5 Things to Pin For Businesses On Pinterest

5 Things to Pin For Businesses On Pinterest

With more than 70 million users worldwide, Pinterest is a dominant player in the world of social media that businesses can no longer afford to ignore. The defining feature of Pinterest, as opposed to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter, is that it runs exclusively through images that are called pins. As such, success on Pinterest relies on the visual elements of your pins, as opposed to other social networks which are generally more verbal in nature.

According to some statistics, Pinterest is actually the fastest growing social network in the world, so it’s never been more important to use the platform to start boosting your professional credibility. It’s imperative that businesses appreciate the tremendous marketing potential offered via Pinterest, allowing you to interact with potential and existing clients through an entirely new medium.

1. Pin Amazing Images of Products or Services

Keep it simple by letting your target audience know with a user-friendly graphic what you’re providing or have available. Your brand can have the most aesthetically pleasing profile pages in the world, but it won’t add much value to your company if your customers don’t know how you can help them. With Pinterest, you’ll now have an easy way of sharing that info with potential customers through an efficient pin.


Showcase your products both on the shelf and in use. Users can then easily repin your products or services onto their own boards (eg. Wish List), helping your brand stay on top and capture more customers in both the short and long-run.


A pro tip: Research has shown that when pinning your products or services, it is more effective to include the cost of the item in the graphic that you are posting.

2. Pin your blog posts

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Pinterest is just about selling products—it can be a lot more than that. For example, Pinterest can be a great platform for promoting your blog, which in turn can significantly increase the visibility of your business. Blogs can be used to demonstrate your expertise in your company’s niche, which is a powerful way of convincing customers to do business with you. Particularly if you’ve been struggling with ways to increase the traffic of your brand’s blog, then promoting it via Pinterest is the next logical step.

3. Relevant third party content

The value of posting content goes far beyond your brand’s own blog. Sharing useful content from third parties that relates to your company or industry is an important way of demonstrating to your audience that your business is well-connected and at the forefront of the industry. Nobody wants to do business with a company that operates in a vacuum, and repinning third-party posts is a simple way of letting your audience know that you’re paying attention to the world around you.

4. Pin Tools & Web Apps Your Followers Should Use

Besides for sharing content and product info, a creative way for businesses to capitalize on Pinterest is by posting tools and web apps that are of value to their followers or customers. Pinning apps that your target market will find useful is an effective way of building trust and creating positive associations with your brand. It will also help keep your followers more engaged and have a stronger connection to you on Pinterest.

5. Guides of ideas related to your business of products

Lastly, your company can use Pinterest as a way of teaching your potential and existing customers. Whether it’s a guide that’s relevant only to your particular services or content that’s pertinent on a broader scale, pinning a guide to your brand’s page shows that you’re interested in helping your customers. Ultimately, this is what social media is all about, and this type of interaction will fuel your future success.


Some great examples of How To’s Boards on Pinterest are from Lowes showing followers how to improve their home, or Carnival Cruise Lineshowing their followers the amazing destinations (as well as sights, activities and foods) that they can take them to.

Irrespective of the size of your business or the industry in which it operates, Pinterest offers your organization unique marketing opportunities that you shouldn’t allow to slip away. By capitalizing on the massive amounts of traffic that Pinterest receives, you’ll be able to increase your visibility, boost your credibility, and directly improve your bottom line.


Of course, being able to engage and inspire users on Pinterest comes after growing your following. Be sure to check out our Top 5 List of companies that can help you grow your Pinterest Following as well as this guide from Social Media Examiner on 12 ways to grow your following naturally.