7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Try Twitter’s Fleet Revolution

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Take Advantage of Twitter's Fleet Revolution

If you want to be candid and join public conversations, Twitter is definitely one of the online places to visit. As per its CEO, Jack Dorsey, Twitter gives everyone, regardless of race or religion, the freedom of speech. But while there’s a good reason behind this goal, not everyone can go to Twitter and talk about their views, rants, opinions, or anything under the sun, particularly businessmen. Like, repost, or mention, one wrong tweet could easily result in a marred business reputation. Fortunately, Twitter recently rolled out a new feature that would allow its users to feel more comfortable in sharing public information, and it’s called “FLEET.” Let’s dig in a little more about this trending topic and find out how it can make a big difference to your business.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Take Advantage of Twitter's Fleet Revolution

Fleet –Twitter’s Answer to IG and Facebook Stories

Using Fleets is the newest way to share valuable information on Twitter. The term was coined from the word “fleeting,” which refers to a moment or thought that only lasts for a very short time. This new feature allows the content for public viewing for only 24 hours, hence the name. Whether it’s casual, conversational, or formal, the same rule applies. This thing is not new on social media like Instagram and Facebook. They call theirs a “Story.” This is your free tool to buy more Twitter followers for your business.

How Can I Use Fleets For the Betterment of My business?

Fleets can help you deliver what every customer wants to get from brands –authentic and valuable interactions. With this new feature’s help, you can elevate the way you compose your Tweets and share them with your audience. You can celebrate with your customers or followers and give them a behind-the-scenes look at your business. The list of benefits could be so long, but we’ve narrowed down the most important ones in this post. 

Highlight New Products

If there’s a new thing you are about to offer, Fleet about it. It could be your soon-to-be-launched product, your bestsellers, or your products that are up for sale. Share the pictures in full screen to attract more attention. You can even include a shot of your inventory to show your online audience the real deal. In fact, knowing where to buy Twitter followers when you launch a new product

Build Engagement With Your Fans and Followers

You can never go wrong in building engagement with your brand’s fan base. Fleet gives you many ways to create one that’s funny, interactive, engaging, and long-lasting. You can use a funny meme that reflects your brand, live Fleet about an upcoming or ongoing event, and more. You can also politely ask your audience to participate by encouraging them to share back or respond to direct replies. 

Recognize Your Loyal Brand Advocates

What is the best thing you can do for your loyal followers, which is free? Give them a shout-out! Recognize your advocates and biggest fans by using Fleets. This way, they will know that you appreciate them and owe them a significant part of your brand’s success.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Take Advantage of Twitter's Fleet Revolution

Share Updates in Real-time

Your business will inevitably encounter unexpected troubles in one way or another. If it happens, let’s say, for instance, a delay in shipping or product launch, you can easily Fleet about it to inform your audiences in real-time. Since your update will appear for a whole day on top of your audiences’ timeline, there is no way they’re going to miss the information. 

Create a Sense of Urgency On Your Limited Offers

When there is a ticking time frame, studies show that customers feel the need to buy a product they need as soon as possible. If you are putting some products up for sale, use Fleet. You can create an atmosphere that your offer is too good to be true, so they won’t let it pass. 

Make Your Customers’ Experience More Personal

Usually, customers receive the end product. But can you imagine how excited they will feel to see how it’s being made or shipped? Use Fleet to show them some intriguing behind-the-scenes about your brand. Or, you can show them your staff and how a day in your company goes. Now, that’s really personal. 

No More Missed Content

With Fleet, you can rest assured that what you have shared would stay on top of your followers’ feeds for 24 hours. They will see it, and they will think about it. With the combination of persistence and luck, you indeed would be closing a sale. 


Some normal Twitter users would see ‘Fleets’ as another feature to explore the app. However, behind its role of posting quick videos and photos lays a more critical function for everyone, especially for business owners. ‘Fleets’ cannot be retweeted, but people can directly message you from it without going directly to the DM section. From there, you can monitor how many people viewed your Fleet, and in the same way, you would know if it engages more people as expected. 

If you are going to take advantage of Twitter’s new feature, ‘Fleet,’ well, you have to be smart and consistent. It would only be effective if you are consistently updating every day and engaging with them as frequently as possible. Your audience, which is your target market, will definitely lose interest if they see you if you lack follow-up and update. A powerful feature like such requires the business owner’s full attention to make it work. If taken seriously, this app will be of great help to your business.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Take Advantage of Twitter's Fleet Revolution

The importance of ‘Fleets’ has been discussed, but never forget that this feature won’t work without followers. To maximize fleets’ use, you have to continually send tweets that could attract people to follow and engage with you. Over 330 million people worldwide have been using Twitter, and one creative tweet will surely reach a thousand users. Think of smart ways to promote your business, and do it every day. If you are serious about using Twitter as your social media marketing strategy, critical points like this should always be on top of your priorities. 

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