Social Boost Vine Provider Review

SocialBoost Vine Followers Review

UPDATE: SocialBoost no longer sells followers for the defunct Vine platform, but they do still sell Instagram followers. The two platforms are very similar if you’re looking for a new home for your content!

Social Boost Buy Vine Followers SocialBoost ( Founded in 2010, SocialBoost has been delivering Facebook fans, Twitter followers, YouTube views and other social media likes, fans and followers. Their website claims they are customer service orientated and include a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee on anything purchased from them. Their Vine followers have a 1-Year Retention Policy, so if there is any drop in the followers delivered, a free refill is provided. They also claim to provide 24/7 trained customer support through chat and email.

Social Boost Vine Followers Overview

Socialboost offers multiple package for Vine followers:

  • 500 vine followers for $8
  • 1,000 vine followers for $15
  • 2,000 vine followers for $28
  • 5,000 vine followers for $69
  • 10,000 vine followers for $129
  • 25,000 vine followers for $297
  • 50,00 vine followers for $579
  • 100,000 vine followers for $998


They also offer bulk discounts if you contact them, but we didn’t use that service so its not part of this review. According to their website, the 2,000 vine follower package is the bestseller and most popular service they provide.

The Ordering Process

This is one of the easiest and straight forward ordering processes of any social media follower provider. You put your vine username in the text field in the amount of buyer you want and click the submit button. This takes you to paypal where you sign in or put your credit card information in. Once completed you are taken to a success page where you are given the estimated time frame of your follower delivery as well as contact information for the company. Pretty easy!

From their homepage

While we take as long as advertised in times of high demand, over 80% of our orders are delivered in full within 48 hours — ensuring you are not waiting to see results with your social media campaign.


Socialboost is an upstanding company that over delivers followers and guarantees all of their services. We have had no issues with them on any package and can recommend using their service with confidence. Their pricing is reasonable and the delivery time is fast.

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