12 of the Most-Watched Twitch Streamers [2020 Edition]

12 of the Most-Watched Twitch Streamers

The online game streaming platform Twitch may be unknown to many. But to the people who devote their lives to gaming, Twitch is their haven. This platform is a massively famous live video streaming site where gamers and fans can share their knowledge about different online video games. These really are the people with the biggest Twitch followers count as of 2020.

Twitch records millions of active users daily as well as two to three million monthly broadcasters. Some of the most popular games streamed on Twitch are PUBG, Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, DOTA, and Counter-Strike. There are a lot of gamers who stream on this platform, and some of them are mentioned below:

#1 Ninja

Dubbed as the undisputed king of Twitch, Richard Blevins, a.k.a Ninja is an American Fortnite player who earns an annual cost of $5 million. Ninja’s channel has a massive following of over 12 million. Apart from Fortnite, Ninja also streams League of Legends and Call of Duty.

The king of Twitch got his fame after hosting another Fortnite player Drake on his channel.

#2 Shroud

Shroud or Michael Grzesiek in real life is a former professional gamer of Counter-Strike. He now devotes his time between Battlefield V and Call of Duty. The Canadian streamer once streamed for 124 hours in 14 days and garnered a massive 3,559,614 hours worth of collective views.

Apart from the other games mentioned above, Shroud also plays Fortnite and PUBG. He created his Twitch channel in 2012 and gathered more than four million followers. 

#3 TTfue

Turner Tenny or TTfue is another devoted player of Fortnite. This Florida-based streamer has nearly 3.5 million followers. Back when TTfue was still new in the field of online game streaming, he was able to amass more than 3,171,221 hours of views although he streamed for only a total of 74 hours. 

Tenny also has a YouTube channel where he uploads Fortnite videos. And the channel has more than six million subscribers.

#4 Loltyler1

A devoted player of League of Legends, Tyler Steinkamp is also known for playing Call of Duty. loltyler1, Steinkamp’s Twitch channel has nearly two million followers as well as a record of 156 hours total stream time. 

Furthermore, a total of 2,864,266 hours of Steinkamp’s video have been watched in two weeks, causing him to land on the third place on this list. Occasionally, Tyler also plays DOTA 2 and Deltarune, which he also streams in his channel.


ESL_CSGO is popular among Twitch viewers for live streaming the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He streamed a total of 305 hours in the past couple of weeks, which gained an average of 8,282 viewers.

This streamer has overall view hours of 2,566,902 in his channel. When he is not playing Counter-Strike, ESL_CSGO also plays Halo and Borderlands 2 and DayZ.

#6 PGL_Dota2

I am sure that you know what this streamer is playing just by looking at his name. PGL_Dota2 is a player of the game DOTA 2. His channel has a record of 2,544,374 hours of watch time, which he got from streaming for only 77 hours. 

This streamer’s channel streams in English, and he has a total follower of about 145,000.

#7 Riot Games

Riot Games is a Los Angeles-based developer of video games and electronic sports tournament. This channel lives streams League of Legends and has garnered more than 3.2 million followers. Besides, it was able to get an average of 51,066 viewers in just 14 days. What is even more compelling is that this channel has been watched for a total of 2,465,963 hours in only 33 hours of stream time.

#8 OverwatchLeague

OWL or OverwatchLeague is a Twitch channel developed by Blizzard Entertainment. This channel is basically a professional electronic sports or e-sports league for Overwatch.

OWL has over a million followers and is known to live stream Overwatch play through. The sports league has 20 teams across six countries, namely, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, United States, France, and South Korea. During the past 14 days, the channel was viewed for 2,265,565 hours. During this period, the maximum viewers that were counted as 178,272.

#9 Dota2mc_ru

Dota2mc_ru is another Twitch channel that streams DOTA 2. However, this channel only streams in Russian. Still, that did not stop viewers from watching this channel’s streams. With a follower count of 157,438, Dota2mc_ru’s streams were viewed in a fortnight for a total of 2,176,147 hours.

#10 YoDa

YoDa or Felipe Noronha is a competitive gamer who streams in Portuguese. His channel, where he routinely plays and live streams League of Legends, has over 1.2 million followers. 

One fortnight, YoDa streamed for almost 100 hours, causing him to gain a total of 1,948,159 of view time. Apart from League of Legends, YoDa also plays Smite and Overwatch.

YoDa also has a YouTube channel where he has almost one million subscribers.

#11 TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman or also known as Timothy Bater was able to garner 3 million followers on his Twitch channel just recently. He is famous on Twitch for streaming the games Just Chatting, and Fortnite and Warframe. He also liked playing World of Craft, Counter-Strike, and Overwatch but is recently focusing on Fortnite and Just Chatting. His channel has a total of 1,927,398 hours of watch time.

#12 Warcraft

The game World of Warcraft is a massively popular game among Twitch users. This fact is evident from the Twitch channel Warcraft, which had 1,864,488 view hours as it live streams the said game. During the past 14 days, Warcraft’s channel streamed for only 42 hours. Yet, it was able to get a record of 46,957 viewers during that time. 

Warcraft also has a YouTube channel that has 1.2 million subscribers, a lot larger than his Twitch followers, which only amounts to 487,00o.

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