Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

Should you Buy Twitter Followers?


Let’s say that you’re visiting a new town for the first time and you know nothing about the local restaurant scene. You walk down the main boulevard and spot two similar-looking hamburger joints across the street from each other; one appears to be practically empty, and the other has a line spilling out from the front door.

Which restaurant do YOU want to eat at?

If you’re like most people, you will assume that the crowded place serves better food. Why? Because it seems more popular. And there’s a classic example of “social proof” in action.

It’s the same way with Twitter: we assume that folks with huge numbers of followers are somehow more interesting and worthy of our attention. So naturally we want to follow them, too, and not risk missing out on the buzz.

You wouldn’t mind having that kind of massive audience, right? However, unless you’re already a celebrity, organically building that kind of fan base takes time—a LOT of time.

Yes, there is a “short cut.” You could use one of the “buy followers services” to artificially pump up your numbers. But should you? What are your concerns?

· Are you worried that you might “get caught” and ruin your reputation? That’s a legitimate concern, because some of the less reputable providers aren’t really concerned about your security or privacy.

· Are you worried that you might get scammed? Again, you are right to be looking out for this, because there are certainly companies out there that won’t hesitate to take your money for very low quality service. Or worse, they might even try to steal your personal information or credit card data.

Twitter The good news is that there are several reputable companies out there that conduct business honestly and efficiently. Our list of top providers has been carefully screened to steer you far away from the websites that engage in reckless practices, so you can rest assured that you won’t be taken.

That’s not to say that buying Twitter followers is not without its downsides. You should know that the followers that you buy will not be active. If you buy them from one of our Top Five companies, then the profiles will certainly look real to the casual observer. But they will not interact with you. For the same reason, buying followers will not raise your Klout score, since this metric relies heavily on interaction over numbers.

Getting back to our original question, “Should you buy Twitter followers?”
The answer is yes, if you want to:

· Quickly boost your social media credibility

· Increase the rate of your organic growth

· Save time and money by improving the effectiveness of your online campaigns

These are all reasonable goals that can be accomplished by increasing your presence on Twitter, and thereby boosting your overall brand image. You can check our Pros & Cons section for more details.

So there you have it, buying Twitter followers can be a powerful tool to help get you kick started if you need a little momentum. You’ll still have some work to do, but you’ll have already taken the first big steps towards success on Twitter.