers resolve similar concerns that they have experienced.

Why Twitter is an Excellent Tool for Brands

Twitter is a platform where a lot of brands advertise their products and services. They also use this micro-blogging platform to widen their reach and connect with their customers better. This platform is a place where people look for the latest news and information about the brands and businesses that they follow.

Five Ways to Use Twitter Customer Care to Win Over Customers

Moreover, the social media giant is also a place for people trying to connect with brands. They use Twitter in hopes that they could reach out to brands and tell them their concerns while trying to get assistance to resolve them. 

Brands that are implementing excellent customer care service on the said platform can get loyalty from their customers. Besides, they will be able to leave a long-lasting, great impression on their customers.

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