How to Find Popular Twitter Hashtags For More Twitter Followers

How to Find Popular Twitter Hashtags For More Twitter Followers

What’s a hashtag?

It took almost a decade after the invention of twitter for hashtags to appear on the scene. Ever since their inception, they have become a feature of choice that twitter users can’t seem to do without. A hashtag is made up of two different parts: the first part is the famous hash symbol ( pound symbol) # This part precedes the other part, which is usually a phrase or a keyword ( of your choice). A typical example of a hashtag can be seen, when the # symbol is placed in from of delicious cupcakes in a cupcake marketing campaign to form a (#scrumptiouscupcakes) hashtags

Why Should I Use a Hashtag?

If you have ever asked this question, well, here is an answer for you. Although it isn’t mandatory to see a hashtag when tweeting, it will be essential to use it for the following reasons.

· To arrange or categorize tweets: hashtags can be used to organize and categorize tweets. This is especially important for accounts used for business and other promotional purposes.

· To keep track of a topic/subject: do you want to create a trending topic? Do you want to make a conversation last longer? If your answer is yes, you need to put a hashtag to some keywords and attach it to a conversation thread.

What can a Hashtag be used for?

As long as you are tweeting, you can, and you should use a hashtag. Here is a list of what a hashtag can be used with and for.

  • If you want to tell your followers about the places you have visited or will visit, you can use a hashtag. e.g., you can tweet, I will be visiting the #versalies, or I am traveling to #belgium. Even if you are buying Twitter Followers, they will want to know!
  • themed happenings: except you’re a Twitter greenhorn, you must have seen tweets themed like this. #mondaymotivation, #tuesdaythoughts, #wednesdaywits or #TGIF. these are known as themes, and hashtags can be used to describe themes such as that.
  • To describe activities like walking, studying, jumping, traveling. Depending on what you want to tweet about, hashtags can be used to describe a series of activities.
  • Things and industry terms: the use of hashtags is not limited to verbs, themes, and places alone, it can also be used to describe things. Yes, you can hashtag something as little as a pen and things as exotic as an electric car. Things are not the only thing you can hashtag, you can also hashtag industry terms like #tech #infotainment #pr, and the list goes on.

How to Find Popular Twitter Hashtags

haven identified what a hashtag is, its uses, and other relevant details, there is one more thing. Every Twitter user must know this. Not all hashtags will deliver the same results. The best results come from the most popular hashtags. It is vital to understand how to find the popular Twitter hashtags, so you can use it to grow your personal or business page. Check it out.

Do a Hashtag Search

it is best to try this option before opting for another. to find a popular Twitter hashtag. It is vital to start a search first. Type the hashtag on the search bar and watch it pop out. If this doesn’t work out, try the next option. If you are a newbie, look out for the hashtags the influencers ( big-boys) are using and imitate them.

Use Search Tools

There are so many search tools, and each one has its peculiarities. Here is a few

  • Trends map: this allows the user to find trending hashtags depending on their locations. This tool is vital for geo-marketing as it helps marketers identify where, when, and how much effort to put using a particular hashtag during marketing.
  • Tint: This tool helps the user add all the hashtags that they need into a single hub. this makes it best for presentation
  • Tagboard: Now, this tool allows the user to tag all the hashtags they need and gather them to one place
  • Twitter native: Another tool shows a screenshot of all the trending hashtags on the Twitter app.
  • Hashtagiffy: Since it might have a funny name, but it is an exceptional tool for finding both trending and popular hashtags still. With hashtaggify, you can and will discover the best hashtags to interact with your market. Its benefits are numerous, and they include trend suggestions, influencer, and competitor identification

Important Tips to Note

This information is essential for those times when you need to create your particular hashtags.

· Avoid overly long hashtags: they end up looking like sentences, and they lose their pleasant feeling. stop it or avoid it totally ( if you haven’t used it before)

· search appropriately before creating a hashtag to avoid duplication: you don’t want to use a hashtag for your brand, event, or page only to discover that it has been taken. To prevent this, ensure that you search the keywords properly before you opt for them.

· Check carefully to avoid misspelling: creating a hashtag is no doubt a fun experience, but what happens when you create one with the wrong spelling? You won’t like it. So check the spelling before you post it.


if you have read to this point, it is believed that hashtags are no longer a mystery to you. Finding popular hashtags is one of the most important things to learn as a first time user. It can save you the stress of unnecessary trial and error, and it also makes Twitter seamless for old-time users. We believe that this guide has provided the essential details on how to find popular Twitter hashtags.

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