Boost Your Twitter Engagements With These Tactics

Boost Your Twitter Engagements With These Tactics
Boost Your Twitter Engagements With These Tactics

Getting people to engage with you more on Twitter is vital for your account to thrive, but it can often be harder than tweeting itself. You really need to convince people to lend their time and converse with you. Here are some strategies you can explore to increase the engagement you get from your tweets.

Use Twitter for helping people

Twitter’s real-time nature makes it a useful platform for providing assistance to customers and non-customers. You can set up a separate account to serve as your support channel if you’re a large enough corporation, but most will only use their main account.

When using Twitter to provide support for people, you need to respond to their concerns in a timely manner. This should preferably be just within a few hours after they tweet you. You can also specify your operating times for people to know when to send their messages.

In some cases, you might need to provide people with one-to-one assistance via Twitter Followers. After their initial tweet to you, offer to get more details about their issue through direct messages, like what airline company JetBlue does here.

You can also refer them to other real-time support channels like the phone. Just make sure you have someone ready to answer right away.

Lead people to useful content

You can also help other users and generate more engagement by tweeting various useful content. Quick tips are a popular type of useful content. Do a series of these under a single hashtag so that people can easily go through them, like this one.

You can also tweet and link other people’s content which your audience may find helpful. This might seem a bit counterintuitive, but you would gain a good amount of engagement here. When those users see you share their content, they are likely to return the favor, driving their followers to you. This also opens more possible engagements between you and them.

To have a better idea of what helpful content your audience would want to see, read through their tweets. Look for common issues they would want to know more, and focus on those. You can even directly converse with them to get feedback.

Run Twitter contests

Contests are a constant favorite for driving more engagements on Twitter. There are surprisingly a lot of types you can do, like:

  • Creative answers: Use Twitter’s character limit to add a fun mechanic to the usual question-and-answer game.
  • “First to answer” contest: This works well as a quick way to earn engagements and entertain your audience. It is also the most common type of contest you will run on a regular basis.
  • Photo contest: When doing such contests, choose a theme that your audience can quickly execute. Share the entries on your tweets to give each participant a good amount of exposure.
  • Caption contests: Like the creative answers contest, you can ask participants to create captions using a limited number of words to make the event more fun.

Do these contests frequently, and mix different types to get the audience more interested. Be sure to follow Twitter’s contest guidelines when you do this.

Encourage your followers

Your audience will engage you more if they see that you appreciate their efforts. Offering some personal engagement is one way of showing that appreciation. Read through their tweets, and find ones that announce milestones. Reply to those, and address them on a more personal manner.

Even something as simple as sharing their tweets works well to show your appreciation. When sharing, make them the focus of your tweet and highlight their work. You can even encourage your followers to check out their account.

Try out these tactics, and you will find yourself receiving more engagements. Be ready to discover even more useful strategies to boost these engagements, and turn your Twitter presence into a thriving one.

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