Best Ways to Use Twitter Hashtags

Best Ways to Use Twitter Hashtags

A hashtag is a useful tool to carve out attention for yourself in a noisy social media world. If you use hashtags in the right way, it will give you more engagement than plain text alone. Hashtags streamline your Tweets in such a way that it makes it reach your target audience. Hashtags put you in the frontline of search results. Knowing the best ways to use Twitter hashtags helps you to sell yourself better. It will also help make your brand more visible if you’re using Twitter for business. It is one of many reasons why people buy Twitter followers and then use Hashtags to engage with them. Here are the best ways to use hashtags.

Best Ways to Use Twitter Hashtags and Facebook or Instagram

1. Attach your hashtag to an organized and meaningful Tweet

Don’t just send out tweets because you want to. You need to organize your tweets such that it makes sense to your audience. Make sure that the tweet you’re sending out is relevant, and the hashtag correlates with your post. That is, if you’re talking about a violent incident that occurred, the accompanying hashtag should be something that relates. You can’t talk about football and attach the hashtag “#Entrepreneur” or “#Kanyewest.” An ideal hashtag to use would be “#Worldcup” or “#GoalRain.” 

If you use hashtags that don’t correlate with the tweet, it can be considered as spam and can get you blocked from the micro-blogging site. 

2. Use Hashtags for Topics that are Trending

You can use hashtags for topics that are popularly in a discussion. If you’re a business or brand, you shouldn’t always churn out information about your product. Your followers will enjoy it better if you also join in a trending discussion. 

When using a hashtag for a trending topic, it will make your tweet to appear to people who search for that topic. If what you wrote is appealing and catchy, it can stay right at the top till another trending topic displaces your hashtag. 

You need to master how to leverage trending twitter hashtags. When you do this effectively, you will be able to introduce your brand and yourself to those who pick interest after the post. 

Trends are unique to a specific location. Thus, you need to find out what is trending in your area and use the hashtag. Be sure that it is not against what your brand stands for, and it is not a polar topic. 

3. Don’t use multiple hashtags at a time. 

Avoid sharing tweets without content but hashtags, this leaves the tweet focusless and without a target audience. Also, don’t use hashtags that are too generic. Those types of tweets won’t inspire meaningful engagement even if the content is catchy; an example of those hashtags are #love, #money, #money #SocialMedia, etc. 

You should use one hashtag for a tweet, for example, if the topic trending in your location is “spread the love,” and it comes with #LoveIsReal and #ILoveLove. Use only the hashtag that is trending the topic. It will help increase your visibility as those looking up the trending topic will get to see you; thus, increasing your chances of getting more engagement. 

4. Use Hashtags for only useful and realistic posts

Social media is usually the first source of information these days. If any information is trending, it means people are interested in it, and whatever people are interested in should interest you as well. Whether its #BlackLivesMatter or #10yearschallenge, something funny, or new technology in town. It’s essential to use hashtags to posts that people find worthy of discussing. 

You can create your hashtag to promote your product, like when Apple created the #iPhone11. When forming your hashtag, you must ensure that it is only for posts that your target audience deems interesting. If it’s not, you will be the only one using it. Also, ensure that the hashtag is unique. 

5. Use Hashtags that are easy to remember 

One way to make sure that your hashtag increases the visibility of your post and account is by making the hashtag easy to remember. You can research the hashtags that are popular in your area of interest to have an idea of how it looks to take a cue from them. Whatever hashtag you use, your goal should be that it attracts the right people to your page. 

6. Avoid Space and Punctuations

The most common type of mistake people make when using a hashtag is to leave a space or add punctuations. If a punctuation mark accompanies your hashtag, it automatically renders the hashtag non-existent. Your tweet won’t go further than your timeline and as such, will be seen by only your followers. 

If you add space to hashtags, it also alters the hashtag. For example, if you want to use #MondayMotivation, but you wrote #Monday Motivation, Twitter will see it as only #Monday. 

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