How To Promote Your Music On Twitter

How To Promote Your Music On Twitter how to promote your music on twitter

Interacting with fans is an important step for any musician to strengthen their following. Even if you are busy with gigs, rehearsals, recordings, and other tasks, you need to set aside times to stay in touch with them. This is a great way to show your appreciation for their support.

Twitter is one of the tools that you can use to stay connected with your fans and get them excited about your music. However, it does require a certain amount of dedication and effort from you. Here are some of the ways that you can use Twitter to promote your music.

Promote your music with sponsored Tweets

Getting your music promoted by Twitter users with a large following will give it a major boost. Connecting with these large accounts does require some work, but you can do it faster through sponsored tweets. You simply need to pay the Twitter user to get your tracks and albums mentioned.

Make this strategy effective by connecting with the right influencer accounts. Look not only at the number of followers they have, but also the kind of people that engage with them.

You want your music to be seen by people who will actually listen to it. This makes the particular influencer effective at hyping your music since they have greater familiarity with the audience you want to target. In the above tweet, the account focuses on up and coming musicians, making it ideal for general promotions.

Promote your music with more Twitter followers

Twitter Followers are hard to get naturally, here's how Having a large Twitter following yourself also helps in Twitter music promotions. When people see that your Twitter account is teeming with fans, they are more likely to check out your tracks. Luckily, you can cut the time it requires to get followers by purchasing them.

When buying followers, get good quality ones to better build the image of your Twitter account as a booming one. Get a provider offering followers that have complete pictures and bios, as they work best for the purpose. Check out our Twitter provider reviews to see which ones will suit your needs.

You can make these purchases even more effective by bundling them with buying retweets and likes. These social media boosts will give your music-related tweets greater visibility. Many of the providers on our list also offer these services. They have access to an impressive amount of Twitter accounts that have their own large following, which you can use for bigger promotions.

Conversing with your Twitter followers

Promoting your music on Twitter does not always mean that you have to plug your tracks in every tweet. Engaging in conversations with your fans can also do a lot for building your popularity. Reply to their @mentions and they will excitedly talk about you with their peers. That will surely give you plenty of free promotions. Even music greats like John Legend do it.

Take this a step further by creating a whole fan experience right on Twitter. Tweet behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your recordings and gigs.

You can also take time away from music altogether and organize a Twitter chat with your fans about any topic. This will make them feel closer to you and be more enthusiastic about your music.

Integrate SoundCloud with Twitter

If you are using SoundCloud for publishing your music online, you can readily integrate it into your Twitter promotional efforts. The former lets you quickly tweet your tracks and playlists through the included share button. Alternately, you can just copy and paste the track URL to generate an embedded player right in your tweet.

Boosting the popularity of your SoundCloud page will increase the interest of your Twitter audience in it. Purchase SoundCloud followers from any of our providers we review to boost your account up. You don’t want to go through all of the work of getting people from your Twitter account to your SoundCloud account only to disappoint them with a low follower number. Use this in conjunction with SoundCloud’s own Pro Plans service to create additional hype.

To make your SoundCloud-Twitter promotions more effective, go beyond just tweeting about your SoundCloud tracks. Tweet about other SoundCloud artists’ tracks and tag them. This will draw their attention to you and create an opening to present your tracks to them. They could end up returning the favor, giving you additional reach.

Hype your music with Twitter

The ideas we listed will let you use Twitter in different ways to market your music. Try them out to find which ones work best for you. Learn more useful marketing techniques by visiting our blog regularly.

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