How to Attract More Pinterest Followers

How to Attract more Pinterest Followers

The core idea behind Pinterest is a revolutionary take on social sharing. You “pin” an image or video that interests you, adding labels that allow you to organize groups of pins into boards – that other people can discover. It is likely that you know most of this already, but to get a solid grasp of how to go about gaining more Pinterest followers, it’s important to understand the interactions between people and pins. Pinterest is unique in the way it connects interested people with the content that they are interested in, but leveraging those differences can help rapidly increase your follower base.


Tip #1 – Post Interesting Content

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Some gurus will advise you to just pin a ton of pins if you want to increase your Pinterest followers. While this is often effective, the problem with this strategy is that if left unchecked, it can turn your Pinterest profile into a spammy, low-quality mess.


People are only going to follow you if they are able to find and identify with your areas of interest, learn something new, and then choose to see your content on a regular basis. People normally don’t follow someone unless there is some benefit for them, and no one likes a spammer.


Tip #2 – Post More Content

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We just cautioned you against spammy content, but the truth is that you need both quality and quantity of posts. Build up a system where you pin new and relevant content on a regular basis. It doesn’t necessarily matter how often – as long as you stick to your schedule. You can post more content while still keeping it interesting and remember – the more content you post, the more your pins end up in front of potential followers, and the quicker you’ll begin to grow an audience of like-minded Pinterest followers.

Tip #3 – Promote Your Pinterest to Your Network

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If you want more Pinterest followers you’ve got to give people every opportunity to find you! Make sure you put a Pinterest follow button on your personal website or blog, and add social share icons to anything you write or post about.


Don’t have a website of your own? No worries! Make sure you link back to your Pinterest on all of your other social media pages, forum signatures and blog comments. Pinterest – while huge – still only accounts for 1/5 of the content shared on social media.


Be sure that you’re tapping into the potential audiences you might have on Facebook, Twitter and more!

Tip #4 – Describe Your Content With Keywords

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The best way for people to find you on Pinterest is by searching for things that interest them. You want people who share your interests to follow you, so you’re going to have to let Pinterest know exactly what it is that you’re interested in! Use keywords everywhere – describe everything related to your pin, board or profile, but focus primarily on describing your pins in their initial description. These keywords help Pinterest index and serve your content to relevant potential followers. Focus on drilling down to the details – everyone and their mother has a pinned wedding dress, but how many have an eggshell white, deep-V, A line trainless wedding dress pin? By getting detailed, you’ll attract both sets of people – massively increasing your exposure.

Tip #5 – Follow Others

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Your profile is not a lone island in a sea of Pinterest, it needs to be connected to others socially, and you should focus on developing relationships with people in your niche – that’s how you get others to view your pins. When you follow someone because you liked something that they posted, there is a good chance that they’re going to come and visit you and follow you if they like it, and it doesn’t stop there!


Form a friendship or start a joint collaboration board, you’ll be rolling in the new Pinterest followers soon enough.

Tip #6 – Curate Quality Content

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If you are generous on Pinterest, others will be generous to you. If you find something that you particularly like, share it. That’s how people discover each other on Pinterest, by recommending posts and pins. The more engaged you are, and the more that you share good content from reputable Pinterest users, the better your chances of targeted potential Pinterest followers discovering you. Pro tip – share pins from private boards liberally. People will take notice of your activity, and there’s nothing better for follower growth than to get invited to high-quality private boards! 


VentureBeat has a great analysis on the lifespan of a pin vs. a tweet or share, and the data confirms – sharing your pins can have benefits to your traffic for far longer than any other social platform.


Tip #7 – Post Original Content

Do you really want to get noticed on Pinterest? Post original content. The vast majority of the posts on Pinterest have already been pinned, but you can get some special recognition and your content in front of a lot more people if it is original. You can post quotes, original content, funny pictures or anything else you can find.


This is one of the best ways to increase your credibility on Pinterest – you step up from being someone else’s Pinterest follower and become an influencer with a huge flock of your own Pinterest followers. There’s a lot of potential accessible to you as an influencer, including the ability to showcase your own original work!


“You were born an original, don’t die a copy.”


John Mason


Tip #8 – Buy Pinterest Followers & Likes

Social Proof is by far the strongest motivator when it comes to inspiring confidence in potential clients, customers or followers. If you’re up for the challenge, leveraging social proof to your benefit on Pinterest is easy to do and can often lead to dramatically increased results – which is part of the reason why this site exists!


By purchasing an initial set of Pinterest followers and some automatic likes and re-pins of your popular content can help boost your natural growth rate very very quickly – and fairly affordably as well! Check out our list of recommended Pinterest services for more information and detailed reviews.
Social Proof


Tip #9 – Pinterest Ads

While purchasing Pinterest ads may seem like a cop-out way to encourage growth, it is arguably one of the best methods for scaling sustainably.


Pinterest’s Promoted Ads service became so popular it was actually waitlisted. Putting your (high-quality) pins in front of relevant users – or even re-target users who have already interacted with you, gives you a substantial opportunity to build your following at a low-cost level. This sort of approach is even more effective when you’ve successfully executed a solid social proof campaign.


Tip #10 – Sponsored Shoutouts

There’s no quicker way to kickstart your success than to borrow some credibility from influencers already established in your industry. With the trend in recent history towards influencer marketing, the vast majority of consumers report that they trust a recommendation from a trusted brand almost as much as they trust a recommendation from friends or close family. Shoutouts to Increase Pinterest Followers

Capitalize on this by working with influencers who are relevant to your needs. Whether you’re buying Twitter shoutouts or YouTube shoutouts, aiming to convert a portion of your sponsor’s audience can lead to the rise of a small army of Pinterest followers.


In Conclusion

If you can make a few simple changes to your Pinterest strategy, you’ll find that getting more Pinterest followers becomes easier and easier. With a little practice you’ll learn exactly when and what you need to post to be able to maximize your efforts, and with some time and practice you can become a Pinterest master influencer – eventually, everyone will be asking you for tips on how to get more followers.


For more information, remember to check out the rest of our Pinterest guides for helpful tips and tricks on maximizing your efforts on Pinterest – whether you’re looking to increase sales or build a business on Pinterest, we’ve got the resources for you.