7 Ways to Get More SoundCloud Followers

SoundCloud is a great place for artists, musicians and DJs to share their music, get feedback and gain recognition in the industry. However, growing your fan base on SoundCloud can be a little challenging – especially since artists upload 12 hours of new audio every 60 seconds!


Don’t worry – you can still break through. To help you build the strong SoundCloud following that you want and deserve, we’ve compiled a quick guide which is loaded with effective and easy-to-implement tips!


Now, let’s look at the top seven ways to gain more SoundCloud followers!

1. Start Listening to Other Users’ Tracks

Social media in any form is all about reciprocity. This means that you will need to give in order to get. By listening to tracks via other SoundCloud accounts, you’ll begin to build relationships with other people, who may then listen to the tracks that you post and follow you as well.


See what’s happening at the service and who is posting which songs – you may utilize the site’s internal search engine in order to find music which is compatible with your tastes. There are tons of cool and functional search tools to test out. Use them in order to reach out to prospective followers.

2. Interact with Other SoundCloud Users

If you love certain tracks, don’t keep quiet about it! Let SoundCloud users know that you enjoy what they are posting, by “liking” or re-posting their tracks. When you do so, you’ll set the stage for them to do the same for you. Leaving comments on tracks will also be a great way to build a following, as it may trigger interesting conversations which strengthen connections.

3. Express Honest Opinions

People want real and valuable engagement with others on SoundCloud. This means thoughtful opinions which are frank and interesting! So, avoid comments which are too bland or vapid – for example, posting “great song!” a lot may not get good results. This type of comment is pleasant enough, but doesn’t really spark engagement.


As you can see, it’s better to post a longer comment which contains more of your own thoughts and opinions. One-word comments or very short comments may be perceived as “spammy” – so, do think carefully before you post…try to put a little more effort into your comments. It will definitely pay off down the line!

4. Be Responsive to Other Users

If you get a “like” or comment, be sure to thank the person or find some other way of letting him or her know that you appreciate the effort! The faster you respond, the more likely you are to impress and to gather a new follower as a result.


While you don’t need to respond within minutes, you should try to respond within hours if you can (while the track that the person commented on or “liked” is still fresh in his or her mind). By reaching out immediately or almost immediately, you’ll come across as someone who really cares. You’ll be able to respond via your Inbox or via public posts.

5. Sign Up for Groups

Joining groups will help you to access an instant audience of like-minded music fans, many of whom will probably be interested in following you immediately or in the future.


For example, if you’re into Reggae, look for a Bob Marley or Peter Tosh fan group (or a general group for the Reggae musical genre). Then, contribute to the group and enjoy building new connections.


Some groups are moderated and some aren’t – in general, the groups which are moderated are preferable, as users are encouraged to stay on theme by talking solely about group-related topics. So, seek out these moderated groups and then use them to build new friendships – and gain new followers – via SoundCloud.

6. Form Your Own Group

At SoundCloud, you’ll have the power to start up your own group and this will be a wonderful way to attract new followers via this music-sharing social media platform. To get your group going, come up with a theme, find the right tracks for your theme and then promote the group however you can.


You may even promote your new group out of SoundCloud, by posting about it on your other social media accounts. If you hit the target in terms of posting tracks that other people love, your group should gain traction quickly and your follower numbers should rise.

7. Buy SoundCloud Followers

If you want to build an image of success on SoundCloud, there is a way to jump-start the process. When you buy SoundCloud followers, you’ll access an image of popularity which causes a ripple effect.


In other words, since people really respond to popularity, buying a base of followers will help you to attract more unpaid followers. Since the process of buying SoundCloud followers is easy and straightforward, as long as you choose a reputable provider (see our review section for guidance), you’ll find that it’s an affordable and simple way to create the perfect image and to become a powerful force at SoundCloud.


Hopefully, our guide has provided welcome insight. By utilizing our fail-safe tips, you’ll be able to enjoy more visibility and a larger fan-base on SoundCloud. Be sure you read our guide on how to promote your music on Social Media – a great way to gain more listeners and make your current following aware of your SoundCloud presence.