Twitter “Accidentally” Locked Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Account in 2020

Locking of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Account is An Accident, Twitter Says

Twitter is the largest micro-blogging platform right now. It sits next to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in terms of popularity. For this reason, the accident that happened between the social media giant and a politician blew off the news headlines. 

Recently, the controversial Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account was locked for hours. Later on, the social media giant acknowledged that the suspension of the account was only an error caused by the automated enforcement systems of the platform. The said error came after a number of Democrats threatened to expel Greene from Congress due to her embrace of conspiracy theories.

Moreover, Greene did not accept the explanation of the company. After her account was restored, she published a tweet demanding Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to tell her the names of the staff responsible for the error. However, as mentioned, Twitter said that the error was caused by automated systems and not by human moderators. Moreover, her account was locked out for 12 hours. 

The suspension was not the first time that Greene faced exile from Twitter. However, the first time she was locked out, which happened only recently, was not an accident. The platform suspended her account temporarily in mi-January due to multiple violations of Twitter’s civic integrity policy. This was because Greene falsely and baselessly claimed that last year’s election was stolen. She also called Gabriel Sterling, the election administrator of Georgia, a “moron.”

Twitter released a statement regarding the recent locking of Greene’s account. According to a spokesperson from the company, Twitter uses a combination of technology and human review when enforcing the rules of Twitter across the platform. In Greene’s case, the company’s automated enforcement system mistakenly took action on her account. 

Greene’s Support For Wild Conspiracy Theories Made Her Prone to Controversy

As mentioned, Greene is a supporter of wild conspiracy theories. For this reason, she became a magnet for various controversies. She even backed a QAnon theory before she took the office. The said theory suggested that school shootings were staged. It also indicated an openness to political violence. Greene then walked back some of those beliefs afterward.

Moreover, the House Responded to Greene’s support to QAnon’s theory by voting to take her committee assignments in February away. Apart from that, over 70 Democratic lawmakers backed an effort led by Rep. Jimmy Gomez to expel her from Congress. 

But the effort to expel Greene from Congress is very unlikely to pass. This is because it would need at least two-thirds of the House to vote for her expulsion. That means that dozens of Republicans would need to join the effort. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the body’s Democratic leaders are not in favor of the idea. 

Moreover, the suspension of Greene’s account happened hours after Gomez introduced a resolution to expel her from Congress. For this reason, Greene’s office suspected that the latest actions of the social media giant have something to do with it. However, it is worth noting that this suspicion does not have any immediate evidence. 

Gomez replied to Greene’s suspicion, saying that he believes some of his Republican colleagues, particularly one of them, are trying to do harm upon the entire legislative body. He also claimed that he did not say this for some shock value. Rather, it is a conclusion that he drew after one member of Congress backed up violence against their peers, the speaker, as well as the government. 

Did She Ever Buy Twitter Followers To Boost Her Misleading Claims?

In an interview with CNBC, Gomez’s spokesperson said that a total of 72 House Democrats had co-sponsored Gomez’s one-page resolution. This resolution is simply an effort to expel her from the House of Representatives. The 72 co-sponsors include Representatives Joaquin Castro of Texas, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, and Eric Swalwell, and Maxine Waters of California. 

Moreover, Gomez tied the most controversial past statements said by Greene to the fatal invasion of the Capitol that happened on January 6. The invasion was done by a mob of supporters of former US President Donald Trump. Notably, most of the controversial statements in question were made by Greene even before she took office. According to Gomez, this is what he believes after the chamber was turned into a crime scene just recently. He added that many of the people he was with during the invasion of the Capitol felt the same. 

Gomez also noted that some members have called their loved ones and said goodbyes. On the other hand, others prayed to their Gods in fear. Gomez then said that he asked himself whether that would be the day that the country’s democracy died. Recently, some believe she may have bought real or cheap Twitter Followers to promote her misleading claims, but it’s impossible to prove.

There Is No Evidence She Bought Twitter Followers As Of Now

In addition, Gomez said that he takes no joy in introducing the said resolution. However, he believes that any member who incites political violence and threatens the lives of people should be expelled. He noted that he would do everything in his power to protect the democracy of the US and keep all his colleagues safe.

Just in late January, Gomez had shared his plans of drafting a resolution for Greene’s expulsion from the House of Representatives. He said that at times, Greene’s very presence in the office represents a direct threat against the staff and elected officials who are working to serve the US government.

Conclusion: She’s Been Banned Anyway in Mid 2021

Furthermore, if Greene’s account’s suspension was indeed an error caused by the automated enforcement system of the company, then it is a must that Twitter takes action and finds out whatever caused this error. Twitter is a social media giant. For this reason, everything that it does, regardless of whether it is an accident or not, will directly impact every user of the platform. 

And considering how wide the social media giant’s reach is, it should prevent such mistakes from happening for it to avoid any mishap. In a world run by the internet where almost everything is accessible, making any mistake can make or break someone.

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