SocialShop Vine Provider Review

Social Shop Review.

Socialshop-vine-provider-screen-shot Social Shop ( Socialshop is a newer provider that we can’t find much information on. They have multiple packages for many different social networks, but we are troubled by the lack of information about the company.

SocialShop Overview

Social Shop offers multiple package for Vine followers:
  Be careful there is not enough information about this company

  • 500 vine followers for $4.89
  • 1,000 vine followers for $5.89
  • 5,000 vine followers for $21.89
  • 10,000 vine followers for $39.89
  • 50,000 vine followers for $149.89
  • 100,000 vine followers for $239.89
    They also offer services for Vine Likes and Vine Revines as well, we did not test these services so we did not review them.
    Social Shop offers the widest breadth of followers for Vine, up to 100,000. The pricing is odd all ending in 89 cents, but that really isn’t a reason for too much concern. The pricing is cheaper than the other vine providers you will see on the Top Vine Follower Provider page. They deliver inactive accounts quickly and do tend to over deliver. With no guarantee or terms of privacy anywhere on the site, we don’t know how long the followers will last though.

    The Ordering Process

    The hardest part of ordering is getting your vine ID and they have clear instructions on how to find yours if you don’t know how to. Once you add the contents to your cart you are taken to a secure paypal checkout off site and then returned to a thank you page. Its straight forward and easy once you get your vine id.

    From their FAQ page

    SocialShop is the internets #1 place to build a social media presence. We offer fast delivery, high quality services and cheap prices!


    We never like to recommend companies that aren’t transparent with no terms of service, privay policy or guarantee clearly stated on the website. SocialShop did deliver the vine followers we ordered in a timely manner and they are cheaper than the other Vine Providers so if price is the only thing you care about, you may be happy with your purchase from SocialShop. Let us know if you have had any dealings with this company in the review form below.

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