Top 7 Ways To Attract More Followers on SoundCloud

If you’re an aspiring artist, SoundCloud can be an excellent way to boost your exposure and attract a following. With over 175 million users and growing, this site has been used by many artists, big and small, as a highly effective marketing tool. The key to SoundCloud success is attracting a robust following of listeners, as more listeners translates into more exposure and better visibility on the site. Of course, attracting a vibrant community of SoundCloud listeners is easier said than done. To successfully attract more listeners and improve your odds at success in the hyper-competitive music industry, be sure to check out these seven tips.

1. Use SoundCloud Ads

You can always advertise your tracks with SoundCloud to expand your reach. SoundCloud Ads, also known as Promoted Tracks, which can be purchased by artists, include a mixture of a radio-style audio ads, display advertising on mobile, and native advertising. Thousands of artist have used this method of promoting their tracks with a lot of success.


However, ads can get expensive. Very expensive. The average SoundCloud promoted track campaign can run you up several thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars. This option is usually out of reach for most new and upcoming artists, so lets move on.

2. Post on Music Forums and Subreddits

To get more listeners, you need to spread the word about your SoundCloud profile. The easiest way to do this is to post links to your profile on relevant forums and subreddits. There are tons of forums and subreddits out there dedicated solely to music, and many music lovers utilize these as resources to find new artists. Do some research to find the most relevant forums and subreddits in your niche, and start posting!

3. Buy SoundCloud Plays

There is no denying it: In an increasingly oversaturated music industry, it can be hard for your music to be heard. To boost your visibility on SoundCloud, it is critical that users are playing your songs regularly. The more plays you have, the more visible you will be. If you are struggling to attract listeners, it can be advantageous to buy SoundCloud plays. While it is true that this pretty much equates to artificially inflating your play count, as a result you will garner more real followers. There is a variety of services that offer SoundCloud plays, and prices vary, so you will want to do your research before making a purchase. Some providers, such as Devumi and BuildMyPlays, offer 5,000 plays for as little as $12.

4. Use Sponsored Tweets / Mentions

It is always advantageous to tweet links to your SoundCloud tracks in order to attract new followers. However, that only limits you to your current fan base. You can gain even further exposure for your music by using sponsored mentions. With sponsored mentions, also known as sponsored tweets, popular influencers get paid to tweet and recommend your music to their massive, loyal following.

This will attract a huge amount of targeted attention and listeners quickly and organically. Prices for sponsored mention campaign range from $40 to several thousand, depending on the size and scale.

5. Make A Music Video

Songs are great, but music videos are even better. Consumers’ demand for video content is rapidly rising. Sharing music videos on your social media pages with a link to your SoundCloud profile is a highly effective cross-promotion social media marketing strategy. Research consistently shows that video content receives more shares and higher engagement than any other content on the web. Making a music video will also give your fans visuals to remember you and your music, offering much more benefits than just attract more plays on SoundCloud.

6. Use Facebook Ads

Posting songs on Facebook can be a great way to lead people to your SoundCloud profile, helping you attract more listeners. And just like you can promote your SoundCloud content via Twitter with promoted tweets, you might also consider promoting your content via Facebook with Facebook Ads. This will improve the visibility of your Facebook posts, which can translate into more listeners.

7. Comment On Related SoundCloud Tracks

If you’re an aspiring alternative artist, work to find and connect with other artists within your niche. The easiest way to do this is to comment on these artists’ SoundCloud tracks. Not only will you forge new relationships, you will also increase your visibility within the SoundCloud community, enhancing your exposure to potential listeners in your niche, as mentioned by SoundCloud themselves. However, the key here is to leave high-quality comments. You want show a genuine interest and leave comments that are upbeat and constructive.


In other words, a cursory “Great Song!” or “Nice Track!” isn’t going to cut it. You want to leave comments that show off your knowledge and cultivate a positive reputation on the site. Remember, every comment you leave is a potential path for a new listener to get to your page, so you always want to make a great first impression.

The bottom line? When it comes to attracting more followers on SoundCloud, it’s best to use a multifaceted approach. Leverage marketing tactics, such as purchasing plays, Facebook ads, and sponsored tweets, along with organic tactics, such as commenting on related SoundCloud tracks and developing an active presence in relevant music forums and subreddits. If you invest both a lot of time and a bit of money in boosting your visibility on SoundCloud, you are bound to attract more listeners!


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