The Blogs That Social Media Marketers Should Be Checking Out

Blogs that Social Media Marketers should be checking out

As much as social media marketing is an ongoing work, it is also a continuous learning process. You definitely would want to know about the latest developments in the field and how you can apply them. To help you learn, here are some of the best blogs you should check out. 

AdWeek Social Pro Daily

Social Pro Daily is a section of popular AdWeek advertising and marketing website that’s dedicated to social media marketing. It gives you the latest news about different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The blog also features a selection of marketing tutorials and discussions for each platform.

One of the things we like about this blog is that it regularly features specific brands’ campaigns. This is a great way to see these brands in marketing activities and learn what strategies they employ. The articles also give you useful pointers on how you can apply the same strategy for your marketing efforts.

One thing to note is that some of the articles posted by Social Daily Pro are restricted to registered members. This isn’t that much of a bother since the registration also gives you access to AdWeek’s other online publications, adding a lot of value. 

Brian Solis

Brian Solis is considered to be one of the major thought leaders when it comes to social media marketing. His blog covers a large variety of topics, including commentaries on different developments in the field. Solis also talks about events that he participates in and provides some teasers for his followers.

An interesting segment of Solis’ blog is Life scale, where he talks about how people can manage their use of social media for a more productive lifestyle. Some of the topics covered by Solis in this segment are:

  • Dealing with digital distractions
  • Negative effects of social media use
  • The importance of open-mindedness
  • General human interactions

These topics provide a nice break from typical marketing articles, making the blog a great read. Solis’ work as an analyst also helps him give some unique insights into these topics. 

Facebook Business Blog

Being the most widely used social media platform, Facebook’s Business Blog is a must-read for online marketers. The biggest reason you would want to follow the blog is that this is where Facebook often announces its latest development. It also publishes different studies and trend data that can be used by marketers. 

The blog even posts plenty of “best practices” content. While these “best practices” are often just general discussions of different strategies, they offer a good start for marketers who might be having a hard time figuring out the platform. A great thing about the blog is that it categorizes posts based on business size, which makes finding specific content easier. 


Brand24 offers a good selection of social media marketing content that is broken down into several categories, namely: 

  • Social media news
  • Social listening articles
  • Customer service articles
  • Content marketing
  • Resources

This varied content makes the blog a great one-stop-shop for learning more about building your presence on social media.

One specific part of the blog you should definitely check out is the dedicated Case study section. This contains a selection of studies conducted by the blog as well as some third-party studies. What is great about the section is that it focuses on both large and smaller brands. This helps readers find a study that would best help them make their own social media conversion strategies succeed. 

These four blogs are just some of the sites you should follow regularly. As you continue studying social media marketing, look out for more references to add to your library. These will help you a lot in building more effective strategies to push your brand on different platforms.

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