10 Ways to get Free Twitter Followers

Top 10 Ways For Free Followers

Getting more followers on Twitter without having to spend much money is always a challenge. However, it can still be done if you read my top 10 ways to get free Twitter followers! Read the list now and see what you can work on to truly grow your account!

1. Tweet your face off for the first month

During the first month of your account’s existence, maximize its visibility by posting a lot of tweets. This will show your initial audience that you are serious in getting their attention. There is no definite number to aim for but at least 15 tweets a day is a good baseline, according to studies.

To catch the attention of potential followers better, be ready with a diverse set of tweets. Sharing different content, like videos and images, will draw the interest of would-be followers. Plan out your tweets to better take advantage of their initial interest and get them to follow.

2. Use a scheduling tool

Once you have captured your new Twitter audience’s initial interest, you have to keep them invested in your Twitter profile. It’s not as if you can physically run your Twitter page 24/7 though! To ensure your account is constantly updated with fresh content, scheduling in advance is the way to go.

We always recommend, and personally use, Hootsuite in cases like this. The tool lets you schedule hundreds of tweets in advance for any given date and time, demonstrated here:  

There is even an Autoschedule feature that automatically posts your tweets during the best time possible for your audience. The free version has enough features to help you keep your Twitter page running even if you are not available.

3. Tweet outside of working hours

I said that we’re going to find ways to get free Twitter followers, but I never said that you would always have to do it at work. Look for spare moments to live tweet throughout the day, such as:

  • During your commute (as long as you’re not driving!).
  • While on the bike at the gym.
  • While waiting in line.
  • During a TV commercial break.

These tweets will surely attract the attention of your Twitter audience since, as Seinfeld proved, people love talking about…nothing/the everyday realities of life. This is also a good way to show Twitter users that your account is active.

Create more audience interest by relating your tweets back to work/business. For example, you can talk about how your daily commute provides you with inspirations.

4. Make friends the old fashion way - conversations

Joining Twitter chats is great for finding new followers outside of your current audience. Just look out for the weekly trending hashtags related to your industry and join the discussions. Some notable Twitter chats to join are:

  • â—Ź #CustServ: Features some useful customer service tips from various experts.
    ● #blogchat: A discussion about blogging and blogging tips.
    ● #tchat: Centers around recruitment and human resources management.
    ● #mediachat: A general chat on media promotions.

When joining these online conversations, be sure to add value to the discussion. This will start increasing your trustworthiness and voice within your industry, and you get more free Twitter followers along the way!

5. Tweet out inspirational quotes

This is a popular tactic if you want to quickly catch the attention of people. Finding inspirational quotes and sharing them with the public is an easy way to attract retweets and engagements. This will then draw the interest of people to follow you and get more content.


The trick is to tweet quotes that are relevant to your industry and relate to your audience. This will catch the attention of the specific audience you want to reach. If you don’t have a particular industry, tweet quotes that you personally like, such as this one to start your Monday right.

This gets like-minded people looking towards you for content.

6. Retweet the great content of others users

Retweeting great content from other users is one of the easiest ways to grab the attention of your audience. This also lets you share more content that your audience will find interesting and give them additional value. You will be surprised at the number of free followers you can attract with the technique. Even Katy Perry retweets, look in the top-left corner:

katy perry retweets free followers

Best of all, tagging the original poster using @mention will not only catch their attention but also that of their followers. Additionally, other accounts associated with them will take notice. This gives you a lot more visibility for a simple retweet.

7. Invite users from your other social media accounts

Getting people who already follow your other social media accounts to follow you on Twitter is a quick way to increase your prominence on the platform. Since they are already interested in you, they will easily come to your side. In fact, this can be used to quickly prop up your budding Twitter account.

follow us on twitter

Give them something that you haven’t shared yet on other accounts. You can also tell them what they can get from following your Twitter account, such as real-time updates. This provides them with more reasons to respond and follow.

8. Use your email contacts

You have probably been using email to connect with people for years now. Over that time, you have likely amassed a long list of contacts  Like your contacts from other social media platforms, these email contacts are a good source of free followers since they are already engaging with you.  

Use Twitter’s import contact feature to quickly sync your email contacts with your account. You will then be able to see the accounts of contacts who are already on the site. Tag them in posts that they will find interesting. This gives you the opening to engage them and get them to follow.

9. Use Linkedin's Export Feature

LinkedIn is another great source of free Twitter followers. Since many of them have engaged with you on a professional level, they will be willing to connect with you on Twitter for business.


LinkedIn lets you export your contacts list as a .csv file, demonstrated in this video.

You can then use the file in the same way as your email contacts list to find out who of your contacts from LinkedIn are already on Twitter. Encourage your LinkedIn followers to check out your Twitter account for more of the excellent content you share in a real-time environment.

10. Follow your Twitter followers’ followers

Your follower’ own followers are a large audience just waiting to be tapped. By showing your content to them, you expose your account to a new group. Since they already follow someone that follows you, there is a good chance that they will be interested in your content.


Take time to look into your followers’ own accounts and find who has an active following. You can then engage individual follower accounts. Leverage your connections with the people they are following to draw their interest more.

BONUS: The bonus way to get more free Twitter followers

With all of the time invested above it should be obvious that you are paying in time to get more Twitter followers. If you think that the influx of new followers is still slow, using a few dollars to buy Twitter followers will give you an additional boost.


This is a great strategy if you are just starting out. By adding to your follower numbers, you increase your social proof and make your account more appealing to new audiences. Make this tactic more effective by getting the right followers providers for the job.


Building a strong following on Twitter requires considerable effort from you. These tips will make that work easier by effectively attracting the right kind of followers to your account. Try them, and the other techniques we listed, and watch your follower numbers explode.