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Looking to increase your exposure on Pinterest? With it being one of the most visited websites in the world, and a haven for marketers, we can understand why. Our team of experts tested dozens of Pinterest follower providers and compiled this list providers which we feel are worthy of a recommendation to buy from. They treated us well through our test accounts, and will treat you just as well!


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The Best Sites to Buy Pinterest Followers

Media Mister

$20per 1000 Followers
$20per 1000 Followers
  • Up to 100k Pinterest Followers
  • Real HQ Followers, delivered fast
  • Great Customer Support
  • Anonymous & Confidential
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
#2 Best!


$12per 1000 Followers
$12per 1000 Followers
  • Up to 500,000 Pinterest followers
  • Targeted & organic social signals
  • 1-60 days delivery time
  • No retention warranty
  • Solid 30-day refund guarantee
#3 Best!


$14per 1000 Followers
$14per 1000 Followers
  • Up to 20k Pinterest Followers
  • Results within 24 Hours
  • Great Customer Support
  • 30-day Replacement Guarantee
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
#4 Best!


$20per 1000 Followers
$20per 1000 Followers
  • Up to 500k Pinterest Followers
  • Active, High Quality Followers
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • 180 Day Retention Guarantee
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Why Buy Pinterest Followers?

Buying followers helps give you the social influence you need to bring a bigger audience to your boards, and through to your website. It’s a tool to increase your relative popularity within a stranger’s perception. People are naturally attracted to popular topics and people, and you can make yourself appear to be a popular person.


What Are The Best Things About Buying Pinterest Followers I Don’t Know

Can Buying Pinterest Followers Improve Social Proof?

Having a large following on Pinterest will get people checking out your images, and the rest of your account. People become interested in seeing what you offer when they see others flocking to your page and boards.
Bought followers are an effective way to quickly build that popularity. You don’t have to wait to grow big and attract more people to your Pinterest boards.

If You Buy Pinterest Followers Can It Start a “Bandwagon Effect”?

Triggering the bandwagon effect is a must if you want to get people viewing your pinned images. The more followers you have, the easier it would be to attract more visitors. After all, whose account are you more likely to look at – someone with a ton of followers, or someone with none?
Buying followers lets you get the benefits of the effect faster. Once your bought followers are in place, you’ll soon see people coming to view and follow your page.

If You Buy Followers on Pinterest, Could It Help Other Users Engagement?

The larger your Pinterest following is, the more engagements you’ll generate. People are more likely to check your boards and pinned images just to find out why so many people follow you. Buying followers will let you generate that greater engagement quicker, accelerating your growth.

Who Isn’t Buying Pinterest Followers?

The continuing popularity of Pinterest follower providers is proof that people are ready to spend on them. Even some of the popular accounts are getting in the act to maintain their status at the top.
There is nothing stopping you from following their footsteps. Go ahead and reap the benefits of your followers purchase.

Is Purchasing Pinterest Followers The Cheapest Marketing?

Buying followers lets you quickly attain the massive popularity to attract more organic followers. If your main goal is to appear more popular, this cuts down on the time and money you spend on ad campaigns to attract followers to your Pinterest page.

If You Buy Real Pinterest Followers, Is It Effective Long-Term?

Purchasing followers can be used to prop up your Pinterest marketing campaigns. The additional social proof will attract more people to your promotions, leading to greater conversion numbers. You also earn their trust faster, thanks to that greater social proof.

What’s The Worst Thing That Happens When Buying Pinterest Followers?

What Are The Cons To Buying Low Quality or Fake Pinterest Followers?

  1. Using Bad Vendors Can Hurt Your Reputation

    Getting low-quality followers from unreliable providers can severely harm your online reputation. People can easily spot these low-quality followers. When they do find out, they become less interested in visiting your Pinterest page.
    Trusted followers guarantee that you are getting only good-quality followers that work better in building your page’s popularity.

  2. I Bought Fake Pinterest Followers and None of those Followers became Leads

    Bought followers are only meant to boost the visibility of your Pinterest page. They will not directly cause actual conversions and sales. This means that they won’t be an instant return on your investment.

  3. Buying Cheap Fake Bot Pinner Followers Didn’t Let Me get targeted followers

    Bought Pinterest followers are typically not grouped according to specific target markets. This means that you might not always get followers that are directly relevant to your needs.
    The only targeting option that you commonly get is by location. High-quality providers often offer this as a standard part of their offerings.

