10 Things You Can Use Twitter For As a New User

10 Things You Can Use Twitter For As a New User
10 Things You Can Use Twitter For As a New User

If you think Facebook is underutilized, you can always switch to Twitter for a better experience. Twitter is more like a mini-blog, and apart from having an abundant flow of information, you can use this platform to drive sales, send traffic to a website or convince people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Despite Twitter serving as a means of keeping up with friends and family, you can use Twitter for a lot of reasons. Whether you use Twitter for business, staying updated with happenings around the world, or gain more popularity, this article will reveal the endless possible use of Twitter.

Things You Can Use Twitter For As a New User

1) Stay Up To Date With Latest Sporting Events

If you find yourself in a place where your favorite sports channel is hard to reach, you can follow all the events as they unfold by Turning to Twitter. For instance, you haven’t watched any premier league matches. But, you can get all caught up with what’s happening in the premier league title race.

How? By merely viewing photos and videos as the event unfolds. In addition to this, you can access the players’ statistics. You can even know when a player is flopping in a match. Thanks to Twitter, I don’t feel compelled to watch a live event because Twitter is there to give me all the highlights.

2) Use Twitter as a Search Engine

Even though Google remains the most popular search engine in the world, Twitter is giving them a run for their money. In addition to searching for products and services, Twitter can be used to do research. With so many people, you can find more information about any subject matter.

Just as Google search serves as a window to a lot of information, Twitter search functions the same way. Input the keyword of your subject matter and pick the most accurate result from the search suggestions.

3) Follow Breaking News on Twitter

Most users build their audience from being the carrier of breaking news. For blog owners, being the first to broadcast news once it lands at your desk improves your popularity among users. On the flip side, gaining quick access to news disseminated by mainstream media help users stay up to date with happenings around the world.

With this, you can follow events as they unfold, making sure you don’t lose out on what has happened. To access breaking news, follow news sites such as CNN, New York Times, and BBC.

4) Find Music Using Twitter’s Media Search or Hashtags

Harness the power of this social media platform to find newly released songs. Finding new songs on Twitter utilizes hashtags related to music service. The #music serves as a means of unearthing new songs that just dropped on the platform. You can select songs by genre, artist, country, and record label. If you have an active Spotify account, it’s possible to stream the songs directly on Twitter or buy albums using the iTunes card.

Use Twitter For As a New User

5) Promote Events Using Twitter Advertising

It’s possible to gain more awareness about an event using Twitter promotion. This time we’re not talking about using Paid advertisement but using tweets to bring the game in front of those likely to attend. Promoting events also bring possible participators of the same community together and help remote members connect offline.

It’s possible to generate a unique hashtag for an event. A right hashtag should be short, catchy, and easy to remember. Using the right hashtags helps you filter out your audience, making it easy to reach interested participants.

6) Shop Online Directly From Twitter

While this might sound surprising, Twitter is an excellent tool for shopping online. You can shop for items by searching individual stores for Products, latest deals, and discount offers. There is a reason why Twitter is a great search engine. Twitter isn’t just a platform for communicating with friends.

7) Share Music And Videos Onto Twitter’s Platform

Twitter also comes with a good number of options for media sharing. Relying on the services of Twitpic enables users to host videos and share images with other users at the same time. However, if you already have a Flickr account, it’s possible to organize your pictures from the channel and share it with other Twitter users.

To conclude the media sharing Option, you should know that other Third-party Apps allow you to share short videos over your Twitter feed. Services like twitvid.com will enable you to share 12 seconds of videos.

8) Buy Twitter Followers To Boost Your Clout

While we frown against this, there’s no denying the fact that audiences can be bought on Twitter. As a beginner, you will need a certain number of Followers to reach a certain level of engagement. Buying followers increases your community and ranking.

However, the disadvantage of this is that the numbers are a mere formality. Original engagement isn’t easy to find, and users are quick to fish you out with the kind of response your tweets get.

9) Send Traffic To Site You Profit From

A Twitter account can serve as a means of sending traffic to your site. This process is automatic and generates a lot of visitors if you have a large community. Provided your article appeals to your audience and contains a lot of valuable information, an account with 1000 followers can record an average of 100-400 daily website visitors.

However, you will need to affix the link to your site on your Tweets. The number of engagement recorded depends on the quality of Contents as well. These can even be affiliate links!

10) Follow Celebrities and Get a Response(If You’re Lucky!)

As you already know, you can follow your favorite celebrity on Twitter in one click. You can use the search bar to find your favorite star. Click the follow button beside their account to Follow them and see what they’re up to on a minute by minute basis.


Most Twitter users are stuck with only performing necessary activities like tweeting, commenting, and liking. With this guide, you will learn other things you can do on Twitter to maximize productivity.

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