The Fastest and Easiest Way To Spot A Fake Twitter Follower

The Fastest and Easiest Way To Spot A Fake Twitter Follower

The use of social media has grown exponentially around the world. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are among our favorite social media platforms. We use these platforms every day to communicate with people. Keep up with trending news, both global and national.

However, everything that has an advantage comes with disadvantages alongside it. Social media is no exception. The issue of fake accounts is one of these disadvantages. Fake Twitter accounts are those false and misleading Twitter accounts that may look legitimate, only to discover that they are fake and do not belong to real identities.

 Lots of Twitter users follow fake, or bot accounts for months and years before realizing they are false. Therefore, if you are a person who is about to purge their Twitter followers, you can use these steps to get rid of bot accounts. The question is, “how can I spot a fake Twitter account?”. The steps listed below will help you do this easily.

Make use of stock images for profiles: 

Most fake accounts in Twitter use stock images or images used as profiles by other fake accounts. This means that if you spot a fake account, there is a possibility that another fake account is using the same profile image as the phony account you placed. To search the stock image, click on the profile picture. Afterward, copy the link location. Go to Google images next and paste the link there. To make your search easier, add site: You will see other accounts using the same profile picture.

The user has no biography: 

A Twitter account with no bio almost confirms that it is a fake one. The reason is that a bio creates awareness about who you are and tells followers to want what you are about. Avoiding this is a clear indication that someone is either trying to hide from someone or something or that the account is fake. Which is mostly the case.

Illogical Tweets: 

Lots of fake Twitter accounts don’t send reasonable tweets. Most of these tweets only benefit the owner of the account and often refer followers to their website. But, some fake accounts simply post incoherent thoughts just to pass the account as real.

Occasional tweets: 

One effective way to spot a fraudulent account is that they have no tweets in months or years. Back then, when Twitter was starting, it was easier to get automated tweets. However, this is no more the situation as Twitter has adjusted its API access and regulations. Former bots and automation tools are no longer active. Therefore, to spot a fake account easily, look at the time of the most recent tweet. You will know if the Twitter account is active or not.

Little or no interaction with other people: 

The essence of social media is to communicate with people. These include people you know physically and those you know only online. Therefore, when you see an account on Twitter with no visible sign of communication with others, you know that they are most likely fake. So to discover if a Twitter account is fake, check recent tweets by the owner of the account. If you find out that tweets from the account have no replies or retweets within the last 20 -40 tweets, you should know you are looking at a fake account.

Too much-duplicated tweet: 

Although this is not seen often if you see a Twitter profile that has lots of similar tweets. There is a high possibility that the account you are viewing is fake. Also, if you see that the tweets are all replies which are similar than you have found a fake account. The reason is that a real account won’t have the same answer to everything.


This is the most natural pattern to spot a fake account. Egghead refers to Twitter users who don’t have time to upload a profile image to their account. The truth is that real people will add some sort of profile image or two. However, not all egghead is a fake account, but the chances are high.

Baffling screen name: 

This is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake or not account. For example, if you see a profile URL with something like but a look at the profile will reveal no relationship between the first name and the surname listed above the bio. Another example is the incoherent screen name and URL combination. Although not all profiles have a direct relation. Lots of URLs with this problem do not contain legitimate words or phrases.

An impossible amount of tweets: 

There is no denying the fact that automation has its uses on Twitter. However, a clear indication that you are viewing a fake account is based on the insane amount of tweets that are humanly impossible to generate. It is impossible to tweet more than 100,000 times. Some of these bot accounts have over 100,000 tweets at a time.

Low amount of followers: 

To know if an account is fake, look at the number of people following the particular account. Most fake Twitter accounts have lots of accounts they are following but only have a few followers following the account. You can solve this problem by purchasing Twitter followers.

Check for verification: 

Twitter is it’s FAQ said that verified accounts belong to users in acting, media, fashion, politics, religion, sports, business, journalism. These include brands and individuals, as well. Therefore, if you see LeBron James with the L.A Lakers flag attached. It is reasonable to assume that the account is a real one. However, this is not certain because Twitter has made mistakes with verification in the past. Therefore, I will suggest that you look at other tips listed above and employ them alongside this one to be sure you are dealing with a real account.

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