  4. I Purchased Fake Followers and They Dropped After A Month

    Low-quality followers have low retention rates. They unfollow your Pinterest pages in just days after being added, or they might be marked by Pinterest as fake accounts and deleted.
    Aside from delivering high-quality Pinterest followers with high retention rates, reliable providers have replacement guarantees. You get new followers should your original ones unfollow or get deleted.

  5. I Fell For A Scam and I Was Never Sent Any Of the Pinterest Followers I Bought

    Shady sites that offer low-quality followers abound, who can easily trick you with cheap prices. These scammy sites can also be unprofessional in their dealings, leading you to get even less of what you are paying for.

How we Compare The Top 10 Sites to Buy Pinterest Followers?

When reviewing providers, we look closely at the quality of Pinterest followers that they offer. We also look at the different methods they use to deliver followers.

Here are the five basic kinds of followers that you can possibly get, depending on the provider.


High-quality Bot Followers

High-quality bot followers are designed to look like real Pinterest users and have complete profile pics and bios. They can also actively comment on and repin your images.

Because of these features, these followers have high retention rates and will not unfollow or get deleted by Pinterest. You don’t need to provide your Pinterest password when purchasing high-quality bot followers.

Reward Network

Certain providers deliver real Pinterest followers through the use of rewards networks. People earn cash, vouchers, or even their own followers from following your account. The downside is that the followers you get are random people since they only follow for the reward.

Depending on the provider, you might need to join the network yourself and follow other people to gain your own followers. However, you don’t need to provide your Pinterest password to use this service.

Low-quality Bot Followers

Like high-quality bot followers, low-quality followers are generated using computer software. They lack profile pics, have missing or poorly written bios, and produce spam comments.

Due to those characteristics, they can be easily seen as fake by users or by Pinterest itself. This leads to their quick deletion, resulting in a sudden and significant drop in your follower count.

Follow Back (or Follow First)

The follow back method has the provider using your account to follow other users and get them to follow back. Those that don’t follow back are unfollowed. They repeat the process until you get the desired amount of followers.

This is a very risky method since you are giving providers full access to your account. It can lead to potential misuse, such as spam being sent from your account, or other issues. You should avoid this at all cost.

Effective Marketing with Pinterest

Pinterest Influencer – The Most Expensive Way To Buy Pinterest Followers

Influencers are Pinterest users that command large audiences. When you get promoted by them, you can expect their followers to check out your page.

To get these influencer accounts to promote your page, you have to either impress them or pay for their services. This does require some effort on your part, but it is a safe and effective way to attract new followers in an organic manner.

Influencer methods do not require your account password, and are a safe way to increase your following in a pretty organic manner (though it can be difficult to impress big influencers).

High Quality Assurance – Pinterest Followers Reviews & Top 10 Best Sites

One thing to keep in mind when buying Pinterest followers is that not all providers are equal. The good quality ones will give you followers that are almost indistinguishable from regular users. Meanwhile, low-quality followers will look fake and spammy.

If you want to get followers that can boost your credibility and enhance your reputation, you definitely should go for reputable providers. Be ready to pay a little bit more for such high-quality services.

 High Quality Followers – We Filter Out The Rest

What makes a high-quality follower? Well, to put it simply, they look pretty much like any real Pinterest user.

  • Unique Names
  • Real, Unique Profile Photos
  • Unique Bio
  • Recent Photos/Stories
  • Comments and Likes
  • Followers of their own
  • A Reasonable Follower/Following Ratio
  • Natural Delivery Rate
  • Zero Risk of Unfollowing You
  • Low Risk of getting Suspended

 Low Quality Followers – The Rest of the Internet

Low-quality followers look cheap or obviously fake They look and act spammy, and with a bit of investigation it seems pretty clear that they exist purely to promote other accounts.

  • Default Names
  •  No Profile Photo
  •  No Header Image
  •  Poorly-Written, or no, Bio
  •  No Posts
  •  Spammy Comments
  •  Few or No Followers
  •  They Follow Tons of Users
  •  NSFW Content
  •  Unnaturally Rapid Delivery Rate
  •  High Risk of Unfollowing You
  • High Risk of Getting Suspended

FAQ’s on Buying Real Followers for Pinterest

Can you really buy Pinterest followers?

