10 Ways to Promote Your Event on Twitter

10 Ways to Promote Your Event on Twitter

Using video commercials is one of the best ways to keep users informed about an upcoming event. Of course, videos are regarded as one of the best forms of social media content that can efficiently engage users; they can come in handy when you need to pass out information about your event. 

By creating a video commercial, you stand a chance to keep users glued to their screen to receive information. Because people are usually interested in video content, you can easily promote your event to a variety of audiences that can attend your event. 

Use ads

Advertisement is a great way to help people know about your event. Of course, the process comes with a little investment; it is still worth the shot whenever you need to promote your event on Twitter. Luckily, just like most social media platforms, Twitter supports ads, and when you buy these ads for the promotion of your activity, a vast number of users on the platform will know of your event. 

When using ads on Twitter to promote your event, you should make sure you target these ads towards an audience that is most likely to show interest in your event. This allows you to boost the efficiency of your ads. 

Collaborate with influencers

Influencers are everywhere on social media. Today, you can reach out to one even on Twitter and get them to promote your event across to several profiles on the platform without investing too much. With the help of an influencer, your event can be expanded to people who meet the requirements to be at your event. And if your influencer is an attendee at your event, there is a higher chance of convincing more people to attend. 

Influencers do a great job when it comes to convincing people to perform a task. When it comes to convincing people who are more likely to show interest in your event to attend, collaborating with influencers is a great way to do that. 

Post photos of attendees

In every event, you will always find people who are considered to be essential guests. These guests can come as celebrities or notable people in society that can leave a significant impact on the lives of others. If your event happens to have such attendees, keeping your other attendees aware of their presence at your event is a great idea. 

One of the best ways to go about this is by posting photos of them. Asides posting photos, your attendees can be featured in your video commercials, which gives people an authentic view of the fact that they will attend your event. 

Create a special hashtag for the event

Hashtags are unique features on Twitter you can use in promoting your event to people. Luckily, the platform allows people to create their unique hashtags. For your event, you can choose to do the same as this gives you a unique way of engaging your followers with your upcoming event. Don’t forget to buy Twitter followers for your big event!

By creating a unique hashtag for the event, you stand a chance to create an avenue for attendees to talk more about your event. With the hashtag, people can mention your event, and this creates a chain of tweets for people who want to find out what is being said about your event. 

Run competitions based on the event

You can decide to run competitions which are based on the upcoming event. This comes as a way to keep your attendees occupied with pre-event activities. This allows them to stay prepared and boost their excitement towards your event. 

These competitions can come as amazing quizzes on some unique things about the event to help people get acquainted with what the event is all about, as well as those things related to it. 

Use live stream for the event

To better promote your event when it commences, you can decide to use the live stream feature of the social network. This allows you to broadcast the event live to your followers and show a higher level of authenticity. This is a great way to boost the number of people who are bound to engage with the event. 

Use compelling captions in posts

Captions are not to be left out when spreading the word of your event. When using them to describe your event to users, ensure they are compelling, and prompt a reply from users. 

Create amazing visuals to promote your event

Photos are fantastic ways also to engage users. As the event date approaches, you should create visuals to post on your Twitter feed. Apart from ensuring these visuals are built attractively, ensure they carry information about your event. 

Share behind-the-scenes content to followers

One of the best ways to promote an event on Twitter is by sharing behind-the-scenes content with your followers. This gives them insights on not only what to expect from the event, but what has been put in place to make it a reality. Hence, boosting their interest level. 


Using social media to promote an event is tough work. Luckily, we have provided you with ten unique ways to do this easily on Twitter. With these put into place, you stand a chance to bring a lot more followers to attend your event. 

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