How to Get More Loops on Vine

How to Get More Loops on Vine


If you’re into Vine and you want to get more “loops” on this fun and functional video-sharing social media app, you’ve definitely come to the right place! We’re here to share some basic facts about Vine with newbies and we’re also going to discuss some failsafe tips which will assist you in making a bigger impact via the videos that you post.

First, let’s talk about what Vine actually is and why it’s gained so much traction with mobile device owners…

What is Vine, Anyway?

Vine is a social media network which allows users to film very brief scenes which may be joined together in order to create six-second videos. Once a video is complete, it’s known as a “Vine” and it plays continuously, via web pages or Twitter timelines.


In order to use Vine, you must own a compatible mobile device. You’ll also need to download the application – you may do this at the official Vine website. This app works for iPhones and Androids – simply choose the correct download and then go from there.


Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll be able to enjoy a feed of your buddies’ Vines, via your very own home screen! You’ll also have a profile which you may personalize to your liking. Vine is linked with Twitter, so it’s possible to export your Twitter bio, photo and name to Vine after signup. If you choose this data transfer option, it will streamline the process of getting Vine up and running…


Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about how to get more loops on this exciting social media platform

1. Make a Great Video

ontent is king, no matter what social media platform you’re using! In other words, you will need to entertain on social media in order to become more popular. When it comes to Vine, this means making a truly great video which intrigues and inspires viewers. It’s possible to “go viral” if a Vine is good enough! While this may not be possible for every video, it’s important to consider your content and how to make it shine.


Putting care and creativity into your videos will always make a big difference, for the better. Also, pay attention to lighting, as people want something that’s very easy to see. Experts recommend natural lighting, pre-planned camera moves, stop motion processes and crisp sound. These are the primary elements to consider before you film. Once you’ve paid attention to these elements, your videos will be more polished and professional.

2. Push Your Vines on Social Media

Twitter and Facebook are considered to be the best places to promote Vines. By pushing your new “Vine” via your personal Facebook account and Twitter feed, you’ll be one step closer to world domination! Consider writing up funny and/or informative captions in order to create even more interest in what you’re created.


On Facebook, you’ll be able to post plenty of text about your Vines if you wish to. On Twitter, you’ll need to be more concise, as you’ll be limited to 140 characters.


Also, encourage those in your social media circles to share your videos, in addition to liking them and commenting on them.

3. Connect with the Best Vine Users

Success on Vine will be easier to attain when you network effectively. This means getting to know the types of Vine users who are very popular on this social media platform. So, reach out to successful Vine users, share their Vines and then ask them to “re-Vine” your own videos.


While this approach may not work all of the time, it’s one of the fastest shortcuts to building an audience for your own videos. Always be polite and respectful when you approach another Vine user about promoting your videos. If a person says no, be gracious. This person may re-vine for you down the road!

4. Post your vines around the web

The World Wide Web is vast and never-ending, which means that you’ll have more promotional options than Facebook and Twitter. Although Facebook and Twitter are great places to get started, you should also consider posting your Vines elsewhere, such as websites, blogs and other social media platforms (Reddit is one example). Your goal should be to create a free promotional network which helps to build a solid audience.


Since it’s pretty easy to post Vines, you’ll find that promoting at several locations online doesn’t eat up a lot of time or require a lot of energy. Those who are successful at Vine typically do some work behind the scenes in order to make it happen. You can do it, too.

5. Purchase Vine Loops

Vine loops indicate how often a video is being viewed. If you want to appear more popular in no time flat, purchasing Vine loops will assist you in sending a message of success. Many reputable provider companies offer Vine loops for sale (and this is really affordable!), so buying Vine loops will be a great way to improve your reputation at this video-sharing social media platform. Similarly, buying Vine followers can also boost your reputation and help attract more loops to your vines.


People are much more likely to view Vines which are already popular. When you buy loops, you’ll give you videos a more impressive image and you’ll get more unpaid Vine loops as a result.

Start “Winning” at Vine Today

Hopefully, this detailed guide will function as the ultimate template for Vine success. Once you’ve used our tips, you may find that you grab more loops and get a lot more value out of making videos. You may even become a Vine sensation!