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BuyRealMarketing is a professional, reputable provider of social media boosting services.

Their prices are a bit lower than the best providers, but they match the quality of the plans they offer. They deliver when they say they will, and they have options to make the service look more organic.

Customer support is great, quickly answering questions with helpful, informative responses. There are also refund and retention policies in place to make sure you always get what you pay for.

Overall, we recommend BuyRealMarketing for anyone who wants to buy social media services, but aren’t ready for the most expensive providers.


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About the Company

BuyRealMarketing (BuyRealMarketing) is a provider of social media services to help businesses and brands stand out.

They were founded in 2009, so they’ve been in the business almost as long as anyone and now have a pretty solid reputation. They provide services for Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and many more networks.

BuyRealMarketing is pretty unique because they offer services for so many networks. Unlike some others, who only have packages for one or a few networks, this company manages to serve up a huge amount of variety.

They also have nice add-on services that can make your marketing campaigns appear more organic, like targeting and organic delivery rates.

Services Overview


Given the quality of the services they offer, it’s safe to say that BuyRealMarketing has one of the most reasonable pricing plans in today’s market. They also offer a range of value-adding services that you definitely want to help set your campaign up for success.

They may not be the cheapest provider out there, but they definitely have the most affordable packages we’ve seen for the quality you get. This, along with their top notch customer service, are the very reasons BuyRealMarketing has remained number 1 on our list of top providers for the longest time.

BuyRealMarketing offers an extensive array of packages to suit every need and budget. Below are their current packages along with the prices for each one:

Twitter Follower

Followers Turnaround Time Price
500 3-4 Days $7
1,000 5-6 Days $12
2,000 7-9 Days $21
5,000 10-11 Days $51
10,000 13-15 Days $99
25,000 17-19 Days $247
50,000 21-23 Days $493

Instagram Followers

Followers Turnaround Time Price
500 5-6 Days $7
1,000 7-9 Days $11
2,000 10-11 Days $19
5,000 13-15 Days $49
10,000 17-19 Days $89
50,000 21-23 Days $437
100,000 24-25 Days $857

SoundCloud Plays

Plays Turnaround Time Price
1,000 3-4 Days $7
5,000 5-6 Days $19
10,000 7-9 Days $27
20,000 10-11 Days $49
50,000 13-15 Days $119
100,000 17-19 Days $237
500,000 21-23 Days $499

Pinterest Followers

Followers Turnaround Time Price
100 3-4 Days $7
250 5-6 Days $14
500 7-9 Days $25
700 10-11 Days $33
1,000 13-15 Days $43
5,000 17-19 Days $199

LinkedIn Connections

Connections Turnaround Time Price
100 3-4 Days $17
250 5-6 Days $31
500 7-9 Days $59
750 10-11 Days $89
1,000 13-15 Days $117

Vine Followers

Followers Turnaround Time Price
500 3-4 Days $9
1,000 5-6 Days $15
2,500 7-9 Days $35
5,000 10-11 Days $65
10,000 13-15 Days $120
15,000 17-19 Days $170
25,000 21-23 Days $270

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Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

  • Again, the Privacy Policy is pretty basic, describing how they don’t sell or give away your information.

Retention Guarantee

  • BuyRealMarketing will replace any lost followers for 60 days after the purchase date.

Refund Policy

You can request a full refund under the following 3 conditions:

  • BRM is unable to deliver the order as promised
  • BRM has not started the campaign within the promised 24-48 hours;
  • You request a refund within 2-5 hours of placing the order.

Instead of a refund, they can also provide site credits or replace lost followers.

Customer Support

It’s fairly easy to contact BuyReaMarketing. The best way to get to their contact page is by scrolling to the bottom, and looking for the “Contact” link in the footer.

You’ll also find their phone number in the top-left of every page you’re on: 1-844-920-2043.

The easiest way to contact them is through their main Contact page. They’ll respond to your email address.

You can also reach them by direct email: There’s even a physical address, if you need to reach them by snail mail:

459 Columbus Avenue, #392

New York, NY 10024

Before ordering, we sent BuyRealMarketing some questions to test out the quality of their customer support. They responded very fast, only about an hour and 15 minutes after we sent the questions in.

