Top 10 Ways For Free Followers

The top 10 ways to get free Twitter Followers will involve only the investment of time. Some techniques may take more time than others, and some may require some further learning / skill-sets – but one thing is certain: none of them will cost you money.

1. Tweet your face off for the first month

The first month or so of your account’s existence should focus on creating a lot of tweets, and sharing a lot of good content. When people first discover you they want to know that you’re serious, and the easiest way to do that for free is with lots of content. Who wants to follow the account with 30 tweets anyway?

2. Use your email contacts

You have been emailing with people you know for, what, at least 15 years now, right? I’ve been using email for 20 years myself, and I know to take a look through my contact list to see who is on a social media platform using the import contacts tool that is provided by Twitter. It’s free, and it finds you followers who will actually know you and be interested in you.

3. Invite users from your other social media accounts

You can do this by first letting fans on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even MySpace if you still have it, and inviting them to come on over. Again, these are people that you know are already interested in you and your content. Getting them on your side when you first start using Twitter is vital as it will help you get free Twitter followers quickly.

4. Use Linkedin's Export Feature

LinkedIn allows you to export a .CSV or .VCF files of your contacts that can be uploaded to your email and used by Twitter to find more free Twitter followers. Use this tip before you do point two so that you get it all done in one go!

5. Make friends the old fashion way - conversations

Every week there are Twitter chats going on in your industry. You can join these chats for free and add your input. This will start increasing your trustworthiness and voice within your industry, all while you get more free Twitter followers!


Follow the links to see what they’re discussing. When you find one that’s close to your industry, add value to the conversation with your own tweets.

6. Find time outside of working hours to tweet

I said that we’re going to find ways to get free Twitter followers, but I never said that you wouldn’t have to work a little overtime! You can find spare moments to live tweet throughout the day by tweeting during your commute (as long as you’re not driving!), on the bike at the gym, waiting in line, or during a commercial break.

Twitter users want to see an active account, not one which tweets out like a robot at the exact same time every day. For bonus points, tweet out that you’re doing one of these things and relate it to your business. As Seinfeld proved, people love talking about…nothing/the everyday realities of life.

7. Out of ideas? Tweet out inspirational quotes

This is a mainstay for those who want more free Twitter follower, but who are plain out of content ideas. Finding inspirational quotes, and adding them to an image, can be some of the easiest ways to attract retweets and engagements from your audience.


We’d recommend you tweet quotes that are relevant to your industry and relate to your audience. That will help you gain more exposure and engagements from the followers that you actually want to reach. If you don’t have a particular industry, than tweet quotes that you personally like, so you can attract attention from like-minded people.


Check out how @oval_station goes meta with an inspirational quote off Twitter that prompts people to post it on Twitter and mention them:

8. Follow Twitter users who follow your followers

That was a mouthful, huh? You can get free Twitter followers using this method by going to your current followers, looking at who amongst them has an active following, and following their followers.

The hope here is that you’re exposing your account to someone new. Given the fact that they follow someone who follows you, there is a good chance that they’ll be interested in your content as well.

9. Use a scheduling tool

Ok, so you’re following point #6 above to get engaged with or tweet about things that are happening right at the moment. Great! However, we don’t all live on Twitter, so to ensure your Twitter is constantly updated with fresh content, scheduling in advance is the way to go.


We always recommend, and personally use, Hootsuite in cases like this. There’s limited free use on it, but there are enough features to help you stay more engaged and attract Twitter followers for free.

10. Tweet out the great content of others users

One of the best techniques to grab the attention of your audience and industry, is by borrowing other user’s great content, tweeting it out and crediting them via @Mention. You’ll get more free Twitter followers using this technique than you may think. By tweeting out and mentioning the accounts of other Twitter users, you can get their attention, their follower’s attention, and be noticed by other accounts that are connected to them.


Best of all, tweeting out their content still gives you more things to tweet about, adding value to your account for those who already follow you!

BONUS: The bonus way to get more free Twitter followers

Ok, with all of the time invested above it should be obvious that you are paying in time to get more Twitter followers. If time is more valuable to you, then we suggest using a few dollars to buy Twitter followers and kickstart your Twitter Account.

This can be a great strategy for those just starting out to quickly boost their numbers, gain social proof, and not look like the account that no one wants to follow! By having more followers on the get go, you’ll be able to attract and gain more free followers faster, because your account would look more appealing and popular. These are important points to consider as you begin building your Twitter account, and get more free Twitter followers over time.