How to Get More Retweets

How To Get More Retweets on Twitter

Getting your tweets retweeted by others is vital for expanding your reach on Twitter. Here, your followers are doing the marketing for you, exposing your content to their own audiences. This concept forms the basis for Twitter’s exceptional sharing of information. If you want your Twitter account to go anywhere, you definitely want to capitalize on this idea.

To help you out, we compiled a list of the ways that you can get more retweets. These tips range from basic to advanced techniques. We have also included examples to give you an idea of how each tip works.

1. Easiest way to get retweets on Twitter: Ask for them!

A simple call to action that asks for retweets will help you get people pushing that button. Studies have shown that asking “Please retweet” can increase your chances of being retweeted by 160%. And you can definitely see that in action here.

Make your requests noticeable by trying out different calls to action like:

  • Retweet if you agree
  • Retweet to say thanks
  • Please RT
  • RT

You can even tailor the call to action to suit the context of your request. This will surely grab the attention of the right people you want retweeting your content.

2. Use a photo in your tweet

In its own study, Twitter found out photos generate 35% more retweets than other content types. This plays right into Twitter’s wheelhouse of instantly recognizable content for short attention spans. You can scroll quickly through your feed, see a picture, and instantly like it enough for a retweet.


Using your Twitter photos in different ways increases the likelihood of them being tweeted. You can, for instance, put text on your images. This lets you make your hashtags and calls to action more visible. You also get additional space if you still need more than the 280-character limit.

Another way to make your images more retweetable is by using different types of images. GIFs like this are always attention-grabbing.

You can also create visual stories by tweeting a series of related images.

3. Time your tweets right

Figuring out when your followers are online is crucial for getting them to retweet. The easiest to do that is to use a tool like Hootsuite or Audiense. These tools help you determine the times when your followers are present the most. You can then target them with effective retweetable content.

Keep your followers continuously engaged by spacing your tweets throughout the day. The above tools let you schedule them in advance. Check out our guide on managing your Twitter account for more info on scheduling tweets.

4. Offer information that’s useful, helpful, or informative

An easy and effective way to attract retweets is to send out tweets that provide immediate information for your followers. Remember that social media marketing is value-added marketing. Sharing articles and thoughts that help your followers in some way adds more value to your news feed.   Make the information relevant by keeping it in line with current trends. Holidays are particularly popular times for sharing informative content. You can also share the latest developments in your particular niche.

5. Offer unique content

Tweeting out the same content as everyone else will result in your tweets getting ignored. Offering a unique opinion or insight into a story can see your message getting many retweets. Take a look at the trending topics on Twitter, and see if you can offer anything unique to the discussions.


A unique presentation also makes your tweets stand out from other content. Even if you are sharing the same ideas or opinions, you can make it interesting by doing a different take on it. The Onion is a good example of this approach.

6. Buy followers

People are more likely to retweet a tweet if it comes from a popular account that has a large following. Purchasing followers is an effective way to build that perceived popularity fast. When people see your content being retweeted and the large number of followers you have, they will be more enticed to share that content.


The trick here is having good quality followers to prop up your account. These should have complete profile pictures and bios, as well as a decent amount of activity, to better sell the idea. Check out our reviews of various providers to see which ones offer the best follower packages.


To make this strategy more effective, you should also purchase some retweets. The retweets serve as an initial boost that will get your tweet noticed. The providers in our list also offer such services.

7. Retweet and reuse content

Retweeting your own content is an essential tactic if you have followers in multiple time zones. This ensures that everyone can see what you posted earlier. You can also retweet older content that might be currently relevant to your audience.


If you do tweet out the same content more than once, make sure that the second/third/fourth tweets are unique. Change the wording or the link placement and give your users something new to look at with the succeeding tweets.

8. Use retweetable words

Having certain words within your tweets can actually make them more retweetable. In his study, Hubspot’s Dan Zarella determined the most retweetable words to use, including::

  1. You
  2. Twitter
  3. Please
  4. Retweet
  5. Post
  6. Blog
  7. Social
  8. Free
  9. Media
  10. Help

Use these words to highlight and draw attention to your tweet’s key point.

Aside from these general words, you can research the most recognizable words within your particular niche or industry. Using such words will get your tweets retweeted by members of your specific audience. That will give you more visibility within that audience.

9. Send out lists

What are you reading right now? A guide…that’s a list of useful retweet tips. People love to read lists, and they’re an easy retweet on Twitter. This is due to how much people enjoy skim reading online. Popular entertainment website List25 is even built around this idea, tweeting about a variety of lists Make your lists useful by relating them to your audience’s interests. List of tips, like this one, are always popular, no matter the occasion. You can also tweet a list of ideas that the audience can use for specific situations.

10. When all else fails, tweet quotes

Quotes, especially those that are imposed upon images, are some of the easier retweets you’ll get. That Twitter study above showed a 19% increase in retweets when using quotes. People especially respond to quotes that they can connect with. This is why they are often considered as an essential part of your Twitter repertoire.

The trick is to tweet quotes that are relevant to your brand or niche. Quotes said by important people within your industry are particularly popular. You can also tweet a quote that you personally like, such as this one.


The tips we listed are a good start for generating more retweets for your content. By earning plenty of retweets, you can quickly establish yourself as a popular personality on Twitter. And once you reach that status, solidify it further by following the other Twitter marketing tips we have on our blog.