How to Promote your Music on Twitter

No matter how busy your life as a musician is, you do need to maintain a specific level of interaction with your fans, whether it comes to establishing connections, promoting yourself or marketing your latest news. A lot of musicians are caught between gigs, shows, rehearsals, studio recordings and many others. With all these, being active on social media is a must. Twitter represents one of the most powerful tools for musicians. It does have its share of benefits when compared to other social networks, but it also asks for dedication and work. Setting up an account and posting random stuff every once in a while is not going to help you too much. So what can you do to enhance your integrity and authority over Twitter?



promote music on twitter


Buying favorites and retweets

There are a lot of services out there that sell favorites and retweets. They have access to impressive amounts of Twitter accounts. Most of those accounts have a lot of followers too. This is one of the smartest ways to gain exposure overnight and boost the visibility. Imagine buying 5,000 retweets and favorites. If each of those accounts has 5,000 followers, you are practically exposing yourself to 25 million users. Obviously, the conversion rate is not going to be impressive, but even 0.1% of those users can offer a whooping fan database of 25,000 users.


Even if you do not actually gain those numbers, the actual exposure is worth the money. Nothing is more attractive than being known. You become a brand. People will recognize your name sooner or later because they have heard about you. The will associate your name with an authority – a smaller one, but still an authority.

SoundCloud on Twitter


Using SoundCloud

SoundCloud has 175 million users on a monthly basis. Over 17,000 hours worth of audio are uploaded on a daily basis. It may seem hard to gain a reputation on SoundCloud, but anyone can do it. Since SoundCloud is well integrated with Twitter, you can promote your music to your Twitter followers seamlessly on their timeline. This helps not only promote your music but gives your Twitter followers a diversification of media and will make you standout more on Twitter. Other social networks such as Facebook and Linkedin have also adopted the prestigious music sharing website.


Aside from promoting your SoundCloud music on Twitter - you can also promote it right on SoundCloud. You can gain SoundCloud followers to build us a following and reputation, and then use promotional services, from buying SoundCloud plays to gain guaranteed exposure to using SoundCloud's own Promoted Tracks service to attract targeted listeners interested in your music.


Using Vine

Similar to SoundCloud, Vine is well integrated into Twitter. While Vine's 6 second videos are not enough to showcase your entire song, you can upload your favorite parts of a song, record yourself signing, dancing or jamming, or something else creative and fun for your fans. Vine gives you the opportunity to interact with your fans in a way few other social networks can and can definitely help you reach new fans and promote your music. The app has been widely embraced by popular artist from all over the world, so if you're lacking inspiration check out popular vines by Fall Out Boy, Jason Derulo, and Ed Sheeran.


As with most social network, you can kickstart your Vine with more followers from services such as Devumi or FastFollowerz. You can checkout the reviews here.


Sponsored Tweets

Self promotion and exposure become simple if you reach to people who you might have something in common with you. But then, you do not just need any kind of people, so hunt the ones with thousands or even dozens of thousands of followers. Approaching them yourself may not always work, but you can always run into ads about selling sponsored tweets. Influencing people with a good audience will inevitably introduce you to a wide audience for insignificant costs.

A little research is highly indicated when about to sponsor tweets. You want your music to be shared to people who may actually appreciate it. You do not really need an opera singer to share your rock or pop music because their audience is probably focused on classic music, so you are only wasting money.

With these ideas in mind, Twitter can work in more directions while marketing your music. It is up to you to pick the best ones, but most importantly, do not settle on one only.