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TwitterBoost ( is a newer provider of Twitter follower services, and they live their name by being exclusively about boosting your Twitter account. Their 100% money-back guarantee, Twitter follower Replacement Guarantee, acceptance of Bitcoin, and high quality customer support set them apart as a high quality Twitter follower provider.

Twitter Boost focuses exclusively on Twitter Services, including followers, retweets and auto engagements. If you’re looking to only work on your Twitter account, they’re a top-notch choice. If you’re trying to work with a company that offers an all-in-one solution for multiple social media networks, TwitterBoost is not your best choice.

TwitterBoost competes with other top providers such as Devumi, FastFollowerz BuyRealMarketing, InterTwitter, and FollowersSale.

TwitterBoost Overview

Twitter Boost has four basic Twitter follower plans available:

  • 500 followers for $9
  • 1,000 followers for $12
  • 5,000 followers for $42
  • 10,000 followers for $69

For those with needs that exceed this, you can also look at their Enterprise plans. These Twitter follower plans go as high as 250,000 followers for $949. The followers that they provide through all of these Twitter follower packages are high-quality, meaning that they look real with photos, bios, and tweets.



Twitter Boost also has a popular daily Twitter retweets service. This lets you purchase a certain number of retweets per day. The packages come in the following sizes:

  • 100 retweets at $39/month
  • 500 retweets at $99/month
  • 1,000 retweets at $179/month
  • 5,000 retweets at $299/month

This powerful tool can help your Twitter account come alive as active Twitter users join in and hit the retweet button as well.

Combining these two packages is a smart idea as a Twitter account with more followers should also see more retweets happening. When you choose to use their Twitter follower and retweet services together you will gain legitimacy that lasts well after your purchases are done.

Other facts about Twitter Boost’s services

Twitter Boost does an excellent job of explaining everything they do with a thorough FAQ, and with a special ‘How it Works’ section on their website. They are both easy to understand, and directly to the point. If this is your first time buying Twitter followers, they have already set up the resources that will help guide you.

Their customer support is available for 13 hours out of every day, seven days per week. It’s rare that you’d ever need to contact them, but it’s good to know that they take their support issues seriously.

Most notable amongst the other aspects of their service is their acceptance of Bitcoin. With this payment option you can be completely anonymous when you purchase from them. Mask your account, purchase your Bitcoins in an anonymous way, and use a VPN to hide your identity. You can then purchase Twitter followers from Twitter Boost knowing that you can’t be traced!


If you’re looking for a Twitter follower service provider that cuts right to the point – buying followers – and do not need any other services, it is hard to choose anyone but Twitter Boost. Their focused website doesn’t confuse you with services for other social media platforms, and their clear explanation of the Twitter follower service they provide helps the new Twitter follower purchaser out immensely.

Add all of this up with the ability to pay with Bitcoin, and become completely anonymous when you’re buying those Twitter followers and retweets from them, and you have a service that, while new, is still one of the most well regarded in the industry.

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