How Musicians Can Harness SoundCloud and Social Media for Success

They say hard work beats talent, and indeed it does, most of the time. With 10 million music creators, on SoundCloud alone, it’s not enough to just be talented to get noticed, you need to work hard at it – at least, if you’re dreaming of becoming the next big thing. It’s not easy but […]

5 Iron Rules of Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the platform of choice for businesses looking to market their products and services. There are now 3 billion internet users, and 2 billion of them have active social media accounts. Social media platforms have become the new marketing giants, offering unique ways for businesses to reach out to their customers and providing […]

How To Buy The Best Social Media Followers

When it comes to buying social media followers, there’s a right and a wrong way of doing it. Not all bought followers are the same, and the same can be said of the companies that provide them. You don’t just buy from the first company that says “buy followers from us, we’re the best.” You […]

How to Write Effective Social Media CTAs

Remember that time you were chatting with your friend, and it felt like you were just talking to a wall? Well, that’s essentially how it feels when your call-to-action gets ignored. Since you’re here though, you probably don’t need a lesson on that any more than you need to be reminded of it. If you […]

3 Big Social Media Marketing Trends for 2017

Change is the only constant in this life and it’s ever more evident in an industry where everything keeps evolving. This 2017, experts are anticipating emerging technologies and user-based trends in social media, and how they are likely to play out – especially for smaller companies, who are more likely to be buffeted around by […]

6 Secret Tips for Pinterest Success

Are you a Pinterest pro? There are untapped opportunities to expand your network and reach a new audience on Pinterest. Addicted fans have made this virtual bulletin board spring from a start-up to one of the most popular social media platforms on the web. If you think Pinterest is just for wedding planners or mothers, […]

Most Important Social Media Statistics and Facts for 2017

The new year has dawned and marketers are busy at the drawing board, designing new strategies to be more successful in 2017 than ever before. According to a study performed by Pew Research Center, internet usage has shot up tremendously in the past decade. People are spending more and more time in front of their […]

Pros and Cons of Buying Youtube Views

If you ask anybody if they know who Felix Kjellberg is, chances are you’ll get a puzzled look. Ask them if they know the same person by his YouTube name, however, and you’ll get a much different response – it’s PewDiePie! The 27-year-old Swede is the most popular YouTuber in the world, with over 50 […]

How to Grow your Following on LinkedIn

They say we spend 30 percent of our lives working, so it is only natural that we put our professional connections to good use. LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals who want to connect with people in their industry, or the industry they want to be part of. It’s a great platform that can […]

How to Avoid Losing Bought Twitter Followers

Launching a marketing campaign on Twitter can be highly rewarding for brands and businesses. Given how engaging this platform is, connecting with potential and existing customers is a lot easier here than on any other social media network – but you have to have the followers in order for it to work. Having a solid […]