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FollowerSale ( is a Twitter follower provider based out of the USA that has been in business for just over 2 years now. They claim to have 100% real followers with no bots used in any of their various services.

With a 90 day follower retention rate, they rank somewhere near the bottom in retention numbers. This is likely due to their ‘real follower’ claim as those who follow you are much more likely to leave than a bot account.

FollowerSale plans

FollowSale have a very wide range of Twitter follower plans available to meet a variety of needs:

  • 100 followers for $12
  • 250 follower for $22
  • 500 followers for $44
  • 1,000 followers for $82
  • 1,500 followers for $119
  • 2,000 followers for $159
  • 5,000 followers for $394

The follower numbers then jump up much higher for those looking for enterprise packages for large corporations:

  • 15,000 followers for $1699
  • 20,000 followers for $2299
  • 25,000 followers for $2899

From a single person looking to get some help with their new account, to those looked to work on a corporate account, FollowerSale has you covered.

Delivery dates for each plan also vary. They can be deliver as quick as 2-4 days with the 100 followers package. Or they can be delivered as slowly, and more natural looking, as 30-60 days for the 25,000 follower package.

The accounts used are claimed to be real people. They are likely following the ‘follow first’ method of Twitter follower plans, with a network of people manually following accounts.

For the amount of money you’re paying for some of these larger packages, you’d think that a 90 day retention guarantee wouldn’t be enough. It can take them 60 days to complete, so you have 30 days guaranteed? This seems low to us as the best providers have a 1 year guarantee.

Other facts about FollowerSale

FollowerSale also offer inactive Twitter followers that are bot accounts. They come with an even lower retention guarantee of 45 days, which is quite low. They offer anywhere from 1,000 followers for $12, up to 500,000 followers for $1699. They claim to be the cheapest in the world, but this is not true.

A unique service that they provide is targeted followers based on geographic regions. You can purchase followers in:

  • Canada
  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia

Prices for this are around $20 – $29 for 100 followers in those regions. On the higher end you can buy 10,000 followers in the USA for $999.



A final service is their retweets. This starts at $9.99 for 30 retweets. The high end is 500 retweets for $149.99. This has been found to work reliably, and a few extra retweets are thrown in.

To talk about their website, it is showing its age. It look like a website that was designed about 5 years ago using a template and has never been updated. Even their user reviews have been stagnant for over a year. Caution must be advised when purchasing from them because they give off this feeling like the lights are on but no one is home.

They offer a 1-888 number for customer support, as well as a contact form and email. We called them but no one answered and their email support isn’t exactly the quickest – the typical first response time is about 24 hours.


FollowerSale has a few interesting services with their claim of ‘real’ followers, likely using the follow first method, and geographic targeted followers. Their inactive followers are average, with decent profiles, but their retention rate guarantee is one of the lowest in the industry at 45 days.

They offer nothing in terms of services outside of Twitter. We would advise only using them if you have some sort of particular need for geographic targeted users, and only if you have the money to pay the higher fee for this service.

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