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BuyVineFollowers-co-screenshot Buy Vine (No longer in business) Founded in 2014, Buy Vine Followers is one of the relatively newer Vine follower providers in the marketplace. They don’t have a posted terms of service, return policy or guarantee, so we are not sure how their follower retention rate will be over time, however.

Buy Vine Followers Overview

Buy Vine Followers offers multiple package for Vine followers:

  • 1,500 vine followers for $20
  • 3,000 vine followers for $30
  • 6,000 vine followers for $40
  • 12,000 vine followers for $50


They also offer services for Vine Likes and Vine Revines as well, we did not test these services so we did not review them.

BuyVineFollowers doesn’t offer the range of follower packages that the other vine follower sellers do, check out our Top Vine Follower Provider page for more options.

The Ordering Process

It’s pretty easy to order with BuyVineFollowers, but the add to cart system is a bit clunky. When you hover over the package you want, you can select to add to cart right there, or you can view more details. We have found that you can’t see the product description or the reviews until you click on them and the + and – buttons on the package detail page are a bit off-putting. Overall its pretty strait forward however and you shouldn’t have any issues ordering from them. They claim to have over 30 years in the IT field, though so these small things make us somewhat curious.

From their FAQ page

Our entire team’s aim is to have customers that are most happy and satisfied with the service they receive. A lot of our business comes from loyal clients coming back for more and word of mouth.


BuyVineFollowers is a decent enough company that has a few small problems. Their lack of a guarantee, refund policy and terms of service is worrisome. They have less packages and breadth than the other providers while the cost is about the same. We don’t see any specific reason not to do business with them, but we also don’t see a reason to do business with them. Leave a review and let us know if you have had any dealings with BuyVineFollowers and make sure you visit our Buy Vine Followers Provider page for the top rated vine providers.

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