As you can see below, their response was great overall, answering all of our questions without leaving us with more.

Pre-Order Questions and Answers


After ordering, we sent another set of questions to see if they would treat us any differently.

Post-Order Questions


We got another good, informative response, with relevant information and even some advice on how to get future discounts. It arrived in less than 2 hours.

Post-Order Response


To sum it up, we are very satisfied with the quality of their responses.


Tested Services

We Tested 1,000 Twitter Followers Date tested:29th Dec 2016
Overall Rating
We rate this 5 out of 5
More info
Service Twitter Followers
Quantity 1,000
Price $12
Turnaround Time 3 Days
Retention Rate 100%
Test Account @Brm4Rich
Overall Experience Below Average

BuyRealMarkting delivered an excellent service in every way. Their followers arrived at a good rate and on time, and they are of very high quality, looking like regular Twitter users.

Check out the results for yourself at our test account: @Brm4Rich.

Turnaround Time

  • Followers ordered: 1,000 Followers
  • Start time: About 36 hours
  • Completion time: About 5 hours after beginning
  • Verdict: 5/5 Stars

Our 1,000 Twitter Followers arrived when Buy Real Marketing said they would. They came in over a period of about 5 hours, which is not a very natural rate, but there is also a Staggered Delivery option that you can choose to slow this down.

Service Quality

The overall quality of the service was excellent.

We received a total of 1,034 followers - 34 more than we ordered. These extra followers make a good buffer, in case any happen to drop.

The followers have profile pics, there are no eggs. Most of them have bios, but some don’t. There are some English accounts, but many are non-English.


Many of them have posted recently, and appear fairly active. They are very new, however, with most of them created in just the past few months.


In general, they look like medium-quality Twitter followers. Not great, but not bad either. In this case, it looks like you get what you pay for.

Retention Rates

The retention rate of our followers has been absolutely perfect.

We received a total of 1,034 followers, and to this date we still have every one.

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What Did We Find?

BuyRealMarketing delivered an excellent service. Our followers came on time, and they are of good quality.

They also provided great customer support for our questions. What more do you want?

Overall Summary

BuyRealMarketing is a reputable provider, who will deliver the services they promise.

Our entire experience was easy, quick, and it turned out exactly how we expected. It was simple to find the plan we wanted, and payment went smoothly.

The followers they delivered weren’t of the highest quality, but their price was appropriate. They didn’t look like the worst followers we’ve seen, but they weren’t the best either.

Customer support was great, providing a very fast and informative response to our questions.

BuyRealMarketing is recommended for anyone who wants to buy followers for cheap, but doesn’t want those awful, bottom-of-the-barrel users. You’ll get medium-quality users for a fair price.

If you want to get higher-quality followers you’ll need to spend a bit more. Check out Devumi and TwitterBoost, who both provide more authentic-looking users.


Q: Is BuyRealMarketing a legitimate company?

Yes, BuyRealMarketing is a legitimate company that will provide the services they offer.

Q: How long has BuyRealMarketing been around?

BuyRealMarketing has been around for 8 years, beginning in 2009.

Q: Do I need to give BuyRealMarketing my account password?

No, you do not need to provide account passwords. You only need to provide a link to the Twitter account you want to buy services for.

Q: How long does BuyRealMarketing take to deliver?

Delivery begins in a few days, and followers will be delivered quickly after that. You can also choose Staggered Delivery to spread the followers out more.

Q: What guarantees does BuyRealMarketing offer?

BuyRealMarketing offers a Money-Back Guarantee, if they can’t deliver the service they promised or if you request a refund within 2-5 hours of placing the order.

Q: How is BuyRealMarketing customer service?

BuyRealMarketing has great customer service, responding quickly to questions with valuable information.

Q: What social media networks does BuyRealMarketing offer services for?

BuyRealMarketing provides boosting services for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Pinterest, Vimeo, Vine, Datpiff.

Q: What payment methods does BuyRealMarketing accept?

BuyRealMarketing accepts PayPal.

Q: Is this service anonymous? Will people know I bought followers?

This is an anonymous service, and there will be no direct evidence that you bought followers.

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