What Do Bought Instagram Followers Look Like?

bought instagram followers

You want to become Instagram famous, but you don’t have the time (or patience) to nurture the organic growth? Well, lucky you! There are a variety of reliable providers who can help speed up that process for you. Many of the biggest names and brands actually buy followers to jump-start their online presence.

If you’re considering purchasing Instagram followers for the first time, you should know that there are hundreds upon hundreds of providers out there, and they all claim to provide high-quality followers – but that’s not always the case. Different types of providers offer different types of followers that vary in terms of quality. That’s why you need to know all about buying Instagram followers and the difference between buying low-quality and high-quality Instagram followers.

Two kinds of Instagram followers

Instagram followers can be classified into two different categories – high-quality and low-quality followers. High-quality followers are considerably more expensive than low-quality followers, but they’re what you really want for successful organic growth:

  • Unique and complete profiles
  • An active feed
  • Won’t unfollow you

These are the most important traits of a high-quality follower. If you’re on the lookout for a follower boost, you should be looking for the highest quality you can find. This is what a real and active Instagram follower looks like.

active instagram follower account

Low-quality followers, on the other hand:

  • Have incomplete profiles
  • Won’t engage with your posts
  • Are likely to disappear or unfollow you within a few days or weeks

As you can see, there is a big difference between high-quality and low-quality followers. If you decide to purchase followers, you should, without a doubt, purchase high-quality followers. Cheap followers get deleted by the Instagram police on a regular basis, so they won’t be on the platform anyway.

blank instagram profile

When you do decide to purchase followers, you should do it right. This means learning all about your options. An effective way to learn how to differentiate the quality providers from the scammers is to read online reviews. Check out our reviews of some of the best Instagram follower providers on the market.

Recognizing low-quality followers

Cheap and low-quality followers are the vermin of Instagram. They are simply not the type of followers you want around your account. Nothing will turn off authentic, organic followers faster than these “phantom accounts” that don’t do anything other than inflate your following base on Instagram.

If you see that a provider offers many followers for a cheap price, then you should know that they’re almost certainly low-quality, bot followers. Below, I break down some of the inherent traits of a low-quality follower to help you spot them from a mile away.

Spammy comments

In an attempt to establish some sort of engagement, low-quality followers usually leave a trail of irrelevant comments on posts. The comments are very vague, so expect to receive comments like:

  • Great
  • Wow
  • Just lovely
  • This is awesome
  • Random emojis

You might think that this is all okay and harmless, but the fact is that this kind of behaviour from low-quality followers can disappoint and drive off your real, organic followers.

report bad instagram profile

Low-quality followers are also notorious for dropping suspicious links on posts. This can be potentially dangerous to you and whoever is exposed to it.

A bad follower-to-following ratio

Low-quality accounts usually have a lopsided follower-to-following ratio. They follow a lot of people, but often fail to receive any sort of following back. On average, low-quality accounts have a 1:40 ratio, meaning that they have 1 follower for every user they follow – and that is not good at all.

Negative social proof

You know the effect of social proof, right? If not, here’s all you need to know about it:

  • Positive social proof: When an account looks so authoritative and successful that you feel the urge to follow them.
  • Negative social proof: An account that follows a lot of people but has a low following, low engagements, and a bad feed.

You can usually tell apart high-quality from low-quality followers by applying this theory. The content that low-quality followers produce is poor or non-existent. Their engagement levels are unimpressive, and their follower-to-following ratio is terrible. When you add all of this together it generates negative social proof, which in return drives organic followers away, and you don’t want low-quality followers with negative social proof lurking around your account.

A bad looking profile and bio

You can tell if an account is low-quality or not just by looking at its profile. Low-quality accounts usually have incomplete bios and no thumbnail picture (on Instagram?!). These accounts are generated quickly, and providers do not take the time to fill these up with unique information.

Low-quality accounts are also known to have spammy links in their bio section. These links can be dangerous for you and your followers.

how to report an instagram profile

A bad looking feed

We all know that Instagram is a highly visual platform, right? Apparently, low-quality accounts didn’t get the memo. Josh Lin from Smore mentions that they either don’t have any posts or they have random pictures (probably stolen from the Internet) posted at long intervals from each other.

Some providers try to cover this up by trying to make it harder to find the feed by setting the accounts to private.

Easy to detect

As I mentioned earlier, low-quality accounts are easily found or reported, and thus end up being deleted. Instagram makes regular efforts to perform a “Digital Detox” by purging itself from spammy, inactive, and low-quality followers.

how to report an instagram profile

Instagram altered its algorithm to be more attentive toward removing low-quality accounts from the platform. It’s now better at detecting accounts that only harm the platform and provides users with an easy way to report low-quality followers before they even follow them.

report instagram profile

Instagram is serious about keeping the platform free from spam. Whenever an account behaves suspiciously by spamming people, users have the opportunity to anonymously report and block that account. This way, real users won’t have to put up with low-quality followers that will either spam their posts or won’t engage with their content at all.

report bad instagram profile

Users can report these low-quality accounts if they have their profile set on private. That way, Instagram can display the “Report and Block” notification before the user approves the request from the low-quality follower. With these measures, Instagram is making efforts to keep the platform spam-free. Another reason why opting for high-quality Instagram followers is a better choice.

High-quality followers is the only way to go

High-quality followers have everything a low-quality account doesn’t. They have complete and unique profiles, and an active feed. They act and behave just like you on the platform – and in most cases, are just as authentic as you are.

Here’s why you should always opt for high-quality Instagram followers:

  • Marketing benefits: Combined with a good amount of high-quality, bought engagement; these followers can improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. When neutral followers see your impressive number of followers, they will want to engage with your posts because your content will seem more credible.
  • Organic growth: Neutral followers want to follow successful Instagram accounts. That is exactly what your account is going to look like if you choose to buy high-quality Instagram followers.
  • A boost of social proof: Instagram success is measured by the level of engagement and number of followers. People are drawn to accounts that have a large following and are more likely to give their content the benefit of a doubt simply because they have a lot of followers.

If you want to boost your credibility and reap the marketing benefits that bought followers have to offer, high-quality is the only way to go! These followers rarely get deleted so your numbers go up, and they won’t drop for as long as you’re on the platform.

All in all, high-quality Instagram followers are the type of followers you want for your account. They can impress neutral followers and potentially turn them into your most loyal followers.

contact form example

The smartest way to go about increasing your presence on Instagram is by choosing the right type of followers from the right provider. There are hundreds of sellers and companies out there who will try to sell your their “high-quality” Instagram followers, but you have to be very discerning. If a company offers a free trial, sign up for it and take a look at the followers they send over to your account.

If they send you a bunch of low-quality followers, then you know what you need to do. Don’t be fooled by the ridiculously cheap prices. I know they can be enticing, but they are not worth their price tag – no matter how cheap.

Purchase high-quality bought Instagram followers

By now you should know that the key to boosting your online presence is choosing reliable companies that will provide high-quality followers. They may cost a bit more, but for the quality of followers you receive, it’s worth it. If you’re serious about making a name for yourself on the platform, high-quality followers is the right way to do it.

Equipped with the proper knowledge, you should now be able to spot a low-quality account from a mile away and make informed choices for your Instagram account. There are a lot of shady providers out there, and a very few good ones. Luckily, we’ve reviewed some of the best Instagram follower providers. This will help you make a smart and well-informed decision.

Be a smart shopper, stay safe, and always go for high-quality!

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