Top 7 Ways To Attract More Followers on SoundCloud

Top 7 Ways To Attract More Followers on SoundCloud



With more and more listeners joining every day, SoundCloud is an excellent platform for aspiring artists like you to boost your exposure and attract a following. However, building that following is no easy task. Here are seven tips you can use to gain more followers and succeed on SoundCloud.

1. Use SoundCloud ads

SoundCloud lets you advertise your music through its Promoted Tracks program. There is a variety of SoundCloud ad types that you can avail of. The most common are short snippets of your tracks that play before other tracks.


To advertise your tracks, you need to first enroll in the SoundCloud Premier program.

soundcloud premier program

The Premier plans let you directly earn from your advertised tracks. The options are to work as an independent artist, or with a record company.


One thing to take into consideration when using SoundCloud Promoted Tracks is that they are less prominent when compared with advertising on other platforms. The advertising rates also vary greatly. This means that you have to carefully plan out your ads campaign.

2. Buy SoundCloud plays

Getting your tracks played more is essential for drawing new followers. People are inclined to listen to your tracks if they see plenty of other people listening. An effective way to achieve that boost is to purchase SoundCloud plays.


There are many providers available online that offer different plays packages. Some providers can deliver 1000 plays for as low as $4, see our reviews of the top providers to find the best deal for you.


Carefully research each provider before purchasing SoundCloud plays. Go beyond the prices and look into the quality of other services they have. You should also consider the additional services they offer, like followers and likes.

3. Comment on related SoundCloud tracks

Connecting with other SoundCloud artists within your niche is an effective way to build a network for attracting more followers. Commenting on their tracks is one of the easiest ways to do this. It also makes you more visible to other artists’ listeners, drawing them to your tracks.


The key to making this strategy effective is leaving high-quality comments that would lead to a conversation between you and the track’s owner and fans. Feel free to comment about their track’s technical aspects or other topics that would be of interest to them. Do it in a constructive manner to leave a positive impression and encourage them to respond.


Once you have established an ongoing conversation with other artists and their audience, you will inevitably draw them to your own music. When directing them back to your tracks, make the action a part of your conversation. You can, for instance, present your tracks as a reference for them. This encourages them to see what you offer.

4. Connect with bloggers

Reaching out to music bloggers can increase the visibility of your music outside of SoundCloud and attract new followers. There are plenty of blogs out there that cater to your specific genre. These blogs are often on the lookout for new acts to feature, giving you a good opportunity to catch their attention. Talking to vloggers is just as important:

When submitting your music to blogs, prepare a good pitch for it. Talk about any interesting stories behind your tracks or aspects of your music in general. This will make you stand out from other submissions that the blogger is reviewing.


Having an impressive SoundCloud page is also important since you will be linking back to it in your pitch. Put your best tracks on the front of your profile for the blogger’s benefit. You can also purchase some followers to boost your page’s prominence and create a better initial impression on them.

5. Post on music forums and Subreddits

While social media is the dominant online promotional channel for musicians nowadays, forums are still invaluable for drawing new SoundCloud followers. Reddit, in particular, remains a popular place for people to find new artists to follow. The site has dozens of active music subreddits, including one dedicated to SoundCloud.

soundcloud subreddit

Before submitting your tracks to any forum, familiarize yourself with their posting rules. You also don’t want your link posts to look spammy. Instead of just dropping your SoundCloud link, provide some context around it. You can talk about the inspirations behind the track or its technical aspects. This serves to pique readers’ interest and get them to click the link.


As it is with social media, engaging with other forum members is essential for making your SoundCloud page and tracks more visible. On Reddit, for example, actively responding to comments can increase your upvotes and place your posts higher in the post lists. Keep your engagements genuine and interesting to turn these upvotes into an actual following.

6. Connect with influencers

If you are promoting your SoundCloud page and tracks on Twitter, getting influencers to tweet your links will give you a big boost. One way to employ these influencers is through sponsored tweets.

Here, you pay influencers to recommend you music to their followers. Sponsored tweet campaigns vary in cost depending on the popularity of the influencer and the scale of the campaign.


To get the most out of sponsored tweets, you should have the right influencers. Look at how passionate they are about the kind of music you have. This will tell you how effective they are at promoting your music to their followers. Additionally, this can give you an idea of how receptive their followers will be to your tracks.

7. Make a music video

Creating music videos is always an effective means of drawing attention to your SoundCloud tracks. Use your videos to cross-promote your Soundcloud page on other social media sites by adding a link back to your profile, or the featured track.

music video with soundcloud link

You never know who may want to listen to your music, but not watch a music video. You will also have more songs on your SoundCloud as you can’t make a music video for everything.

Go one step further and create a host of other video content to build interest in your SoundCloud music, such as:

  • Teaser videos for your next release
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of your recording sessions
  • Footage of your live performances

All of these videos come together to create an engaging audience experience for your listeners. This will encourage them to check your SoundCloud page and eventually become followers.


Attract SoundCloud followers with these tips


The tips we listed here demonstrate that a multifaceted approach is the best way to attract more followers on SoundCloud. Take advantage of both paid and organic marketing strategies to hype your music. With a bit of time and effort, you will soon be attracting new listeners and followers.

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