Finding And Using The Right Hashtags

Finding And Using The Right Hashtags

There is one reason why businesses use social media platforms like Twitter. They make their operation so much easier. Twitter helps companies inform their customers of their new products, promos, or initiatives. More importantly, Twitter helps increase their exposure.

However, even if they know what to tweet, increasing their followers could still be challenging. That’s what happens when they do not utilize hashtags.

Finding And Using The Right Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords preceded by a hash symbol (#). Twitter uses them to group and categorize content on the platform. That makes it easier for users to find content around topics that interest them. When users click or enter a hashtag on a Twitter search, only the public posts with that hashtag will appear in the results. For instance, if you search for “#SuperMario,” then all you will see are posts about Super Mario. In short, hashtags are very effective filters.

Moreover, hashtags are always included in Twitter Trends. These are popular topics that are gaining momentum or driving public conversations on the platform. Twitter curates trends for each user through its algorithms. It shows them global and local news and trends related to their interests. Suppose you are a brand that sells basketballs. People who love the sport will have a higher chance of stumbling upon your tweet, assuming you used the right hashtags.

With that said, brands should always use hashtags. They will make them more discoverable. In other words, they can effectively reach their target audience and increase their followers by allowing people to find their tweets more easily. 

Also, hashtags will allow brands to join in public discussions centering around trending topics. Therefore, businesses can utilize hashtags to showcase their personality and make their stance on the subject matter known. Hashtags let them humanize their brand. And that is essential to building a better connection between them and their customers.

Unfailing Hashtags

Finding the right hashtags to use to slither into public conversations could be quite daunting. If you don’t know where to start, know that there are some hashtags you can always rely on. 

General Hashtags

According to Hubspot research, the most used hashtags tend to be very general. These include examples like “#science” or “#fintech.” So, if you cannot relate your Tweet to the relevant topics today, you can add these to still ensure that they will get noticed. For instance, if you are a photographer or have a photo studio, even a simple “#photography” will do.

Holidays And Celebrations

Annual or recurring holidays or celebrations frequently enter the top ranks when they occur. So, during their season, you can always rely on “#Christmas, #NewYears, or #Valentines to connect to your followers and prospects.

Weekly Recurring Hashtags And Challenges

Have you ever heard of Motivational Mondays and Throwback Thursdays? They are very popular on Twitter. You can always count on these if you want to widen your reach and connect to your followers.

Finding And Using The Right Hashtags

Importance of Understanding Hashtags

Do you want to utilize hashtags to their full potential? Then, it is highly recommended that you try others aside from the predictable ones mentioned above. However, you should ensure you understand the meaning of a hashtag before you attach it to your Tweet. 

Misused hashtags may let you attract the wrong audience. Also, if there are unexpected connotations around the hashtag, people may misunderstand you. Therefore, researching what a hashtag is about before firing off a tweet is a good practice. 

Fortunately, there are tools like Twitter’s native search feature, Hashtagify, and Trendsmap. They can help you know trending hashtags and get a grasp of what they are all about.

Ways To Use Hashtags For Your Brand’s Twitter Followers

There are many ways for brands to use hashtags correctly and brands require a calculated approach for proper hashtag marketing. So, be sure to remember this as it is essential for your growth on Twitter for more followers. Here are some things you can do to utilize hashtags for your brand.

Promote Your Brand Or Your Products

Again, hashtags let your Tweets have more visibility. Furthermore, they make searches for specific things easier. Aside from using pre-existing hashtags to your advantage, creating your own can also be great. You can create branded hashtags to let your followers and prospects know about new and upcoming products. Doing so means you are shining a spotlight on the product. For example, Social Media Examiner uses “#SMEchat” to promote its Twitter chat.

Tweet About Important Events

Like holidays, popular events, and industry conferences rank high on trends when they occur. Use hashtags to participate in conversations about these. More importantly, if your brand is attending or is making a relevant contribution to the event, you are encouraged to Tweet about it. News about your contribution to popular events will help you accomplish your mission on Twitter.

Join Discussions About Relevant Topics

Hashtags help you tap into popular conversations. But some trends have more substance than others. It would be best to choose which among those conversations would benefit you the most. 

According to a Social Sprout Survey, 70% of consumers believe that brands should take a stand on public issues. It affects their decision of whether they would support the brand or not.

So, it would be wise to publicize your stance on these issues. For example, you can Tweet about how your products are “#EcoFriendly” or “#GenderInclusive.” This way, you can show people that your brand cares about the issues the world is facing. And it does its part to make a change. 

Finding And Using The Right Hashtags

It is a great way to establish a positive image for your brand, which will help in attracting potential loyal customers.


Twitter hashtags are there to help users find content easier and make their own more visible. They are wonderful tools that offer a lot of benefits for businesses. 

When using hashtags, brands have two options. One, they can make branded hashtags to introduce themselves and their products to their audience. Or, they can use popular hashtags to connect to people through trending topics. Either way, hashtags will help them improve their exposure on the platform and increase their followers.

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