10 Things you can always Tweet about

10 Cool Things You Can Tweet About

So you’ve set up your Twitter account, added the perfect header and profile images, and maybe bought a few Twitter followers to get things kicked off.

Now what do you do?

Your next step is to get to the work of tweeting out your content, your marketing message, to the Twitter users that matter to you. But what do you tweet in order to get these followers?

Read on for a 10 point guide to what to tweet, with some actual examples thrown in so you can see the suggestion in action! There will be a brief commentary at the end on what not to tweet, giving you a look from both sides of Twitter’s unspoken etiquette rules.

1. Start making some @replies happen

Your social media marketing has to be social. Starting conversations by using usernames, the @name, is the best way to do this. When you start showing interest in other users, other users start showing interest in you. Besides, no one likes the person who sits alone and talks about themselves all day. That person is crazy!

2. Give a quick compliment with a retweet

Not every single tweet you come across is worth the time to stop, read it, and give an honest reply to. Some are best with a quick retweet to your followers. The person who authored the tweet can see it, and will commonly reciprocate with a follow of your account, or a retweet of something of yours.

Check out how in the tweet below they used the tactic above, and a larger account saw this and gave them a retweet.

3. Start a Countdown

You have events happening off Twitter that you want to build excitement and anticipation for. A countdown to the day of the event, or announcing it well in advance, is an easy way to do this. Share sneak peek photos of what you’re counting down to, and get your audience increasingly excited about the coming event.

4. Share your best blog posts

Sharing your blog posts is a no-brainer as Twitter isn’t really a place where you can share big ideas. Sending out a brief description of the post, with the link that sends them right there, is a great way to have content on Twitter that starts to connect back to your main website.

5. Tweet about things as they happen

Twitter may be the greatest real time communication tool since the telephone. People attending conferences, webinars, or listening to speakers live tweet events in their industry, and you can too. Be sure that the event is relevant to the Twitter following you want to build, and become a journalist for a day!

6. Use photos as gifs

Uploading a picture with your tweet can vastly increase its reach and influence. They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and that can come in mighty handy when you only have 140 characters!

GIFs are a newer addition to the Twitter arsenal. They can be used like video in that they feature movement, but they don’t have audio. They are usually used for comedy, but you can use them to quickly demonstrate anything you’d like. Need proof that they work? The goofy tweet below had six thousand retweets!

7. Ask some engaging questions

There are two great things that asking questions does for you Twitter account:


  1. It can create some engagement as your followers reply to your tweet.
  2. You can conduct some market research and find out what your followers are thinking about a specific topic.

Be careful with this second point. No one wants to feel like a lab rat.

8. You'll get support from the strangest places

Having a bad day? Computer crash? Spill your coffee on your paperwork? Have the sniffles? Tweet this out and you’ll be surprised at the number of people who reach out to offer you some support!

Portraying a human face on Twitter is more important than any amount of bland marketing you can churn out.

9. Celebrate Good Times, Come on!

Whether you just got a new contract, met a big deadline, or received a prestigious award, celebrate those good times! Tweet them out without sounding boastful and your followers can learn more about why you’re successful and worth their time.

10. Follow the Seinfeld model

Just talking about what you’re doing at the moment has lead to more conversations on Twitter than you may think. Why is that? Because what you’re doing is very likely to be what other people are doing:

  • Having a coffee? “Oh, me too. A double-double from Tim’s…how about you?”
  • Watching The Simpsons? “Which episode? I saw the one last night where the bus driver’s shoes started talking to him!”
  • Wearing shoes that hurt? “Oh, my new Nikes are so tight on my feet. #killingme”

The Seinfeld model to tweeting isn’t a sustainable model, you need some sort of message for your Twitter account, but every now and then let a little slip of ordinary life out and people will respond. The Charmin Twitter account makes this their go to style of tweeting.