How to get Natural Followers

The goal of your business on Twitter should always be to get more Twitter followers that are relevant and engaged. Let’s cut right to the point as I start showing you 10 ways that you can get more Twitter followers naturally, with plenty of rich examples taken right from Twitter for you to learn from.

1. Send your best content our more than once

Sounds like spam? Nope, just good sense. Your followers are going to be in different time zones. Schedule your tweets for different times of the day to capture their attention at those different times. Be sure to come at your content from a different angle with each repeat so you don’t bore your followers who are paying attention to your Twitter account all day.

2. Build anticipation for upcoming events or releases

This strategy keeps your content fresh, increases awareness of coming products, and gives your Twitter account more relevance. Fresh content is what Twitter craves, you always have to pump it out. Building anticipation for products leads to an even better release. And if your Twitter followers know that they can count on you for the latest news about your company, rather than a general industry account, they follow you and spread your message so you get more Twitter followers naturally.

3. Make some Twitter exclusive content

This is another tactic for increasing the relevancy of your Twitter account. When you routinely make some content exclusive to Twitter, and relay this across all your other social channels, those last few stubborn fans on Facebook will make the trek over to your Twitter account.


If your Twitter exclusive content is contests, you’ll not only be making your Twitter account more relevant, but you’ll be adding great value. A secret to getting more retweets, and getting more Twitter followers naturally, is maximizing your value added marketing tactics.

4. Follow those who follow you and show love – The unwritten rule

The Beatles once famously sang “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Nowhere online is this saying more true than on Twitter. You have to start showing appreciation to your followers, to industry leaders, and to those who follow you. Do this by:

  • Retweeting the content of your followers
  • Giving @mentions of industry leaders that you tweet out
  • Follow people back when they follow you when you first start out

This builds your community further and starts building alliance online. You can’t get more Twitter followers naturally all on your own. Even if you use our Twitter promotion service you’re relying on our partners, industry leaders themselves, to tweet your content out and find you more relevant followers.

5. Try a Flock to Unlock Campaign

This is a new way to get more Twitter followers naturally, but the goal of a Flock to Unlock campaign is to  have your followers send out your message a certain number of times by retweetings. A Flock to Unlock campaign can also work by having your followers use a certain hashtag a number of times, or even with favorites. Once the target number is hit you will unlock certain exclusive content for them.

6. Twitter Advanced search can help you find conversations

Too few users on Twitter are aware of Twitter Advanced search. It’s perfect for helping you find conversations, find conversations between specific people, and find conversations of varying degrees of emotion. Add that up with geo-location specific abilities and you’ve got a tool that you need to use now.

7. Build relationships with powerful Twitter users

This idea forms the basis of crowd marketing. It involves you reaching out to Twitter users with lots of followers and engaging with them in a way that leads to them sending your message out, and possibly

following you actively.


It takes time ,and you can be ignored often. I have personally been trying to engage with two popular users in the online security field for 3 weeks with no results. This is why our crowd marketing is so effective – it’s a shortcut to getting relevant Twitter users sending out your message.


Check out this soccer journalist as he tries to get the attention of Big Apple Soccer and the New York Red Bulls:

8. Use a Scheduling Tool

Do you know what’s going on on Twitter right now? This – it wants content. More content. All the time content. The way for you to get more Twitter followers naturally is to give it this content…but you don’t want to live online! This is where tools like Hootsuite and Buffer App come into play.

9. But don’t forget that Twitter works best in real time

Hootsuite is awesome, but nothing replaces being there on Twitter in real time. You can maximize your time by being online when it really matters. This can include one of the most crucial times – during big trade shows and conferences.

If you’re there, you are now a journalist for your industry. If you’re not, you can still chime in on conversations, get involved, and get more Twitter followers naturally as people start to see you as an important voice in your shared industry or interests.


For those in the TV industry, you can earn some serious retweets and fans with a live tweet during your show!

10. Proper planning leads to better Twitter Ad campaigns

You could stumble your way through a bidding on some keywords that are related to your business and see some sort of increase in your Twitter following. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But for real results that maximize your Twitter Ad dollars you’ll want to:
  • Know what you want the Twitter Ad Campaign to do – get more followers, send people to your website, increase brand awareness, etc.
  • Know what your plans are for hashtags, don’t choose one which is in the keywords being bid upon
  • Know what sort of content you’re good at, and that a stranger would be interested in
  • Know what your followers would retweet for free anyway
Why waste your hard earned Twitter Ad Campaign money, and not get more Twitter followers naturally, when a little planning will get it done right?