The 2019 Year in Review on the State of Social Intelligence

The 2019 Year in Review on the State of Social Intelligence

As brand owners, there is an excellent chance that your organization or company has already tapped into social media to monitor the performance of your brand. Almost all brands also use various social media platforms to manage customer service as well as run marketing campaigns. However, when you begin to use social data to make better decisions, that is when you can say that you migrated from social media management to social intelligence. 

The 2019 Year in Review on the State of Social Intelligence

The transition mentioned above is the focus of many businesses for years now. Social intelligence is one of the aspects that brand owners focus on.  

Social Intelligence on Brands and Businesses

As mentioned, brands are becoming more socially intelligent than ever before. It is their way of tapping into the attention of their prospects. Also, social intelligence helps brands know what is in and what is out these days.

There are also some considerable changes in the way that businesses utilize social data and social intelligence. Apart from that, brand owners are now starting to see the essence of social data that comes from Twitter and other social platforms.

Social Intelligence is On the Rise

 More and more businesses are seeing Twitter, as well as other social data, as a valuable insight source into the topics and people who are essential to their brand. Companies realize how unique social media is in providing unprompted, real-time, and authentic feedback. Also, they are beginning to overlay the voice of their customer data with other sources of data to find causation and correlation. 

There is Democratization About Insight

Companies are now in the middle of massive dashboard rollouts and alerting capabilities. This is to support the particular needs of different regions and departments. Besides, there is an added centralization to analysis capabilities. Such is done to reduce effort on duplication and support specialization. 

Small is Big

The sheer quantity of social data points is impressive when taken as a whole. However, one thing worth noting is that it is not necessarily a requirement for success. A significant number of companies use small numbers of highly relevant data points on very particular issues so they could derive immense values.

Do Not Consider “If,” Rather, Pay Attention to “When”

A lot of organizations are not asking whether social data from Twitter and other social media platforms have value. Instead, they focus on when they should be utilizing that data. The answers to the said questions may vary. However, they are getting a deal from social data at the start of their research. Also, they use that value to understand the context of the market and rapidly test assumptions. 

The Emergence of New Innovators

Over the past decade, social listening vendors have primarily driven innovation. However, the world is now starting to witness some innovative and exciting work that comes from data science shops and smaller digital agencies that connect the social dots with other data sources.  

The 2019 Year in Review on the State of Social Intelligence

The Essence of Social Intelligence to Individuals Who Are Not Involved in Business

Brand owners are not the only ones who utilize social intelligence. Instead, every individual shows that social intelligence is already a part of life. Also, many aspects comprise social intelligence. 

Being top of the class, or best in college, doesn’t define a socially intelligent person. Instead, it means that you have an aptitude for understanding and interacting with others. Social intelligence is essential for unlocking the skills of effective communication. It helps us to understand things from a higher perspective than others.

People must appear on the same page to achieve success in any aspect. This means when working in a group or a team, everyone should communicate in the right way. Social intelligence skills give you wisdom on when to talk, what to say, and how to appropriately respond to everyone. This provides the team with a high instance to succeed.

Furthermore, social intelligence can be developed through time and challenging works. People having a high sense of social intelligence tends to play different roles and can communicate well with all types of people. As a result, socially intelligent people become confident and effective

toward others.

It will take time and effort to developed social intelligence. However, if a person starts to pay attention to the society they belong to, it would be easy for them to develop it. Most importantly, learning from failures and aiming for success would be a great help.

Five Easy Steps to Develop Social Intelligence

No one is born socially intelligent. Instead, it requires a set of skills that an individual learns over time. It takes effort and hard work. It involves verbal fluency and conversational skills. Once you can combine these two, it will lead you to what so-called “social expressiveness skills.”

The 2019 Year in Review on the State of Social Intelligence

Be Attentive

You should pay close attention to everything around you. Socially intelligent people are observant. They pay attention to indistinct social cues from those around them. You also have to practice active listening. It will help you develop your social intelligence by working on your communication skills.

Listen Well

Develop your listening skill. Socially intelligent persons are prominent listeners. Others will come away from an interaction with you as a result of this. They will feel like they have a good connection from you.


Socially intelligent individuals know how to play various social roles.

The game of social interaction takes practice. It would help if you were very well versed in the informal rules that govern social interaction. If you can do this, you will come of socially wise.

Control Your Emotions

Focus on expanding your emotional intelligence. It is about how you empathize with others.

Practice how you control your own emotions. It would be best if you recognized you’re emotion to recognize that emotion in others. After that, you need to regulate that emotion appropriately. An emotionally intelligent person can detect and control negative feelings. When in a social setting, this trait will help you stay calm in an uncomfortable situation.

Learn From Yourself

The most important thing is to study social situations and behavior. Learn from your social successes and failures. You can change yesterday by not repeating it.

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