Yes. All you need to do is:

  1. Find a reputable company that offers the service.
  2. Decide on how many followers to buy. You can even get up to 100,000 followers in a single purchase.
  3. Place your order and pay. You usually just need to provide your Pinterest profile URL.
  4. Wait for your followers to be delivered. This may take between a few hours and several days.

It’s that simple and there are a lot of providers to choose from. Millions of users have done it to boost the popularity of their Pinterest pins and boards.

How does buying Pinterest followers work?

Various providers have different methods for bringing in your Pinterest followers. Some of the common techniques are:

Bot followers: Companies use special software to create thousands of fake follower accounts that would then follow your page. This is the method most commonly associated with buying Pinterest followers. You typically just have to provide your profile URL, and you don’t need to give your account password.
Follower Reward Programs: This is one method that companies use for bringing in real followers. They have a service where people get different rewards for following your Pinterest page. Note that most of the followers you can get are typically not relevant to your page since they are only after the rewards.
Ad networks: A few providers claim to promote your Pinterest page on different social media sites and ad networks to attract possible followers. They do not always declare how their marketing campaigns work, so you need to tread carefully when using such services.
Follow first: This is the most basic method of gaining Pinterest followers. The provider uses your account to follow thousands of other users in the hopes that they follow back. This is extremely risky since you are giving them access to your Pinterest account, this makes it a technique that you should avoid.
Before committing to a purchase, ask the provider what method they use. A reliable provider will be open to this and give you details about their operations. You can also read our reviews where we look at this.

Are the Pinterest followers that I bought going to unfollow me?

You should keep in mind that you are going to lose followers eventually, even with bought followers, as accounts unfollow when they feel like it. When it comes to bought followers, there are a few points to consider.

Fake/bot followers are designed to stick to your account and will not unfollow, but they can still be deleted by Pinterest itself.
Bought human followers will unfollow you over time. This might be because they are not interested in your Pinterest content.
Companies have varying retention rates. This affects how long the followers are going to stay. Good providers have high retention rates and longer-sticking followers.
Use these pointers to get a good idea of how effective a service is even before you make a purchase.

To offset lost followers, many providers have retention guarantees. They will replace the followers you lost anywhere from a few days to a few months after purchase. Some even offer up to a two-year replacement period, and a few of the best have lifetime warranties.

Does buying Pinterest followers work?

Yes, it does. Thousands of Pinterest users have bought followers to boost the popularity of their pages already.

Am I buying real or fake Pinterest followers?

It depends on the methods used by providers to deliver your followers. Most companies opt to provide bot followers since these are easier and faster to generate. Higher-end bots look almost like actual users. Cheaper ones will look obviously fake at first glance.

You can also buy real followers from certain providers, but you should remember that these might not be relevant to your Pinterest page. Some of them might also be inactive accounts.

Why should I buy Pinterest followers?

There are many benefits that you can gain from buying Pinterest followers. It’s a good option if you want to:

  • Boost the popularity of your Pinterest page
  • Increase your social proof on Pinterest
  • Attract more organic followers to your page
  • Get more views for your Pinterest pins and boards
  • Increase your follower count fast
  • Improve your brand image

Learn about the other benefits that you can gain from buying Pinterest followers by checking our Pros and Cons section.

Is buying Pinterest followers a scam?

No, buying Pinterest followers is perfectly legit. Top notch providers even have an assortment of customer guarantees to protect you when using their services.

There are unscrupulous providers who will attempt to scam you. They typically entice you with very low-priced follower packages. These will always turn out to be fake or low-quality followers. Avoid these companies and be sure to go only for reputable providers.

Is buying Pinterest followers safe?

Yes, it is. Most services are conducted externally, meaning they do not directly affect your Pinterest account beyond increasing your follower count. This ensures that your account will not be penalized or suspended by Pinterest.

You still need to be careful about untrustworthy providers. Some require you to give your account password to use their service. These are the ones that you should definitely avoid.

Is it illegal to buy Pinterest followers?

No. There are no laws prohibiting it and you can buy Pinterest followers like any other service. Pinterest does frown upon certain methods of getting followers like using bots, but they will not ban you for using these.

Can companies remove bought Pinterest followers after delivering them?

They could but it is highly unlikely that they will do it. Providing followers is one of their money makers, after all. The more common ways that you can lose bought followers are if they unfollowed your account or are removed by Pinterest itself.